Monday, November 30, 2009

THESE Bikes… would be Interesting… on Bike Lanes & Bike Paths… :-0

image Found this story about the elliptical bike via Folks ‘n” Spokes link The Chain Gang Site. There’s also another one of these DIFFERENT Philosophy bikes called the StreetStrider and elliptiGO elliptical bike that is built around the elliptical bike. Also the Slider is another type, BUT more of a scooter bike. NOW mind you, I’m not meaning any negative attitude towards these interesting machines; BUT I would have SAFETY concerns on how these bikes would fair on busy streets, bike lanes and general all purpose paths. I did encounter one of the Slider ones and watching this guy swerve side to side at the beach, near parked cars and pedestrians was………. interesting! BUT they do seem to have the potential to offer you a GREAT all around workout and would be SERIOUSLY ATTENTION GETTING!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

NO Tour De France Cyclist could keep up with THESE bikes on all out SPEED!!!


This post at the BROL thread What is your dream bike by BROL poster Itself and the accompanying video (To Kenny Loggins Danger Zone song) clearly demonstrates the PURE ALL OUT SPEED that Fully faired recumbents possess! And as my title says: NO Tour De France Cyclist could keep up with THESE bikes on all out SPEED!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bicyclists road rights are STILL RESPECTED in some places!!!


I happen to find this link to this POSITIVE story posted by jimali at BROL under the thread Bicycle Retailer. Quote: “The ordinance makes harassment of bicyclists — including throwing objects, verbal assault and other offenses — a misdemeanor offense punishable by a $1,000 fine or one year of jail time, the council said.” WOW, isn’t it nice to know there are still some city governments that are STILL interested in safety and rights of cyclists in their cities and towns!!! WAY TO GO COLUMBUS MISSOURI CITY GOVERNMENT!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

This Tire Tool is WORTH EVERY PENNY and then SOME!


OK, this HANDY little Tire tool has been around for a while, seen at and talked about at various blogs. I had glanced at it before, but didn't give it a lot of attention. WELL NOW it’s a MUST pack along tool, I’ll NEVER leave home without! So why am I so GUSHING about this tool? On the few flats I have had, I was faced with refitting a Continental 4000 bead tire back onto a HED Alps rim. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE “””PAIN””” TRYING TO GET THAT LAST STRETCH OF TIRE ONTO THE RIM. BUT now, I just whip out this tool and pull that TOUGH tire bead EASILY back onto the rim! WOOOOHOOO! Fixing flats is almost… FUN again! I have also setup a copy of the directions in pdf form in Google Docs. (If you get a half frame, hit the refresh button. Also, here is the link to the Kool Stop website, who offer this tool and also the Amazon link, where I purchased mine. Finally if you are looking for a gift for that cyclist on your list; THIS would make a GREAT / and on the road appreciated gift!!!

BLACK FRIDAY Bicycling all that Turkey Off?


Hello EZ Biker and Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your PIG-OUT photo was hilarious! SO where you be getting out onto the road on BLACK FRIDAY or will you be hotfooting it to a mall for shopping? Signed Sara

Sara, Thank You for your nice email and I hope you had a Wonderful GOBBLE Day too! :-) In answer to your question, I actually have several invites to go bicycling, BUT as you can see in my photo, I’m going to seek refuge in my bunker / home instead. The reason being, in the past I have been out cycling on the road, only to have NUMEROUS CRAZED ROAD SHOPPING WARRIORS encounters, even starting out at 5 AM in the morning! As much as I would LOVE to start working off some of my new lbs… I’m going to wait until probably Saturday, when HOPEFULLY some of the AGGRESSIVE shoppers will have exhausted themselves… HOPEFULLY! :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


image WELLLLLL there EZ Biker… BURP, oooooh  ummmm excuse me, Friends, I have done the ULTIMATE OINK OUT! It’s not like I don’t get to eat nice regular meals, BUT today's meal, (With some fellow cycling Friends) HAD TAKE NO PRISONERS AND TO Hel… with trying to maintain that slim figure! 3 servings of Turkey, 8+ Vegetables, “”4”” Strawberry Short Cake servings………. OHH GAWD, I can just FEEL my trusty Titanium Aero SAGGING under the WEIGHT and my tires popping as I mount to ride. Ooooooooh, IT COULD BE SERIOUS NAP TIME!!!! May have to consider changing my blog title to FRUMPO!

Happy GOBBLE GOBBLE Everyone!!!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BREAKING News! EZ Biker already In The GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE / Turkey Mood!


