Monday, August 31, 2009


BTW3 YEEES, EZ Biker Friends, I REALLY DO DIG these Bikes!!!! As you can see from this past post and post2. Another bunch of Great bunch of looking bikes at the following BROL post thread: CNN (Chopper News Network) By Jose T. And if you want to see these babies in action check out the YouTube link! Ohhh, now just think if someone went over there with a Rans X-Stream………. ;-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

PAY ATTENTION To The “””SIGNS”””! (Part 2)

Rear rim I am a firm believer that there’s SOMEONE watching over us. And YES, I have previously posted about “Watching for SIGNS” at this link. Honestly, when you start seeing strange things happen or things out of the ordinary occurring around you, TAKE NOTICE of them and take heed to them! The Sunday morning I was out for another one of my early ZOMBIE rides, rolling down A1A at the beach. For some reason, I kept getting intersection RED Lights, RED Lights and more RED Lights. GEEZ, what’s going here? I hardly ever get tagged at these lights! Is someone trying to tell me something? Add to that some heat lightning off the ocean; to which any kind of lightning around me, signals a cut the ride short and head for the barn! So I’m just leaving the beach area, when I hear a metallic BANG in the rear and pull over immediately. Sure enough, it was a broken titanium spoke! I managed to nurse the bike home (SLOWLY") as 1 broken spoke usually results in MORE of them and ultimately another (For me) one of those Hula Hoop rims.  SO Dear God, Guardian Angel or whoever where ever, Thanks for those SIGNS and getting me home safe! Looks like it’s time to go REAR Disc and lose these rear spoke occurrences!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Trike Family gain NEW Members!

Jose-Susan new ride I just came from SFRR forum and found out some WONDERFUL NEWS concerning my Friend Jose & Susan. They BOTH are now the proud owners of Catrike Expeditions! What an absolutely Wonderful Wedding Anniversary gift for two really Great People! Humm, maybe that’s why I haven’t moved on my X-Stream yet… Can’t justify it as a Wedding Anniversary gift, because I’m not married! ;-) CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW RIDES JOSE & SUSAN!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Why did they call us “FRED & Doris”?


Dear EZ Biker, my girl friend and I are fairly new to recumbent cycling and we encountered a funny situation a few weekend ago. While riding a bunch of road bike cyclists came up upon us and greeted us (In what we thought was a sincere manner) saying it’s a Fred & a Doris on Special needs bikes. We could see the other cyclists giggling and shaking their heads in amusement. I should note, that we (Like you) are not into the wearing of the fancy bicycle jerseys and garb; just simple  T-Shirts and shorts. So what exactly is a Fred & Doris and why did we rate that title? Signed Alex & Marie

Alex & Marie, Thank You for your nice email and interesting subject matter. Although I’m aware of the FRED status, the Doris title is a new one on me. The road bike cyclists you encountered were in fact not seriously greeting you in a cordial manner. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, defines a FRED & DORIS as: “a derisive term used by "serious" road cyclists to describe other cyclists who do not conform to serious road cyclists' norms with regard to dress and equipment, and appear amateurish to them. The term is generally reserved for men, while the rare female Fred is sometimes called a "Doris." Likewise the term “Special Needs” bicycles which refers to bicycles for the handicap. (A NO NO term that’s {Thankfully} faded away from use) I have these encounters from time to time and I just laugh them off. The majority of REAL “Class” cyclists will genuinely greet you and respect your cycling preferences. :-) And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your new bents! I know you will have a lot of pleasurable bicycling!  Finally, as you can see in the photo… I too, am a “PROUD FRED” Cyclist standing by my Special Needs Bicycle!!! :-) :-) :-)

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EZ (Freeware) Biker Blog??? ;-)


Hummmm, if this keeps up I may just have to consider changing my blog title to EZ Freeware Biker or something… ;-) So once again, I have received another interesting website that deals with “””FREE””” programs for your computer! is the name of the site. There is some really nice FREEWARE programs at this site and it’s easily an EZ Biker OK website find! :-)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tweets about EZ Biker Posts! :-)


