Friday, October 30, 2009

Oooooooooh YEEEEEEES! It’s “THAT” Time Again!

image WELL after you all get done Trick or Treating Saturday evening, DON’T FORGET to set your clocks BACK 1 Hour! Or you can wait until 2 AM Sunday (Nov 1) and fallback, for your exacting technical types! THAT means daylight will come sooner while out bicycling! WOO HOOO!

Have a SAFE & SPOOKY Halloween!


OK, EZ Biker Ghosts and Goblins, here’s WISHING you all a SPOOKY Treat-full (Instead of Trick-full) Halloween!!! ALSO, I have included some REALLY HELPFUL Halloween Safety tips, courtesy of, that’s a VERY GOOD Read to keep those little ghosts, goblins, madoffs and other scary… little creatures SAFE!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The GOOD and NOT SO Good…

image Well EZ Biker Friends, I’ve tried 2 posts using Google Docs and while there’s GOOD experience using them; there’s also NOT SO Good; BUT perhaps just a minor nuisance to deal with. As I have previously stated in an earlier post: only part of the visual picture of How Flu Travels can be seen. AGAIN, SORRY about that. When using Google Docs; I will be adding: If only part of the doc comes up, hit your refresh button and everything should appear. I plan on writing Google and advise them of this minor issue. On the POSITIVE SIDE you can load pdf, word and other files there and like to them from your blog; which I like very much. Especially the PDF, where you can zoom in and see photos better.

ALSO, I’m going to give Firefox's Scribefire a look-see; based on the number of emails I’ve gotten to try it. Not that I unhappy with Live Writer; BUT it never hurts to check out alternative material. Admittedly, my NUMEROUS (Now Daily) postings are a direct result of the Off Line Blogging program. :-)


image Hello EZ Biker, I really enjoy your blog and I have a question for you. Some friends have just returned from vacation and were telling me about their unhappy encounter with Goat Heads. They stated they were a thorns that love to get picked up by tires. Have you ever heard of these? Signed Gretchen.

Hello Gretchen, Thank You for your email and YES I have absolutely heard of those NASTY LITTLE THORN LIKE CREATURES! Coincidently there’s a new thread at BROL about some recumbent cyclists that encountered these little beasties, while cycling in Washington. To get a better look at them I’ve setup a doc at so you can zoom in and get a really good look at them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This country is BEGGING for recumbents!


Here’s an interesting find at the BROL forum titled Improvising a semi-recumbent bike by sitting above rear wheel in where else, Vietnam. Now if I was a recumbent manufacturer, I surely consider putting out some feelers for find a local bike builder and perhaps get some serious recumbent following going. Most likely you would have to work through the government, BUT as long as they got their $$$ of the pie, I’m incline to believe, someone could likewise have some serious $$$ rolling in… (Pun Intended ;-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sad to see an early Trail Blazer Concept Go Away… :-(


While I have never hosted a website with them; I have a lot of friends that have and it was clearly the cutting edge of website hosting services in years past. Your site and services will be solely missed. Here’s one of the numerous stories from PC World about this sites demise… :-(

OHHH my GAWD, My LOWCHETTA is not the first! ;-)









WOW! Does this Orange Strada look SEXY or what?! Apparently there’s another kindred spirit out there that has thought along the same lines as myself, about doing a 20/20 Bacchetta frame setup. The other INTERESTING thing about this bike, is the USS (Under seat Steering) setup. I have had a few USS models myself (Vision R-40 & R-45) and while I didn’t have any issues riding the USS style; it just REALLY didn’t float my boat, so to speak. SPECIAL Thanks to Jose, from Atlantic Bicycles, for sending me these recumbent photos… (I mean that in a respectful way!) Perhaps the creator of this bike will get in touch with me and discuss it further?

Monday, October 26, 2009

RED Alert! Here’s How the Flu Travels Around You!