Yes EZ Biker Friends, I do get into these Holidays and I have dawned my Turkey Hat at work as you can see here! And while it may appear I’m in the bag (Alcohol wise); that’s NOT possible, as I don’t consume alcohol anymore! Admittedly it was FUN seeing smiles FINALLY appear on some of the usual CRUSTY COLD associates that I work with on a daily basis. I may even throw it back on tomorrow too!!!! Now just in case someone might be interested in where I scooped up my delightful gobble attire; you can visit this link and find out. :-)

Folding Recumbent???

image Dear EZ Biker, I have been keeping up with your blog; especially on your pending folding bike endeavor. I’m curious as to if there has ever been a folding recumbent. Signed Jim

Jim, Thanks for your email and YES there was in fact at least one folding recumbent (That’s no longer manufactured) built by Bike Friday, the Folding Bike Company. Where you have the folding bike Friday; it’s name was the SatRDay, seen in the green recumbent photo above. BROL poster wolverbob has just posted a thread about another possible folding bent; BUT it’s one you would have to modify yourself. Still in the photo below the SatRDay, it’s not a bad looking bike. The website for Downtube recumbent conversions is at this link, to check out. However to be honest, I’m still inclined to go with an upright version of a folding bike, basically for the SIMPLICITY of being able to easily fold and carry.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A SERIOUS BOMB PROOF (Wheel wise) Bike!


Hello EZ Biker, I have followed your blog for a long time and I’m seriously contemplating taking the bent plunge! From your posts, I see you are working on a rather interesting BOMB PROOF (Wheel wise) recumbent. Can I ask WHY it’s apparently not involving your Aero? And secondly, if you really wanted to scoop up a High Performance (BOMB PROOF) recumbent, what would be your recipe for such a steed? Signed Alex.

Alex, thanks for your email and very interesting questions. Admittedly, I am presently SNAKE BITTEN for riding on wire spoke rims. If you remember a previous post PAY ATTENTION To The “””SIGNS”””! (Part 2) my Wonderful (Very Much enjoyed / liked) HED Alps dish wheel had ANOTHER spoke up and break for no reason! This now makes the second time I’ve had to get the rear wheel rebuilt in about 2 years time…. :-( While I continue to flirt with a rear disk for the Aero and maybe a tri-spoke front wheel at a cost for both… about $1200+ dollars. (The front wheel cost MORE than the rear) In the meantime I had been playing with a somewhat low racer type of bike with a duel 20/20 wheel setup; when I remembered my trusty AeroSpoke wheels, I had previously used on my Easy Racers TE and Aluminum GRR. (Pictured) They are not light wheels (20” Wheel =830 grams= 1.8 lbs) 26 wheel = 1380 grams= 3lbs lbs and 700c wheel = 1440 grams= 3 lbs.3 oz) BUT if you want BOMB Proof wheels, they are the way to go. BUT they don’t offer a 650c wheel for my Aero. :-( (I am checking to see if I might be able to put 26” wheels on the Aero though) In the meantime, I have looked… into other options and basically came up with the concept of acquiring a super light carbon fiber bike and then factoring in the weight of the Aerospokes; resulting in a comparatively light (BOMB PROOF) bike at about 24 / 25 lbs. Here’s a Google doc / pdf of research on such a bike, utilizing Bentup Bicycles Carbon Fiber Bikes. However the Bachetta Carbon Fiber could work equally well. (Please note, if the Google doc comes up half page looking, hit the refresh button)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

EZ Biker back with the A1A/Commercial Group???


Hey EZ, it was Great seeing you out on A1A in the thick with the A1A/Commercial HAMMERHEAD Bunch, yesterday! WOW, you and that group dropped me and my bunch like a 1 ton brick, just before Hillsboro Blvd. Good to see you back in the pack! Signed Don

LOL, Don Thanks for your email and I did see you, but didn’t have a chance to acknowledge you. And YES, I did manage to hang with the FAST Ones, to the turn around at Spanish River, BUT IT WAS NO EASY TASK! The group has clearly stepped it some serious notches to where you have to hold at least a 30+ mph pace, if you want to just hang in back. (Where I was… ;-) Plus on the return, beyond Atlantic Blvd. (Where they usually kick back to a leisurely pace; NOT THIS Bunch! Even past the starting place, A1A/Commercial, a few were still holding a 25 mph pace, heading home! Once I got home, my body was clearly talking to me in that WT… were you thinking? I was one TIRED little puppy! Sunday was a serious debate as to if I even wanted to get out cycling, BUT ended up doing so; as a MUCH SLOWER PACE! But I did end up in Atlantic / Delray Beach and back, which gave me a total of 102 miles for the weekend! SO in answer to your question, Ummmm, NO, I’m not planning to be a continuous rider with the group; (Unless I pack an AED with me) BUT I will pop up time to time, just to see if this OLD GEEZER Bod can still hang with the BIG DOGS… ;-)

Like having YouTube Recumbents Only Website!


