Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009-miles WELL you know that old saying…. SO CLOSE AND YET… SO FAR!!! I had really wanted to get that 8000 mile mark this year; BUT things just didn’t work out. OH well, there’s always 2010 to start working for that 8000 mile goal and now (At least) I’ll have additional help from my fold bike! Hope everyone will be safe tonight out there, on this New Years Eve! See you all next year!!!

UPDATE: 1-2-2010 Ok, I admit I did change the photo, as the previous one was not located on my blog / server and I hate coming back to an earlier post and finding the photo missing. :-)

EZ’s 2009 Predictions… Though LAME… 3 out of 4 were correct!

clip_image002[8]WELL it appears I may be somewhat gifted with any real physic (Prediction wise) powers. Ahh, but the secret is to post LAME ones that most likely have 99.9% of being successful! SOOO, how did my 2009 predictions do?

1. EZ Biker will NOT achieve his surprising bike mileage this year! TRUE!
2. Hopefully this won't come true, but I fear another recumbent manufacturer will cease to exist. DIDN’T HAPPEN… (Thankfully)
3. One of recumbents Most LOVED Diva's will SURPRISE the recumbent world with a spectacular endeavor!!! THIS DID HAPPEN; which I reported on at the following link.

4. EZ Biker will FINALLY reveal his FAILED Invention endeavors, one of which could send SHOCK WAVES through a certain industry! FALSE! :-(  EZ WUSSED OUT AGAIN ON THIS ONE!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NZ policewoman allows naked cycling - with helmet


ALRIGHT! Now we need MORE open minded people like this. Seems some guys were bicycling around in the buff and got pulled over. Happily the New Zealand police woman allowed them to continue; as long as they were wearing helmets. Now I wondering if the same would apply to female cyclists? ;-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Any Broward Based Brevets or Randonneur Events?








I get numerous emails inquiries from time to time about Brevet and Randonneur events, locally here in Broward County. I had done a previous post about this; but some of the links are now out of date. I know there are some members of the South Florida Recumbent Rider Group (SFRR) that do Brevets; so check out their site for more information. Also there is a Central Florida Randonneur Chapter, you can check out. Lastly, you can go to the RUSA / Randonneur site and find out everything you want to know about this type of bicycling. :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Picture worth a THOUSAND words… :-)


I caught a really good article at Spokes n Folks about some bicycle groups getting a campaign underway called Ride Right, Drive Right, in an effort to try and get our local cyclists and vehicle operators to co-exist in a peaceful manner. While I doubt MY SIGN would ever find it’s way onto a street sign, I bet it would draw a lot MORE attention than theirs………….. ;-)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

YES EZ Biker the EMPIRE wants you BACK!


Hello EZ, I happen to catch your post at BROL today. YEP, THIS is how it usually begins. You purchase a simple somewhat insignificant little upright and THEN, that DESIRE continues! SO fess up EZ, have you been looking at OTHER folder bikes? Trust me, it’s an ADDICTION I have had to endure for many DELIGHTFUL years! Signed Tina.

Tina, Thanks for your… rather… provocative email! ;-) NOW Tina, just WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING? I have been as FAITHFUL to recumbent Cycling as that certain golfer had been to his wife… ;-) OK, OK, so I have acquired a somewhat KIND OF upright bike a few days ago. It’s purely for once in a while commuting purposes… (Not that I have done any of that or am really planning to in the future… :-) THIS WAS a ONE TIME Occurrence! I have no desires to add ANYMORE of these EVIL bikes from the EVIL EMPIRE to my stable; especially like the one… you see… at this link… ;-) ;-) ;-)



As a former club and Mobile DJ; I LOVE SEEING stuff LIKE THIS! From the BROL post I'm out of my tiny mind, started by Arellcat and a responding poster Jeff Wills (Post # 45) is where this FUN photo came from. Obviously here’s the link to the Hopworksfiets: Beer, pizza, music, and true Portland spirit, all on one bike, story! :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


image To all my EZ Biker Friends, I have now added the following CAUTION notice to my blog. I have recently received a few emails from some, that got called on the carpet at their work place for possible objectionable subject matter (From visiting my site), their company had deemed questionable. While I’m not trying to portray a blog that contains smut; there are a few bicycling posts, that COULD raise a red flag by some employers. PLEASE don’t click on the following links, if you suspect your job place may have issues. Here is the link, link, link and link. I apologize for this issue and I’ll make it a point to LIMIT possible future questionable subject matter in the future. :-) If there’s content that I feel might be questionable, I’ll include this caution sign.