I’m discovering MORE of my friends are coming down with colds and the Flu these days. Hopefully, it’s not the MORE DANGEROUS swine type of Flu. A Wonderful Friend of mine, :-) Madeleine L. :-) sent me an excellent visual documentation of how the Flu actually travels and it’s quite compelling! Here’s the link to check it out and PLEASE DO SO, SOON!!!

UPDATE: Sorry about the link taking you to Google Login… MyBAD!!! :-@

UPDATE # 2: Geez I feel like Microsoft having to add additional comments or patches to something I thought was OK… :-) I have gotten some emails stating that only part of the visual picture of How Flu Travels can be seen. SORRY about that. What you need to do, is hit your refresh button and the complete image should appear. If not, drop me a line and I’ll start debating whether or not to continue using Google Documents.

Innovative Bent Designs of yesteryear!


For some of you that enjoy looking at nostalgia things of the past, that technically were cutting edge designs for today and the future; here's a really interesting website and another link too (Posted by BROL poster thniels) for you! (By the way, I LOVE looking at that stuff too! :-) Here’s the link from the BROL forum on this fascinating subject matter!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cycling Grannies Raise $35,000

image I found this INTERESTING story Cycling Grannies Raise $35,000 and Makes You Feel Good Story and a likewise newly discovered Website / Magazine, Momentum (The magazine for self-propelled people). Lots of very interesting stories and great pictures too!

Saturday, October 24, 2009



They are called Micro Bikes, but this photo would seem to better fit the title of Micro-Recumbent. And YES, there is a place that makes them, which you can see at the following link!

Friday, October 23, 2009



You know, I have seriously flirted with having some sort of video or still camera mounted or carried with me on bike outings. Most cameras are either too bulky or cost way too much $$$! Well BROL Poster Greenspeed GT3 has discovered what appears to be, the PERFECT Camcorder for bike use! The thread: Alcheapo Camera – Testing also offers a link to a YouTube video showing VERY GOOD Quality Video!!! I did a Google and found some interesting places (Like Amazon) where this camera is available. Lots of different prices out there. STILL, this may be a camcorder, I check out REAL soon!

MOVE over Webster Dictionary, There’s a NEW Kid in Town!

image I was out doing a little grocery shopping a few days ago, when I overheard a young person telling another, “The testpectation is killing me!”  So of course when I got home, I did a Google and came upon a VERY Interesting Dictionary, titled: Urban Dictionary. WOW, there’s wording there, I would have never thought of using or even hearing. A very much must go check out website for your URBAN Communication needs!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Regardless of the era, Everyone looks COOL on a bent!


This photo (Posted by BROL poster John Riley) in the thread bents on tweed rides, caught my eye. Clearly this is just COOL looking, with that person wearing that era’s hat and the vintage vehicle in the back ground. As my title states: Regardless of the era, Everyone looks COOL on a bent!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thinking of getting a Baron.

Baron Hello EZ Biker, I am finally planning on taking the plunge and move on a Optima Baron Recumbent, as my first recumbent. My fellow road bike cyclists are already giving me grief, BUT I don’t care; it’s an experience I have to try. Have you ever ridden one and if so, what are your thoughts? Signed Sharon.

ALRIGHT Sharon! Now that’s how you take the PLUNGE into a new and exciting endeavor! If you think your fellow cyclists are giving you grief now, wait until you start dropping them on rides! And no, I have  not owned one; but did get to try one, a friend had and they are truly a blast! We have a BROL poster (Laminar Flow - link to his post) that has just acquired one and has a really COOL video posted at You Tube. Some of the speeds he’s hitting are absolutely eye opening! :-0

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cruzbike… An interesting recumbent!


There has been a lot of chatter at BROL concerning a recumbent called a Cruzbike. One apparently was involved in a recent woman’s 12-Hour record event! There’s likewise been some negative comments as well, BUT that’s to be (Unfortunately) expected and just goes to show you how narrow minded some folks… can be. The MAIN thing here is, IT IS A RECUMBENT, it’s making news and setting records as well! There are some pretty interesting YouTube videos and this bike seems to have a growing following.