Here’s an interesting concept that basically offers you all the Recumbent Video’s you can stand! BROL poster TravisP has setup this innovative site and here’s the link to go check it out!!!

A really FUN Photo Site Departs… :-(


Obviously this isn’t the same as losing a Loved One or a Pet, but I still am SADDENED to see this really nice and fun photo site fade into non-existence. I had setup an in motion photo album (Here is a short video showing an album in motion) and had gotten a lot of favorable responses, based on the uniqueness of the album in motion aspect. I wish the owners and developers well and their site will be missed…! :-( :-( :-( Here is a Google Doc link, to their farewell message. (Hit refresh screen button if photo comes up only half way)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Attention Florida Representatives… If you support it… You WILL NOT GET MY SUPPORT in the NEXT Election!!!

image Well EZ Biker Friends, I really try and keep a POSITIVE attitude on things; especially on what I choose to post at my Bicycle Themed Blog. BUT there are times, when I just have to SPEAK OUT and this BEND ME OVER / TREAT ME LIKE ROVER health care… reform bill has me CLEARLY frosting at the mouth and gritting my teeth! What a CROCK and TOTAL WASTE of money (Which we don’t have anyway) and from what I hear from some, that have actually read the thing, GET READY TO BE TAXED TAXED TAXED ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! And remember, it won’t even take effect until 2014!!!! (BUT you start paying TAXES NOW!!!!) Let GARBAGE like this pass, and you can kiss our Beloved United States Of America GOODBYE! I will have NO PROBLEM in joining the growing numbers of the DISENCHANTED States Of America!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Make $$$ doing something you ALREADY LOVE TO DO!


BROL poster Jeff in Tucson aka Goblin has got a pretty interesting venture getting ready to roll, very soon. Bike Lane Billboards. While this venture is not a new one; (As you can see at this link from Google images and this link of some I’ve setup an album for) it is somewhat unique as it is being done, utilizing a recumbent bicycle. My personal feeling here is, at this time when $$$ and jobs are scarce out there; anything you can develop, that’s eco friendly, fun and even health beneficial to do, is worth taking a serious look into. If you would like to read more about this interesting endeavor, please check out this link.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have my list of wants… I’ll be THERE this weekend!!!

image Yes, EZ Biker Friends, I too am always on the lookout for SALES, during these WATCH YOUR PENNIES TIMES! Atlantic Bicycles (The site seems to take forever to download- so there must be a lot of traffic directed there right now) is where I’m planning on being this weekend, to scoop up a few things, I have been wanting! Here’s a pdf Google doc map view. (If the doc comes up half frame, hit the refresh button)

Children's recumbent???


Dear EZ Biker, I really enjoy your site and am wondering, does anyone really make a recumbent specifically for children? Signed Monica.

Hello Monica, Thank you for your email and the answer to your question is YES, BUT not here in the USA. :-(  I happen to see the following link, posted by BROL poster RaptoBike, that shows there is a company in the Netherlands (No less… :-) that apparently does build recumbents for youngsters. I’ll surely keep my eye out for any other source and post it here!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! * Anti-Bicyclist Vigilante(s) Stalking A1A!

image To any and all Bicyclists and pedestrians that bicycle or walk along A1A in Broward County Florida, North of Light House Point Bridge; you need to BE ON THE WATCH OUT for thumb tacks that apparently have been dropped onto A1A roadway! It appears there is a person or persons that are now specifically targeting the various bicycle groups that ride A1A North and South and have no concerns of the dangers and consequences of cyclists flatting, which I have been advised happened (To NUMEROUS Cyclists) this past week, 11-14-15-2009. Pedestrians should likewise be alert and careful when walking, as these tacks could go through your recreational shoes. More details to follow!