Some Organizations seem to be embracing Recumbents! Seen on Bike Jerseys, Pins & Postcards! :-) :-) :-)

image This post at BROL by David Cambon caught my eye, concerning the sighting of a recumbent bicycle on Pins and Bicycle Jersey. It’s NICE to see at least a few organizations are acknowledging that bents are worthy of being put onto product matter!!! :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing ALL My EZ Biker Friends a Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! :-) :-) :-)

2009-Christmas-e card

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Excellent Service on my Folding Bike Order! EZ’s MU P8 is HERE!







Well EZ Biker Friends, I want to take a moment and recognize a real CLASS Bike Shop Operation. Safety Cycle Of Los Angeles, Ca. came through and got me my Dahon MU P8 Folding Bike in today! The person I dealt with is named Eric and he was very helpful in my ordering and shipping process. One minor issue is, trying to order on line using their website, is more geared toward having a PayPal account. (Which I don’t) Their website still directs you to purchase through PayPal; so I went ahead and phoned my order in. BUT other than that, my experience with them was A OK, for the most part and they easily earn an EZ Biker A “OK” Bike Shop acknowledgement!

EZ Bikers LowChetta Project Put On Indefinite Hold… :-(


Hey EZ, how is your 20/20 Giro otherwise known as “Lowchetta” coming along. I remember you doing a post about it and I’m interested in seeing the results! Signed Billy

Billy, Thanks for your email. Sadly I’ve had to put that project on hold due to the fact that I discovered (Through my LBS – Local Bike Shop) I could use Aero Spoke wheels on my Aero. With THAT in mind, I also had to look at the room I’d have to some how find, to store the bike inside. (My bikes are not left outside!) Add to that, my pending folding bike acquisition; there just no way I could rationalized having 3 bikes in my SMALL living quarters. Having said this, I’ll FINALLY be ordering my fold bike this coming week! :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why did I WAIT so long and worry about what others would think?!!!

image Hello EZ Biker, Recumbent Rhonda here. (The name I overheard one of my friends mention, when I showed up for a ride on my new recumbent) I finally took the plunge and dumped my road bike and WHAT A WONDERFUL experience! NO tired neck, arms and I can breath a lot easier, then when I was in that crunch position. Now have I caught static from my former road bike friends? YOU BET and quite frankly, I DON’T CARE! The special needs bike, old woman (I’m 43), over the hill, couch lady and jeers and even some that have murmured, I don’t know if I want to ride around her anymore. You know WHAT? Again, I DON’T CARE! I’m riding what I want to and I refuse to be pressured into riding something just to fit in or be accepted into the group. I can see why a lot of people might be intimidated by going recumbent; BUT the comfort, ease and still decent performance, make up for what any anti recumbent person might say. I have some (Close) friends that likewise are beginning to see the cliquish bunch, they have ridden with for so long and continue to inquire about my bent, which is a Bacchetta Giro. To all you out there, CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO RIDE AND NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO RIDE, JUST TO FIT IN!!! Signed Rhonda.

WOW Rhonda, what a STORY! I have to believe there’s a lot of people out there that would LOVE to try and go bent; BUT are SO AFRAID to be put into that outcast or spurned from their group scenario. I believe in time, your group will accept what you ride and maybe others will be encouraged to try something MORE comfortable and FUN to ride!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

GREAT Concept! Nice way to try a recumbent bike!

image This concept is really nothing new, as a lot bike shops have been renting bikes for years. WHAT IS INTERESTING is recumbent bicycles are now available to rent in some shops; which means those that are recumbent curious, can try one out! Here is the link to The encouraging side here is, perhaps more shops will consider adding bents to their establishment, if for only rental purposes!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cycling *around* the US on a trike!!!