While relaxing on a nice Sunday morning, I was reading up on  Twitter / Facebook Attacks and decided to check out Twitter and much to my pleasant surprise, some people are tweeting about some of my posts! COOOOOOL! I do so wish I could find time to do the Tweet thing. It seems like a really fun thing! But knowing me…, I’d get too wrapped up in it and my blog would turn to bog… ;-) BUT to those that do tweets about my posts, BLUSH, Thank You, for at least involving me (A little) in the Twitter community! :-) 


Monday, August 24, 2009


HotternHell I have previously posted about this event and I’m doing so again, as time draws near for another SPECTACULAR HOTTER N HELL 2009. Now for someone who is more of an isolationist or solitude type of biker, in EARLY morning hours (No less), this desire to do this event, flies in the face of my usual functions. BUT YES, I so do want to do this event BADLY! The sheer thought of being engulfed in THOUSANDS of fellow cyclists, is just plain outright titillating to me.

THEN I read a post at the BROL forum titled: Hotter-n-Hell Event and NOW I’m beginning to get as HOT as Hell, because our Beloved Fledgling Recumbent Industry, apparently will be MIA (Missing in action) AGAIN at this event. If there was ever an event, a recumbent company should save their PR / Advertising funds for, (To participate in) IT’S THIS KIND OF EVENT!!! I realize the economic climate is DOWN for the count at the moment, but you still need to get out there and PROMOTE your products, if you expect to be around! Trying to rely on your far and between local bent riders to do recumbent PR work is just not the same as BEING there with displays, products to show and for people to be able to try and experience the product. EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE  is the name of the game and taking the time to appear at these LARGE Scale (Human wise) events, has the potential of finally getting bents on the mainstream path!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cyclists defend one of their own in A1A altercation

A1A-bicycling I first heard about this incident (Cyclist Pack Attacks Car Driver) via email fromCyclesab3. Now I see it has made BROL as well. Now as you see in this article, the cyclists are challenging the accusation.

The first thing that came to my mind, was a sign I had previously posted here, that PERFECTLY fits this historically on going issue. I have ridden with quite a few weekend morning ride groups, including the one apparently involved here and for the most part, the majority of participants are there to have a good time. BUT, there are also Stallions, Wannabe’s and others… that are clearly in a fantasy world and this is their TDF. (Tour De France) And YES, these groups do CLOG up A1A and I have witnessed numerous close vehicle / bicycle calls on both sides. I have also observed local police verbally remind cyclists, (Via vehicle speaker) to keep a single file on A1A, which lasts until the officer is out of sight. I remember riding one time with a bunch, where a few blew (Their red light) through an intersection, in front of a local police cruiser. Ooooo, shi…!!!! And then after being pulled over, trying to argue their right… to run through a red light! :-/ Running bridge red lights is common too. Brush certain bicycle groups in a vehicle and you better hope you don’t get caught at the next traffic signal.

After a few months, me and my couch bike were actually welcome (By most…) to hang with some of the groups and I mostly enjoyed hanging out in the back and never getting into the pace (Or as one of my SFRR riders call them “Faith) lines or in the way of other cyclists. I also tried to avoid getting caught up in the testosterone moments, that change a friendly ride into a VICIOUS take no prisoners, road warrior movie scene. Sadly, a lot of the rides began to end up more like what I’ve just spoken of and that’s when I decided to do my own early morning zombie, ride at my own solitude pace and still have an enjoyable bike ride. Cyclists and vehicle operators confrontations are nothing new on A1A and will continue to be an issue.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yikes! That Pink Slip might be a GOOD THING!

allpinkslips As I was about to depart from work this past Thursday I happen to catch a news story concerning a website that’s geared to people finding jobs and notification of what companies jobs will be going away. Now if you do a Google on Pink Slip(s), there’s thousands of sites that deal with that cute… slogan. However this site is titled “ and it’s a really great site to take time to visit. There’s even tools and FREE resume builder available at the site! I already have 2 potential part time positions I will be checking out!!!

Can’t bicyclists & vehicle operators all just get along?

car-bike-post I found a pretty interesting post at BROL by Marcus_P_Hagen, concerning an article by Michael Smerconish with the Jewish World Review website.  “It's time for cyclists and motorists to reconcile” is a very good read, BUT sadly I don’t honestly see this kind of partnership getting too warm and fuzzy anytime soon. Clearly both sides have their own selfish attitudes to thank for this stand off that has gone on for years. Your road cyclists, those that live in the fantasy world that public roads are their Tour De France race event just do not grasp the concept that motorize vehicles share those roads with them. I use to ride with a group of about 40+ that would ride 2, 3, 4 and more abreast on a two lane road! And YES, if I happen to be in my vehicle and encountered this, I’d be IRRITATED having to try and get around this road hogging bunch, in a safe manner as well!