UPDATE! I received a very nice email from my friend concerning the Tack Attack and he advised me, it was between 14th Street Causeway and the Light House point Bridge. (See yellow shaded area) Clearly the A1A / Commercial ride (Mike’s Ride) group that leaves at 7:08 AM, Saturday & Sunday was the target for this attack. I DID ride by this area at about 5:45 AM Saturday 11/14/2009 and had no issues. Apparently the group encountered the tacks at about 7:20 AM; so they must have been deployed sometime between this time period. Also I’ve heard of another tack attack further up A1A  at Jupiter Island and a $1000.00 reward is being offered for the perpetrators.  SO my A1A Cycling Friends, PLEASE be careful if you plan on bicycling on A1A!!!

Blogger having upload issues… :-(

Sorry EZ Biker Friends, but there’s something apparently not working on Blogger side when trying to include photos with posts. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, as there's SOME BREAKING NEWS, concerning all cyclists that ride on A1A in Broward County. If the photo issue is not resolved soon, I'll post just the information. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: EZ Biker :-@





OK Blogger Team, I REALIZE Blogger is FREE; so perhaps I should not portray an annoyed attitude here… BUT, would it be TOO MUCH to ask, if in the future, when you are going to be doing a little… downtime maintenance, that might effect some features at Blogger, TO GIVE US SOME ADVANCED HEADS UP TO THIS? I like many others spent a lot of time trying to figure out the issue and trying to do a work around, to get it resolved! :-# OK for your Bloggers, should something get strange again, here’s their forum link that you can sign up for (If you already have a Gmail account, you need only apply a forum name to post comments or questions) Of course you can just view what’s presently happening as well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Calling all EZ Biker Friends & Visitors! * Ask Florida State Leaders to improve safety for Florida's pedestrians!!!

image The following has been copied from Rails To Trails Website.

According to a report released on Monday, Nov. 9, 20091, four Florida communities topped a national list of the 52 most dangerous large metropolitan areas for pedestrians2.
While this is news to many, it comes as no surprise to many state officials who have been aware of this problem for more than a decade. During that time Florida communities have consistently held these top spots on this list! Other measurements are equally dismal.
Our state governor and legislature plan on hosting a special session in December to focus on a $2 billion request for federal transportation funds to build a new high-speed rail system connecting Orlando with Tampa. Any new system must connect the places where people live, work, play and learn through trails, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and should be included in initial planning. Trails, sidewalks and bicycle lanes must be included as intermodal links.
As they stand, these proposed plans might do away with the 29-mile Van Fleet State Trail altogether, without even consulting the trails community. A rail-with-trail could prove to be a very practical solution to accommodate multiple uses along the same corridor. We must act now to influence the legislature's thinking before that session.
Please join countless other Floridians who are calling for change by sending a message to our state leaders. Please go to the following link and (Again) Ask Florida state leaders to improve safety for Florida's pedestrians
Thank you.

EZ Biker has already visited the website and included his name on this IMPORTANT issue! For those that might want to send a letter via snail mail, I have setup a word doc with the purpose letter and person of contact at the following link. (If it comes up half page, hit your refresh button)

1“Dangerous by Design,” authored by Transportation for America (a national reform group of which RTC is a proud member) and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership. Available online at
Orlando-Kissimmee, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville

Hummm, if it works for them……… ;-)


Yes EZ Biker Friends, after awhile you get SOOOO mesmerized at seeing a certain commercial millions of times, you begin to wonder, maybe that’s the kind of promotion that might work in the recumbent world. So, here’s my take on the “EYES” and a possible future replenish-able bumper sticker I may place onto my vehicle. Hummm, replenish-able bumper sticker???? What’s THAT? Stay tuned, I’ll be doing up a post about THAT item, very soon!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/15/2009 Beach Riding Cyclists BEWARE!

image OK, I thought I’d take a moment and post a CAUTION memo here for those cyclists that may be planning a beach ride to Fort Lauderdale Beach tomorrow, Sunday 11/15/2009. First you will have to deal with a 13.1 mile beach marathon run from Ft. Laud. Beach to Light House Point bridge in Pompano Beach. BUT the MORE item of concern is the roadway on Ft. Lauderdale Beach North of Sunrise Blvd. That tropical weather Ida. is pushing some pretty good size waves over the SMALL walls and onto the street. WET, SANDY road conditions are what I encountered today at about 5 AM. I nearly went down 3+ times, until I finally rode on the left side of the beach. As I was coming back, the city was bull dozing the sand off the road, BUT WHAT A MESS! So anyone cycling to Ft. Lauderdale Beach 11/15/2009, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!