I had glanced at this post at BROL by BROL poster dalesd a few times, BUT finally took a few extra moments to read about it! WOW, what a really COOL and FUN thing to be doing! (If only I had the time, $$$ and a trike to do it… ;-) Anyway, Don has setup a blog and continues to add entries into it about his EXCELLENT Adventure. A truly MUST Visit / Read assignment! :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

EZ Biker Doubles the posts seen at blog!

image SO OK, it’s a SLOW evening a few weeks ago and I was fooling around with my blog settings and realized I could put more posts on the page, instead of the usual 7. I have now doubled that number to 14 and I think that’s going to balance the overall blog really well. Before I had TONS of bottom space, which has now been cut down considerably. NOW if this does not SMACK of a SLOW evening, with very little interesting things to find on the web to post and write about; YOU ARE A WINNER!!! ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking the meaning of HIGH RACER to new heights! :-)


Very interesting photo and post subject by BROL poster Doah at thread: How's my fit on my bike look? Hummm, I bet an encounter with a street meter hole or chuck hold would be… an interesting experience… ;-) ;-) ;-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wishful Thinking Everywhere Except Copenhagen Denmark


Here’s an interesting read about the idea of Bicycle Highways, that’s actually being done in (Where else…) Copenhagen Denmark. If I could ever have the chance to move somewhere on this planet, Copenhagen or Portland Oregon, would be my Choice! :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BREAKING News! EZ’s Dahon MU p8 is on the way!


Well EZ Biker Friends, my Dahon MU P8 Folding “Upright” bike is on the way! After waiting, waiting and waiting, I made the (GULP…) commitment! Watch for photos soon; as well as photos of Fort Lauderdale Beach, to be taken on my fold bike excursions! :-)



I have seen this story in several places and then it got sent to me by an EZ Biker Friend Audrey. The photos were found at Jon Schull's Weblog. NOW I’m not that sure these are REAL LIFE Photos, BUT they sure go a long way in how easy the recumbent Platform can be embraced, even in unindustrialized civilizations! :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Spy photo reveals NEW Low Racer!!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

And we have our Duuuh Product WINNER for 2009!!!


Obviously a lot of you know how warm & fuzzy I am about cell phone use or texting while operating a vehicle… As BORING as driving can be sometimes, it’s still a 100% concentration process! WELL now some innovative folks are taking being distracted while operating a vehicle to a new high or perhaps LOW, with the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, for your vehicle! And trust me folks, THOUSANDS are going to be sold and used by GOOFY vehicle operators that think they have multitasking skills to spare while driving! For those that still might be interested in this… or perhaps law firms wanting to study up on the… product for possible future $$$ litigation $$$ purposes; here’s the link. Thanks to BROL poster Engyo for the information!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Slower pedaling cadence is BETTER!


Dear EZ Biker, what type of bicycling pace benefits you better; a steady pace or all out HAMMERING? Signed Jan

Jan Thank You for your email and the answer to your question was just recently posted at BROL (Bent Rider On Line) forum. The thread title Slower pedaling cadence is BETTER from BROL poster Bent4God pretty much says it all. Instead of peddling as fast as possible or trying to maintain a speed or cadence level; (You know you are not comfortable with) the BEST BENEFICIAL cycling is finding a speed or cadence level that you ARE COMFORTABLE with. As such, they call that SWEET SPOT. Admittedly this is one of the reasons I rarely go ride with the weekend HAMMER HEAD group and in fact do more solo riding. (Isolationist Biker?)

Friday, December 11, 2009



Thursday, December 10, 2009

I’ll Believe 2012 when………..

image Dear EZ Biker, I’m wondering if you have gone to see the movie 2012 yet? Do you believe the Earth will really cease to exist in 2012? Signed Ben

Ben, Thank You for your email and very interesting question. No, I have not gone to see the 2012 movie yet and YES, I do plan to; as I have heard the screen effects are REALLY  BREATHTAKING! As to if I believe the Earth will end? WELL…., like you see in my photo here; I believe SOMETHING may happen, IF we start seeing alien spaceships departing the plant in a HASTY PACE a few months, weeks or days before the 21st!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Hey EZ What happen to your OT Adultery Post???