Vehicle operators on the other hand have this perception, that the road ways are THEIRS and that only motorized vehicles should be on the roadways, period. God forbid, if they have to slow a tad under their already going 20 miles over the speed limit, because of a (*&^%$#)( bicyclist!!!

The collateral group that gets even MORE effected by this is you more average recreational cyclists, out there, just trying to enjoy a simple past time of bicycling. By the way, the photo here was captured from a YouTube video by paiih that demonstrates a car with a really ingenious built in bicycle rack on the car! Check it out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Calling the “Blog Doctor”!

Blog doctor Once again, I have wandered onto a really Great and helpful site, especially for those… like me… that sometimes are blog challenged. The Blog Doctor has solutions for just about everything concerning blogs! This site clearly rates an EZ Biker A “OK” Website Find award!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

EZ reveals DEEP DARK Secret…

BROL Post Whore T Shirt Having had a very nice relaxing weekend, I’m sort of in that Smart A… mood at the moment and have been frolicking around the BROL forum. I couldn’t help myself concerning the thread I'll contribute $$ if... and came to realized that I… EZ Biker am SHAMELESSLY in fact… (OMG) a BROL Post Whore and PROUD of it!!!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Heartbreak… of a different kind… :-(

Peace Update! Well EZ Biker friends, I have done some serious thinking about this issue and I decided to edit my original post, concerning it. I see no reason to post this frame builder  photo and reveal My-ti-bikestheir name, as I don’t see it   helping resolve the issue at hand. As you may have seen in my previous posts, I have owned 2 bikes, (Seen here) who’s frames were built by this person and they were really GREAT bikes, that I enjoyed a lot. It’s my hope that perhaps these 2 parties can and will come together to resolve this issue. I also believe there’s a very $$$ lesson to be learned here; in that you don’t ever pay in full advance for something, unless you do so, through a credit card. You at least, have a possible recourse to recover your money. As for that BROL thread, I’m quite tired of it and I hope BROL does a lock down on it soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ride with and Date a smoker?

no-smoking Dear EZ Biker, I’m wondering if you have ever experienced an issue like this. At out local bike ride event, there’s this really cute bicycling guy, I have been really wanting to meet. We finally hooked up on the trail and went out on a date. Everything was great, until we got into the car and he immediately lit up a cigarette. I didn’t say anything at the time; but my interest in this person has diminished and now I’m really not interested in even riding with him at our local bike event. Am I wrong to have this attitude? Signed, Ashley

Hello Ashley and thank you for your email. Hummm, maybe I should consider diversifying into EZ Relationships Blog… ;-) I was brought up, with the belief that everyone has the right to seek and decide what's best for them in all aspects of life. But as easy as that sounds, it’s clearly not always an easy choice you have to deal with; especially when it involves a fellow human being.  And YES, smoking is an ABSOLUTE turn off for me as well and I have passed on numerous (Potentially GREAT) relationships; but have no regrets in my decisions. So NO, I don’t believe you are wrong in your decision; however in all fairness, you probably should talk with the individual and express your reasons for not wanting to pursue the relationship further. You never know, YOU might just be that silver bullet that helps this person to stop smoking!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

BubbleShare photo Site going away…:-(

Well EZ Biker Friends I actually do try and check my past posts to see if the links and photos are still working. I got a email notice from BubbleShare, that they apparently will be ceasing operation and that subscribers have until November 15th to remove their photo(s) from the site. So, now that I’m using Live Writer; I decided to check out the album creation tool; as you see in the above photos. Not a bad album process at all!!! I have added the photo album to the original blog post as well!