And we have a WINNER!!!

image Well EZ Biker Friends, I took the time to download and try Firefox's Scribe Fire to see if it might be as good or better than Windows Live Writer. Based on my EARLY findings Live Writers WINS, hands down! While having the capability to access Scribe Fire in your browser, it takes less then a few seconds to click on Right Writer and start inputting your information. I have also put this chart into Google Docs (Which if it comes up half pictured, hit your refresh button) in case you can’t see the wording here that well. THERE IS ONE ANNOYANCE WITH WRITE WRITER, but I’m not sure it’s the programs fault. When you publish posts to appear at a later date and time, sometimes Blogger won’t set the specific time or date you want the post to appear. (I’ll be sending feedback about that to Live Writer team. Finally, the verdict is not out on these blog editors or others I might be trying in the future. BUT for now, Live Writer is clearly my choice of Blog Editor for! :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A NEW Recumbent Trike Shop In Town! * Trike Shoppe LLC


Believe it or not, recumbent trikes are one of the HOTTEST selling recumbents presently in the world. This from chatting with recumbent & bike shop owners, locally and elsewhere. So for any of you that might be flirting with a possible trike endeavor; a new shop that caters specifically to trikes is now open in South Broward Area. Trike Shoppe, LLC, 3790 Davie Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 954-636-3577 / Toll Free: 877-289-1417. I have not had the pleasure of stopping by yet to check things out; BUT they seem to be a pretty class operation, as they are footing bill for a lot of goodies for the South Florida Recumbent Riders (SFRR) Withlacooche Invasion, happening this 11/13-15/2009 weekend!

ATTENTION “CASUAL Cyclists” In Miami!!!

image Now here is a really GREAT idea for those cyclists that are not into the HAMMERHEAD / Road Warrior take no prisoners; lets go as fast as we can cyclists… I found these juicy tidbits at Spokes ‘n” Folks blog site, which is becoming my place to visit on a more regular basis! :-) Too bad Broward county doesn't have a MORE Bicycle Activist website… (Yep, that’s a shot across your bow, Broward) I also have a post coming up about all the NEAT BICYCLE news that seems to come out Dade County (Via Spokes “n” Folks) which you won’t want to miss. In meantime, these two sites cater to THOSE cyclists that are more into the REAL FUN side of Bicycling at a more leisurely pace. Here are the links to these sites: Slow Bike Miami & South Florida Slow Bike Movement. THANKS AGAIN, to Spokes "’n"’ Folks for posting such GREAT information!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let’s think…………. about this……….


In search for a specific sign on the internet, I came upon this interesting one, at where cyclists need to be cautious when riding around volcanoes… Hummmm, that kind of bike excursion could erupt… into something unique… ;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As I’ve stated before… EVERY DAY is Veterans Day!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BREAKING News! Loaner Bikes available in Broward County!!!!


I just scooped up this info from a story seen at Spokes N Folks Blog site.  Bike-Sharing comes to Broward suburbs. Quoted from Spokes N Folks: “Bike sharing is definitely catching on. Now Humana, the health-insurance folks, have installed a fleet of loaner bicycles at their Guidance Center in the Kings Point area of Tamarac, north of Fort Lauderdale. Monday through Friday, anyone 18 or older can present a driver license and a credit card and take off on one of the bikes. There's no charge if the bike is returned by 5 p.m. The address is 7666 Nob Hill Road. “ OK, so they aren't recumbents, WHO CARES! They are BICYCLES and hopefully this will motivate more folks to go for a nice bike ride and then maybe even consider buying a bike of their own! GREAT Story Spokes N Folks!!!



Honestly Folks, I realize telemarketers need to make a living too; BUT not at the expense of my wallet, if they were NOT solicited to call me in the first place! I have one of the pay as you go phones, which does not have call blocking capability. The majority of the times, if I don’t recognize the number; I GLEEFULLY send them to my voice mail box. HOWEVER , one day this past week, I was expecting a VERY IMPORTANT CALL and the number was not one of my pre-recognized ones. I managed to get 3 *&^%$#@(*& telemarketing calls and nearly missed getting the IMPORTANT call I was waiting for. And even for those BRIEF seconds I endured these )(*&^%$# calls, that was deducted from my paid for minutes!!! NOW I know there’s great filtering software for spam / emails, BUT why not the same software for “Phone or IM messages?” Why not be able to program in only those numbers you want to receive and all others are blocked. (With the EXCEPTION of 911 / emergency calls) – But then who calls you for a 911 emergency) Apparently your cell phone companies are not too warm towards this kind of software; as a lot of their revenue is generated from garbage calling as well as legitimate calls.