adult-half Hello EZ Biker Friends. WELL I TOO now have some explaining to do, with regard to a previous post concerning an OT Post Adultery should not be supported. I had posted it last Sunday 12/6/2009. Emails came fast & furious, with most supporting my stand on the issue. BUT I also got numerous other emails that got me to thinking AGAIN about the purpose of this blog and the Theme, I’ve previously stated I would try to keep in line with. Said one email, “Gee EZ, I can read all kinds of this garbage on tons of others blogs, news sites etc. BUT I like you blog because it usually sticks with a topic I really enjoy, Bicycling. BUT now with your latest OT topic, I’m beginning to wonder, if you shouldn’t change your blog title to www.TABILOID TRASH instead.” Another suggested www.MORALS POLICE Still more emails basically came across the same way and that’s when I decided to get up early today and delete the post and replace it with another one. And YES, I had planned to offer an explanation EARLIER; but a little some called my real job got in the way… ;-) Once again, I’m TRULY Thankful and appreciative to those that enjoy my blog and really come to visit for the LOVE of cycling and perhaps being somewhat Recumbent Bicycle Curious. So I hold my little tabloid OT topic paws out once again, to be slapped… and hope I don’t do like 95% of the MALE PIG POPULATION does… and stray………. :-)

Hey EZ… WHERE are you???

image Hello EZ, Rob & Mel here. We were looking for you on A1A these past few weekends and have not seen you! Is everything OK?

Rob & Mel, Thanks for your email and YES you are correct, I have not been out cruising around these past few weeks, due to a MORE MENTAL issue than actual physical one. If you remember reading my previous post PAY ATTENTION To The “””SIGNS”””! (Part 2), dealing with my (Out of NO WHERE) BROKE SPOKE; I continue to have issues with that happenstance. I had my LBS (Local Bike Shop) send the rim in and have the  whole thing re-laced or re-spoked. BUT since I have been back on the bike (Which works perfectly) I’ve just experienced that, WHAT IF A SPOKE BREAKS AGAIN and I’m somewhere up in Delray Beach. :-O Kind of like being SNAKE BIT… It’s clearly a confidence issue and one I’m presently addressing. I have on order some (BOMB PROOF) 26” Aero Spoke wheels that will be replacing my (Beloved) HED Dish Wheels. I TRULY LOVE those rims, BUT the cross walks, city meter holes and other crevices on Broward Counties roads, just continue beat them to death! I for sure will be back on the road again, very soon; with my ONLY Worries (Bike wise) is flatting. :-) Lastly, my (I’ll get one of these days… ;-) fold bike will also have Aero Spoke wheels! ;-)

Saturday, December 05, 2009



I got this REALLY COOL event sent to me from a fellow recumbent cycling friend titled the Red Bull Soapbox Race! The sky is obviously the LIMIT at this event and the following video, (Short commercial before the video) is absolutely FUN to watch! WAY TO GO RED BULL FOR SETTING UP AND PARTICIPATING IN FAMILY FUN EVENTS LIKE THIS! I likewise have tried and like Red Bulls soda!

Friday, December 04, 2009

We were about to take the bait…


Hello EZ Biker, have you had any issues with selling any of your bikes? We had gotten an email  from a potential buyer volunteering to send us more money than the price of the bike; (In the form of a cashiers check) allowing us to keep the extra dollars.  Signed Bert & Martha

Bert & Martha, Thank You for your email and YES YES YES, that email you received is an ABSOLUTE SCAM! PLEASE DON’T EVEN RESPOND BACK TO IT; “””DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY”””! There's also a thread at BROL that offers another example of an email someone got, that sounded GREAT… BUT likewise is a scam! As we are moving into the Holiday Season, you are going to see a lot more of these; so you need to be VERY Careful! In all of the bikes that I have sold over the years; I have done so, through local bike shops. The little commission they charge is WORTH THE PEACE OF MIND, that you won’t get scammed by some lowlife SCUMBAG!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

One of the Final GREAT Bike Events for 2009 in South Florida!!!


Coming up this Sunday, December 6, is the zMOTION / Kids In Distress Bicycle Event, along beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach. I have ridden in this event a few times, doing the metric and it’s a really FUN event, with the exception of TRAFFIC on narrow A1A later in the day. Still if you are into a really nice ride along some SCENIC roadway, this is an event not to miss! Here’s the link for more information!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

OT * The PINK GLOVE * Breast Cancer Awareness Song!!!!!!


Admittedly, I have been known to post OT (Off Topic) things at my blog site that’s suppose to focus on all kinds of bicycling, especially from a recumbent bike point of view. BUT this YouTube Video is just TOO PRECIOUS and absolutely achieves it’s intended purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness!

WOW! :-0 Check out these Chinese Female Cyclists!!!


I CEASE to be AMAZED of what some people can do, riding a bicycle! Check out this absolutely Beautiful and awe inspiring Bicycle Spectacle performed by Chinese Cyclists!