Monday, October 19, 2009

UGGGG, Get your MANCAVE on!!!

image LOL, OK I have been keeping a weary eye on this BROL Thread (Post Yer ManCave) and clearly it’s proving to be very entertaining on our recumbent types showing off their ManCaves! Now who in the world came up with THAT wording? Well… here’s results from a Google on the word and there’s TONS of results!  And I’ve heard there are WomanCaves too, but maybe named a little differently… ;-) However here’s a link to a REAL WomanCave aka Cycling Kathy Blog!

SOO anyway, this pictured one belongs to BLUECOYOTE and I personally believe it’s got to be close to the Ultimate ManCave, recumbent wise anyway… :-) Hummm, maybe I’ll consider posting my live in, store & work on bike in EZ Biker ManCave, sometime soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will I continue to use Firefox Browser?












While checking my add-on's and extensions in Firefox, I happen to notice Microsoft NET.Framework Assistant 1.1 in my add-on file. Now I already have a later version of this and I don’t ever remember downloading this program; which NOW has me wondering about HOW SECURE Fire Fox Browser really is! (I do have high security settings in place and use a corporate antivirus program) It does not seem to be causing any problems and a Fire Fox notice did pop up stating the program would be disabled upon logging off of Firefox; BUT I’m not feeling very warm and fuzzy about continued use of this browser! Does Microsoft or someone else have Fire Fox source code  and if so, what other (Possibly HARMFUL… next time) spyware malware software could be quietly placed onto my computer! I did a Google search on this and got a lot of insightful information about this issue. Hummm, have to wonder if I should FINALLY consider moving over to Linux OS……….

UPDATE:  Mozilla Blocking Microsoft Plug-Ins WELL, it would appear Fire Fox must have gotten a TON of angry emails and has finally taken action in this matter.

UPDATE # 2: Yea Yea, I’ve gotten a TON of emails about my spelling… “Concent” which is suppose to be spelled CONSENT! I sucked in Spelen class………. ;-)

Gee EZ, your posts are happening so quickly!


Dear EZ Biker, I have followed your blog for a long time and it’s really fun to read and see the interesting photos and subject matter. Lately, I’ve noticed an upswing in postings, like every other day! Any reason for the Gatling gun like posts there, EZ? Signed Shari

Shari, Thank you for your email and of course following my blog. SOME of my numerous postings have been due to no bike to ride on the weekends of late! :-( Now that I have my bike (At least one for now…) back, I’m looking forward to MORE cycling; BUT hopefully to still continue to post regularly at my blog too. I continue to get hundreds of emails (Like yours) and I do try and respond to them, in a timely fashion. Blogging and Recumbent Cycling are my 2 ultimate FUN things to do in life these days! :-)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Interesting Bike Event at Ft. Lauderdale Beach this weekend!


I have gotten a few inquiry emails asking if I’m going to be at this event. WELL…, I’ll probably be wrapping up my early morning ride and will most likely be seeing them at the start. For anyone interested in what appears to be a REALLY FUN Bike event, at the beach in Ft, Lauderdale, check out the details here.

Now… “THIS…” is a BAD AS*** Recumbent Bike!














Surprisingly, this is actually TAME… compared to some other creations, found at: There’s even a Newsletter: Atomic Zombie newsletter in a pdf file, that’s got some interesting photos and things! This is clearly an EZ Biker “Must Visit” site!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


lots of hits








Thursday, October 15, 2009 – 6:43 PM - OK, I honestly… don’t pay that much attention to my counter, BUT I did happen to glance at it and noticed the amount of hits or visitors to my site. WOW! Clearly not as many as other more professional or more interesting sites, BUT for me, I’m pretty awe-struck by it! Thanks again and keep those hits and email coming!!! :-)

First the folding bike… NOW the “FOLDING WHEEL”???

Folding wheel Another bike less weekend… so I continue to cruise around the web and came upon THIS rather different idea, “The Folding Wheel”! NOW I understand the reasoning for a folding bike, BUT a folding wheel???

UPDATE: This post was composed a week ago, when I was without any kind of bike to ride.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bike with drive shaft?