OK, SO HERE’S a $$$ chance for some of you out of work software engineers to design software that accomplishes this fete and that can be used in any and all cell phone platforms and companies!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Another EZ Biker EeeeeeK Topic!!!


I keep hearing that recumbents JUST CAN’T be used for off-road cycling and YET… Here’s another YouTube Video, that DISPROVES that statement!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hey EZ, did I see you with… The GROUP today?

image Yellow T Shirt with EZ Biker printed on it, Silver Aero, helmet with visor mirror… Ummm, was THAT YOU EZ? Signed Alex.

YES Alex, it would seem I’m BUSTED in that YES, that was me with the A1A / Commercial group on A1A today. (I had taken my van in for routine… oil change and ended up paying $230.00 MORE for a idler gasket that had worn away) Anyway I managed to hang with the pack for a short while, on a day when the STRONG Guys would rule. 20/25 ENE winds beat down quite a few and I didn’t position myself soon enough for the strong ones break away. Still it was a lot of FUN and I did manage to stay ahead of my secondary group till Spanish River; with the return being NO Contest… :-) The OLD Geezer still has a little performance left in him after all! :-) :-) :-)

UPDATE: 11/8/2009  OK, I just have to add this update, as I’ve had a few inquiries about how the group was and were there any issues during the ride.  If you remember, it was this group that got into an altercation with a vehicle operator and the local enforcement people have been making their PRESENCE NOTICED. As we got to A1A and Atlantic Blvd., the traffic light turn red; so the usual right turn, proceed via the beach route kicked in. A Broward Sheriffs vehicle was parked at the curb side and everyone passed him uneventfully. BUT he happen to be a SPOTTER and radioed another Sheriff at the Lighthouse Point Bridge, that the group was on their way, 4+ abreast riding style. As we arrived at the bridge, all the cyclists got stopped and herded over to the right, with a friendly little chat commencing with the Sherriff about riding 4+ abreast.  Needless to say, the A1A / Commercial group continues to be under the microscope to comply with law abiding road riding enforcement!

WHAT County REALLY is MORE Bicycle Friendly / Motivated???

image I make it a point to (Almost daily) visit a really Great Informative blog site titled Spokes 'n' Folks, that seems to always have news of Dade County planning or doing up some sort of NEW Bicycle Project. Take for instance the photo and storyline Two bike Paths to link up at Dadeland post. Even today their still another project that seems to be positively geared towards cyclists: New signals a break for bikers, walkers. NOW I surely don’t want to DISRESPECT Broward County, seeing as I do live and ride all over the place there; BUT I just don’t seem to hear or see any kind of projects, that are geared for the betterment of Bicycling here. Am I missing something; perhaps a more informative website, blog or other news resource, that can prove my observation in error? I have one I visit, (From time to time)titled Cyclemobility; but there’s not a lot noticeable announcements there. I surely Welcome any response from Broward Bicycling Activists that would allow me to delete the second photo (A busy little spider…) here…

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I MEANT to post this earlier… :-@ * South Broward Wheelers Century Event!!!


Sunday November 8, the 25th annual South Broward Wheelers Century event will get rolling once again, from Brian Piccolo at 7:30 AM. I have ridden in this event numerous times and it has NEVER let me down. And SADLY, NO… :-( I won’t be able to take part in it; as I continue to have to watch my $$$ and a $250.00 idler gasket repair I got surprised with today, clearly knocked my 60% chance I would consider doing the event to 0%. Still, it’s an Excellent event and lots of my bent and road bike friends will be there! YES, it’s a FUN event worth participating in! Here the link for more information! :-)

Interesting bunch of FREE Download Goodies…

image … If… I ever decide to finally move to Windows 7 OS. I found this GREAT Freebee download site at a website I visit regularly called Dvice. The website titled ninite installs any FREE website goodies you initially select; which to me; seems to be a lot easier way to go then individually installing the apps. I even found a bunch, I had never even knew about! OH and by the way you can enjoy the downloads using Windows XP and Vista too! (Woo Hoo!)

UPDATE: 11/7/2009 OK EZ DUUUUH here. Thanks for all the inquiries about where’s the link for ninite? It’s been added! :-)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Breaking News! John Schlitter Finishes First in UMCA Ultracup! WAY TO GO JOHN & BACCHETTA!!!