PS: By the way, I have received a few emails about my different font sizes on various posts. :-(  SORRY about that! I’m still tweaking Windows Live Writer, but will try and keep the 12pt Arial as my default font. (So I can READ the posts too! ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HEY! That can work here too! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Cash for clunker Cash For Clunkers apparently has been a very GREAT success; which got me to thinking… If it works for THEM, why not in the bicycle community!!! Now just where we would come up with the BILLION dollars????? Ummmmm… let me get back to you on that… ;-)

UPDATE! Well it appears SOMEONE either thinks my version of ‘Cash For Clunkers” was a great idea and is doing their own thing or they came up with their own version. Either way, I think it’s GREAT!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Find people / groups interested in the same things as you!


A VERY NICE Long Time Friend of mine, Marika, sent me an email with a most interesting website. It’s call “Meetup” and it deals with (Borrowed from their website) “Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities. “  I did a search for bicycle and got some very interesting groups to check out.


Test ride my bike?

Liability Hello EZ Biker, I happen to read your post about allowing people to test ride your bike. I can’t believe a person actually sued a bike shop, because of a slight fall. I have actually allow a few people to try and ride my bike, but I won’t anymore! Signed Tim.

Tim Thank You for your email and YES, I strongly would recommend that you and anyone else PASS on allowing someone to test ride your bike; regardless of what kind of bike it is. The “””L””” word (Liability) is a alive and growing ever so dominant these days and anyone can and DOES sue for what ever reason! Again, the best response (As I stated in my BROL post) is to pass on the test ride and suggest some local bike shops the person can visit to go try out bikes.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

EZ “DUMPS” Fancy $$$ Bicycle Jerseys!

EZ's T-Shirt Well after MANY years of enjoying and wearing official so-called Bicycle gear, I’ve decided to go renegade in my cycling attire! Recently, my favorite brand jersey developed a tear in the zipper section, that was just not repairable. I went to the bicycle website where I found a replacement jersey. For the record, mine was given to me, at a cheap $, many years ago) Much to my amazement, a replacement jersey will run me… GULP… $65.00! Now I realize there’s a cost for making these jerseys up (I dabbled in the Jersey / T-Shirt business for awhile) BUT C’mon, that’s a TAD High, given the fact you are actually promoting the specific manufacturers name. It’s like I’m having to PAY for the privilege of being a billboard for your name. NOPE! Not anymore. I’m now going to just thrown on my simple (Own custom) EZ Biker T-Shirts (That didn’t cost me an arm & a leg) and be happy.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Automatic Bicycle Parking!

While checking out the folding bike Dahon Forum, I came upon this interesting article posted by Steveroot. WELL this surely is something you won’t find in this country for awhile. BUT this practice apparently works GREAT in Japan! Here’s the link to the actual article at the Washington Post. The video you see there is in English verses the one here, in Japanese. While this my be great for upright types of bikes; I have to wondering if certain “Recumbents” or unicycles… ;-) MIGHT be an issue. ;-) BUT seriously, what a really creative and interesting concept. By the way, the monolog is in Japanese; but the video is pretty self explanatory.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

ALLLLLLL right! Forget Rock & Roll! Lets Walk & Glide!!!

Do the walk-ride

Another wonderful Saturday morning greeted me and at 5 AM, I was off, rolling and heading to Fort. Lauderdale Beach. For some unknown reason, I found myself subconsciously not in the mood to do an extended ride to Spanish River or maybe even Delray Beach! WOOOOOOOOW! Was I a LUCKY PUPPY today! Just rolling past Oakland Park and A1A on my return route, I heard a weird sound and felt a strange grind in my chain. But I was still able to motor on for a couple of miles further, when now my chain would not allow me to back spin and jammed in the gear cluster altogether. After a quick glance, it’s was one of those “First’s” for me, in that of a broken chain! :-( (Glad this didn’t happen on my initial 17th St. bridge climb, seen here second photo down) So as I prepared for 17th St. Bridgeanother one of those infamous WALKS home; I got to thinking; It’s not a tire / rim issue, so I wonder if I could kind of hobby horse it home. Sure enough, I planted myself on the bike and starting duck walking / coasting the bike along and hit speeds of 6 mph! (That’s DOUBLE the 3 mph walk speed!) However, between the funny looks I was getting from passerby’s to me laughing so much, trying to minimize my WALK home; I ended up doing more walk then ride. Still, the two bridges I was doing on the decline side, ate up some SERIOUS (Otherwise) walk mileage! Now just think what FUN I would have had, doing this on the originally longer planned ride… :-0