The following post at BROL Finnish bikes with shaft drive caught my eye today. VERY Interesting to say the least! From a performance view, I’m not sure a shaft would be the way to go, BUT from a commuter point of view; this could prove to be VERY Interesting. Here’s the website, where you can check out more of these interesting chainless recumbents!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

(OT) We’re BORED… Lets “””WASTE””” 79 Million Dollars on a Rocket to hit the Moon with… :-/

Shoot the moon Gee it must be NICE to have 79 MILLION $$$ laying around and nothing MORE IMPORTANT to invest it in, (Like jobs, homes, food or other MORE WORTHWHILE intentions…) so lets launch and crash something into the Moon! Here’s ONE of many WASTEFUL LINKS and links concerning this. :-/

Monday, October 12, 2009

Good bye 12 Pt font… For Now…

EZ-gives in

OK OK OK, I gave it the old college TRY; BUT it’s just a Whinnnnne, NUISANCE to have to go in and change the font size on EVERY POST! (Hummm, EZ’z new name, EZ Whiner?) So for NOW, I’m sticking with the default 10pt font. Maybe a Live Writer upgrade will allow you to change and set font default.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Morning, here I come!!!

FINALLY, my Beloved Aero is BACK and ready to roll!!! WOOHOO! Now it’s FUN just to get everything ready for my 4:30 AM launch tomorrow. And no, I don’t have the rear wheel (RENN) disk yet… :-( BUT it’s on the way!

And by the way, remember the 20/20 project; IT’S GETTING CLOSE TO COMPLETION and it’s an absolute KICK in the pants ride! Watch for news on it soon!

UP DATE: What a Great Ride! I was only going to do a short 30 miler and ended up do 45 instead. Did forget to check one thing however; my bike computer! :-( Still, as I have ridden the rout so many times, I already know the total miles; but again, WHAT A GREAT RIDE! :-) :-) :-)

EZ Biker Photo of the day! I LOVE seeing this photo!


I believe I might have already posted this photo, BUT I LOVE it so much and there’s so many captions you can add to it; I just had to post it again! I got this from the BROL Thread: Furnace Creek 508

Friday, October 09, 2009


2009-09-11_195211 While cruising around YouTube I came upon the recumbent video, of a cyclist on a Challenge Hurricane, proceeding down a rather NARROW road! I have to wonder, what if that had been one of our clunky SUV’s instead! By the way, I actually LIKE… that particular bike, a Challenge Hurricane………… :-0

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

IS there a BIKE Doctor on the road?


I had actually heard about this concept from one of my California biking friends a while back and saved the link and then LOST the link! Now if you happen to live in the Redwood City to Palo Alto to San Jose, CA area, you are LUCKY, because you do have access to calling the bike Doctor to your doorstep or maybe even business, to take care of numerous associates bikes! AND this person is said to be VERY INTO RECUMBENTS! I could see where this concept might be very lucrative at various bicycle events, shows or expos! I’m surprised BIKE KING State Portland Oregon, doesn't have something like this rolling around. Special thanks to BROL poster Terrafirma for posting the link! Here’s the actual BROL thread, if you would like to read up on the subject matter!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And the EZ DUUUUH Award Goes To…


OOOH Yes, EZ Biker Friends, I continue to be AMAZED at some of the REALLY DUUUH policies some countries have, verses simple common sense! So here’s a bike shop owner that’s actually trying to help keep our plant somewhat GREEN and the local government is having a HISSY FIT about it, to the unbelievable result of fining the guy $$$! To see some REAL STUPIDITY in action, here’s the link!  And Special thanks to bentchick100 at BROL for sharing this story!