Quote from Rich Pinto, from the article posted at BROL: “Bacchetta’s own John Schlitter was the top points finisher in the UMCA’s Ultracup standings, finishing ahead of all other bicycle types and age groups, and a very tough international group of UMCA and RAAM racers.   John’s 197 point total was 7 points ahead of the next European upright bicycle racer, and 30 points ahead of the next American upright competitor.” Here is a Google Doc comparison of all the competitors and their overall points. (Note if doc comes up half page, hit your refresh button) I have highlighted John’s overall points row. Here’s the link to UMCA’s website showing the overall standings and their link to the UMCA Ultra Cycling home page. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS JOHN & Bacchetta; you all have done the recumbent family PROUD!!! :-) :-) :-)

What happen to your FOLD Bike EZ?


Greetings EZ, I happen to be a BIG Folding Bike Fan and cyclist and I had previously read or heard you were planning on adding one of them to your stables. So what happen? Did you decide to forgo the bike for your 20/20 project bike I saw at your site? Signed Julie

Julie, Thanks for your email and NO, I have not given up on acquiring a folding bike! In fact my DREAM Folder is pictured here; that of a Dahon MU-P8! Fairly light weight, a light colored frame, with the option to add Big Apple tires, fenders and rear carry rack; which I’ll probably do. It’s on my list to do… kinda like finally finding the time to reveal my previous invention failures… ;-)

UPDATE: 11/7/2009 WOW! I have gotten LOTS of email feedback on this post! People are wanting to know WHAT my fold bike will look like with what accessories I’ll be adding to it. I have scooped of some EXACT photos of what I’m planning on adding to my folder at the following link. Thanks for the inquiries everyone!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

For you Bicycle + GPS users out there… :-)


Saw this post at SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) Group posted by seemark2, about a website that you can pre-post your route and then download it to your GPS (If that’s what you use when riding) that’s apparently the RAGE of users at the BROL (Bent Rider On Line) Forum link.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ummmm, Recumbent Bike PORN!!!!


Hey there gang, EZ “SMUT” Biker here! Here’s a photo of a bent that just, well… er… ummm, ehhhh… ohhhh YESSSS, just reeks of being titillating recumbent bike PORN! The photo was scooped up from BROL Thread: Records Fall in Apeldoorn, Netherlands and looking at some of those record setting times generated by bents, is well, just AMAZING!!! The actual story of this fete, (Posted by Garrie Hill) can be seen here.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bicycle Pirates at bicycle events?


Dear EZ Biker, my husband and I recently got back into bicycling and are riding uprights at the moment, but are seriously looking at recumbents, to be our future ride. We were at an event a few weeks ago and we passed a group of cyclists on the side of the road that then began to ease into the groups passing them. They apparently didn’t start off with the rest of us at the event. We overheard a few cyclists in a rather unhappy tone, voice their dismay about the free loading bike pirates. We have never heard of such a thing; can you elaborate? Signed Nancy & Phil.

Nancy & Phil, Thank you for your email and glad to hear you are back bicycling again and maybe soon will be doing so on recumbents! Bicycle Pirates are basically people that participate in a bicycle event, but don’t actually pay the entry / registration fee, to enjoy the benefits of the bike rest stop locations and meals / refreshments afterwards. Although I have heard of paying cyclists sneaking food / beverages to some of their pirate friends that show up at the bike stop / rest areas. While this is clearly a dishonorable stunt to pull, there’s really no way to prevent it. And usually most bike pirates tend to ease in or blend into cycling event groups as discretely as possible; so as not to be discovered. By the way, the photo above are not per say REAL bicycle pirates; (Just a photo of cyclists dressed up in pirate outfits to dramatize the response… :-) as most REAL bicycle event pirates dress in your usual bicycle attire, to easily blend in.

Monday, November 02, 2009

WOW!!!! Cyclists 1 Vehicle Operator 0!!!!








Just found this post at BROL by BROL poster R42Pilot, concerning a “Doctor” that was found GUILTY of assaulting cyclists by abruptly stopping his car in front of them on a hilly Los Angeles County road last year. Here’s more about the story at this link. Mind you, I’m NOT JOYFUL the guy got found guilty, BUT rather this time, a court actually sided on cyclists side; which is something that RARELY happens.