Monday, October 05, 2009

OT… Sad to see a Long Time Friend Usefulness Fade from the scene… :-(


This past Saturday, I stopped at a local Post Office to go get some postage stamps (Remember those?) as I’m one that still has use for that form of subject matter delivery. E greeting cards are fine; BUT I still enjoy making and sending my own cards and I actually have a few friends that don’t even use the internet, much less then even own a computer! And these are not 50+ years old of friends either! The service center had just opened and there was a LONG line of people, so I opted to go to the stamp vending machine instead; only to find it, out of service. The next day, I pulled into another Post Office (Closer to me) only to find, there's no stamp vending machine. Undaunted, I cruised over to another post office and it’s now closed on Sundays and there’s no stamp vending machine to be seen in that one either! Ultimately, I ended up “GOING ON LINE” and ordering my stamps to be delivered to my PO Box….

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Could THIS be the BREAK for Recumbent Community?


I have gotten SO MANY emails concerning the is post a BROL, that I decided to move it up and post it now! OK, so it’s not a HOT To Trot High Racer; BUT… it’s an…. encouraging start! Snagged this tidbit from SFRR forum courtesy of Andy Jacoby. EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE, is the name of the game. Who knows, if some people purchase the Walmart bent; they might just starting looking for a more performance orientated bents; and local bent shops BETTER BE READY and WAITING! THIS CLEARLY COULD BE THE BREAK IN THE DAM, FOR THE RECUMBENT COMMUNITY!!! Additional posts concerning this can be found here. WAY TO GO WALMART!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

(OT… Smut?) Excuse me Mam, could I borrow part of your Bra? :-P


OMG, is turning into THIS is an article, I just could not surf past and ignore! Found this at the following link and now a lot of my early Disco club pickup lines are being rewritten! Wow, can your bra accommodate 2 people? UMMM, I’d LOVE to breath into her bra… Hi, could I get a hit of your breathing mask bra? Maybe start Bra Breathing Parties. Perhaps have Bra Freshener products… ;-) OK, OK, I hope you get my drift here. And this actually earned a IG Nobile Prize(?)(Never heard of that prize)  Now what if the person (Preferably female of course…) who kindly loans you part of their bra, is one of THOSE sweaters or has MAJOR body odor? Euuuu, I think I’ll take my chances with BREATHING the toxic chemicals, instead!

Clearly… “PIMP MY RIDE” Bicycle!

PIMP MY RIDE Found this CUTE… bike at the following BROL post. NOW that’s some SERIOUS pimp RIDING IN STYLE!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

The LAUNCH grows near……….. :-0


OK EZ Biker Friends, I’m somewhat on PINS & Needles this Friday (10/2/2009) evening, BECAUSE another one of my concept bikes (Remember the Agio Predator?) will LAUNCH for testing tomorrow morning! GULP! If you remember the 20/20 bike post I did about a week ago; WELL my trusty LBS (Local Bike Shop) owner, Payton at HAS GOT THE BASIC FRAME / BIKE put together!!! I, I, I, don’t know what I’ll wear or if I’ll have the nerve to actually go try this… creation, in broad daylight….. ;-) (Yea RIGHT!) WILL there be PHOTOS available to leak to my faithful readers? Humm, we’ll see… :-)

UPDATE! 10/3/2009 WELL, I took the little Beastie out today and one word comes to no-photos-yet mind… “FUN”. Admittedly, it was sort of a thrash put together, with no rear disc brake and the chain would not go all the way down to the smallest sprocket, but the front brake worked OK. As I rolled it back into the shop, I advised Payton, he has a SALE! AS FOR SOME SPY photos? Ummmm, SORRY, not just yet… :-)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

TEXAS Time Trial Results!

Bents dominate ALLLRIGHT! For anyone who is not aware of this, I’m originally from Texas and do SO WANT TO MOVE back there one day!!! So this post at BROL by Aikigreg, Bents Dominate Texas Time Trials, clearly caught my eyes and WOW, what a Great show put on my my fellow recumbent brethren! Be sure to check out the EXCELLENT photos too!

Build your own Dream Avatar!

EZ-Avatar I have always been into creating MY OWN things, especially when it comes to artistic and photo related items! (Something my Failed Inventions Blog, will soon reveal…) The HOT things these days are Avatars and there’s a really neat (FREE) Create your own Dream Avatar on line at this link. I found it through eHOW and it’s pretty COOL!