Snail mail is Old School… BUT what COOL personalized stamps!

image Yes EZ Biker Friends, our postal system is clearly a horse & buggy thing of the past and yet, it still serves a purpose for millions people. Not everyone is into the high tech or internet thing and they still need an avenue to pay their bills, correspond with and stay in touch, even if it’s no match for TURBO SPEED emailing. Still there’s something about having THAT PERSONALIZED touch, that unique little item that says THIS IS YOUR OWN EXPRESSION and no one else looks like it. Which brings me to a pretty neat Personalized Stamp producing website called Zazzle. This past Labor Day weekend, WHEN I HAD ALL THAT EXTRA TIME… ON MY HANDS… I got to visiting some websites that had been previously recommended to me. This site was one and it allows you to compose your own stamp, with (Of course) your own photo. As you can see in the photo, I’ve put together my own custom stamp, that I might just break down and order some, to send to friends.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

GAWD, I MISS being part of this event!


The masses slowly build as the night continues on. Hundreds and hundreds of bicyclists NOW take over the streets of the 5th largest metropolis in the world. It’s a brisk evening, but you really don’t notice it; you are just THERE to be part of one of THOSE SPECIAL annual bike events, that will last forever! On Sunday November 1 at 2:00 AM the “”37th”” rolling of the Moonlight Bike Ramble in Houston Texas got underway! (An event that started back in 1972)  I have enjoyed numerous bicycle events over the years, BUT there are a FEW that really stand out and this is one of them. Let me take you back to one (Of many I rode in) and a few memorable moments. I remember being on Allen Parkway on my Blue Schwinn Continental , with numerous other cyclists and we all were caught up in the moment. There were all kinds of colorful bikes and people from all walks of life moving forward. It was dark with the exception of the street lights and cyclists that had their bicycle lights on. We were on a mission and I felt like I was in a group of B-17’s heading on a bomb run, with flak all around us. Unfortunately there were cyclists around us meeting up with road debris, flatting, running over speed bumps, some into each other. They were falling like flies and yet our little group continued to roll. (We gritted our teeth and would voice nervous laughs from time to time to time, hoping our B-17’s number would not come up) I remember one very young cyclist trying to do a continuous wheelie; only to  finally fall back completely off his bike. We continued, with flak all around us, not to be deterred from our mission.  Making our way down onto Main Street, I witnessed, with astonishment a cyclist front bike wheel rolling into an open man hole and doing a  flip forward. BUT onward we went, until finally returning to the starting point, hours later, with others that had SURVIVED THE MISSION. (Mind you this was back in the early 80’s and I was still a YOUNG foolish cyclist, instead of now an OLD {Not too foolish… anymore} cyclist. And NO, I’m cherishing the accidents and mishaps of the event; as there were many others I had done that were NICE easy going social rides, with others that share the LOVE of bicycling, even if at some ungodly hour! Still if, I ever get back to Houston, I know another CHALLENGING MISSION awaits me at the Moonlight Bike Ramble!!! :-)

Do you tactically plan your rides EZ?


Hello EZ, you have a Great site. I’m wondering if you ever plan your rides around happenings in your area? I remember hearing about the Air & Sea Show on the beach awhile back; did you ride to it? Signed Jason

Jason Thank You for your email and very good question. The answer to your question is YES, absolutely I gear my rides around what may be happening at the beach and surroundings. Specifically this October 31’s weekend, there’s LOTS of things happening, like the annual boat show on Ft. Lauderdale Beach and numerous yearly flea markets that show up in beach areas along the beach. THIS weekend I’m doing short 30 mile rides and am passing on riding A1A beyond Light House Point Bridge, due to the Boat Show in town. LOTS of TRAFFIC on A1A; even during my early morning Zombie time riding. Easter Sunday is another one, you have to be careful being on the road; as well as seasonal jogging and tri-athletic events that tend to clog A1A up. As for the Air & Sea Show, I rode to it “1” time and now I just don’t even look at my bike, when that event is happening. Hummm, maybe I should change my name to Solitude Biker… :-)

Road Warrior Intersections!!!


I happen to catch an article at one of my FAVORITE SITES I’m constantly visiting Spokes 'n' Folks, that I CLEARLY hope NEVER CATCHES ON in THIS ROAD WARRIOR minded country! The article: Roundabouts saving lives, fuel may be a wonderful thing in the Netherlands, BUT GAWD…. I hope this country NEVER EMBRACES that kind of intersection setup! I voice this, from experience in a simple 4 single lane one, we have in Pompano Beach Florida. I have had countless near accidents, from “Others” that treated it like a main highway and had no intention of slowing down and seeing if someone was approaching from the other direction! WORSE still is when on a bicycle! Again, I have had some near MISSES from… persons that had no intention of carefully approaching this kind intersection. In “THIS COUNTRY” I’d really HATE to encounter one of those LARGE multilane one’s, like seen in the photo.