Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Interesting Website offering the scoop on the best software you didn't even know you needed!

I have to admit, that beside my bicycling, I really enjoy keeping my blog up, going and receiving really FUN, Useful and interesting websites to post on it, from my EZ Biker Friends! Here's still another interesting website by Cheryl Poirier (Miss Download - butterscotch). I've already found numerous goodies at this site and will continue to go back to it and find more! This website clearly gets the EZ Biker A "OK" website find!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AAA to the "Bicycle" Rescue!

While checking my various website and blog links (Yes, I do like to make sure my posted links work... ;-) I visited the new owners of The I saw their article posted about the American Automobile Association (AAA) will now be offering road side assistance to bicyclists! WELL OK, not just everywhere... :-( except the AAA chapter in the Oregon/Idaho area. Still this is a pretty encouraging endeavor that offers the potential to spread elsewhere! Here's the link to the AAA site announcing the bicycle assistance. By the way, if you haven't paid a visit to The Recumbent Blog lately, you are missing out on some TERRIFIC articles and posts! Penny and Rob Mackenzie, you all are do a Great Job, keep up the great site!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking News! EZ Biker Now using Windows Live Writer!!!

Blog Editors Well EZ Biker Friends, I have finally made a choice on an offline Blog Editor! The Choices were many (Which you can see at this link) and I actually had planned on going with RocketPost. BUT after numerous unanswered emails and discovering lots of issues apparently concerning that blog authoring software (From doing a Google) I’m now the happy user of Microsoft's Live Writer!

This is absolutely an INCREDIBLE “””FREE””” Blog Authoring tool which allows you to use your own fonts on your computer and EASY photo downloads and placement! In the preview section, you can see the post as it will actually appear with your previous posts. (Unlike Blogger, where you see only a rough draft view of your post) I guess if there’s one MINOR issue, it’s not being able to set your paragraph line spacing. Hopefully, this is something that will be added in the near future. All in all, this is clearly an EZ Biker “Recommended” software!


Changes in your cycling pre / post chores?

Hello EZ Biker, I'm wondering now that you have downsized, have you changed any pre / post preparations? Signed Sean

Hello Sean, Thanks for your email and in answer to your question, I now do a few thing different. My pre-ride bike check routine is the same and I do have to be a little more quiet when departing out of my little studio / room, so as not to wake my landlord. Post ride procedures now have me wiping down my little beastie thoroughly before I bring inside. I can remember all the dirt and grim at my old apartment and the PAIN to keep it clean; so now, just leave it all outside!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What does the terminology of a Troll Poster (And feeding the Troll) mean in forums?

Hello my name is Peg and I'm 8 years old and hoping my parents will get me a recumbent bike someday; as I think they are really COOL. I have visited the BROL forum and I notice from time to time, someone will post something negative or just plain nasty about recumbents. Other posters respond by labeling the offending poster as a Troll and don't feed the Troll by responding. What does all this mean?
Peg, Thank You for your nice email and a very good question. A Troll (In forum terminology) is an unsavory, undesirable or unwanted guest that basically has no involvement in the subject matter, they are posting about. Their sole purpose is to post nasty negative comments, in hope of getting angry responses, from posters they have now upset, over their insulting or rude comments. When posters fall for that, and respond back to the idiot, that is identified as "Feeding the Troll". Usually if no one responds back, (Or ignores them) the Troll (Not getting what they really thrive on) will move on and look for another forum to hopefully get some nourishment from.
In earlier years there was an open newsgroup forum ARRB that was very popular for people seeking information on recumbent bicycles. Out of the blue a few characters popped up and started posting rude and negative posts about recumbents and it escalated to the point that the recumbent world avoids that forum like the plague. I did a post about that which you can find at this link. I actually tried to save that forum by posting tips on how to filter out trolls, at this link. Sometimes forum posters find websites of persons who are very anti recumbent as seen in a thread now bubbling up at BROL
"recumbent my vote for the world’s stupidest form of transport" at the moment. Another poster found a website that advocated violence against recumbent cyclists, at this link. Usually those forums (Like BROL - Bent Rider On Line) are moderated and watched closely for any possible TROLL incursions and removed immediately. So Peg, remember if you ever read something that you don't like that temps you to respond back in defense of your views; TRY and avoid doing that! Otherwise you will only be feeding the Troll and making it happy, to continue on in your forum neighborhood! :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Circle your financial wagons!!!

Dear EZ Biker, we have been thinking of finally purchasing some recumbents. However we have been hearing some rumors of possible job layoffs, cutbacks or even wage reductions within the small company we have worked for, for many years. We really want to purchase the bikes, but it's something we would have to add to our already fairly high credit card bills. Any thoughts or opinions: we REALLY want to get into cycling and staying healthy. Signed Erick & Amy.
Erick & Amy, Thanks for your email and to be perfectly honest.... PLEASE, SERIOUSLY PUT YOUR BIKE PURCHASE ON HOLD! PLEASE! And to anyone else, I'd really hold off purchasing any big ticket, (Will take awhile to pay off items), as well. I say this, especially if you have heard any kind of rumblings about job situations. We are in a very unique and unpredictable time and to be honest, I'm of the firm opinion, NO ONE'S job or wages are safe at the moment! I honestly want to believe that most companies are being honest... in their reasoning for job / wage cuts; but I also see it as a golden opportunity to cut operating costs, because you can (At present) get away with it. I have received numerous emails from friends, who have been totally blindsided by receiving that infamous pink slip or being TOLD (Not asked) they are getting a pay cut. The sell seems to be, hey you still have a job; but if you're still unhappy, you can always look for another job. BUT the REALITY IS... there are really no decent paying jobs out there at the moment! So, Erick, Amy and EZ Biker Friends, I believe for the moment, it's best to circle your financial wagons and wait and see where this economy is going to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A "SINCERE" Thank You to the RAAM Organization!

RAAM is (Sadly) over, but the stories and Wonderful photos are still rolling (Pun intended) all over the place. I for one, would like to take a moment and likewise encourage all my EZ Biker Friends & Fans to take time out and send a THANK YOU to the RAAM organization! I think they all put on still another Exciting and Stellar cycling event! At BROL (Bent Rider On Line) there were numerous threads, with one totaling 845 responses and 39,956 views! Here is the link to the page that has the names and email addresses.
To the President, Mr. Fred Boethling, I send you this email today, to SINCERELY Thank You and all your fellow associates that were involved in this years 2009 RAAM event. Once again, you all put on a SUPER CLASS event that was watched and had millions of posts and threads all over the Internet. I likewise appreciate the fact that you all recognize all forms of bicycling and allow all to participate, without any prejudice and / or exclusitory excuses. I for one am looking forward to RAAM 2010 and know it will be another extraordinary event, due to you and your associates dedicated efforts!

2305 Canyon Blvd, Suite #103
Boulder, CO 80302

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OT - Another GREAT Coupon Site and...

...A new section for you coupon collectors and users! Once again, another EZ Biker Friend has sent me a really Great Coupon website. SundaySaver is the name of the website and it lists almost all your different kinds of stores and businesses and the sales and coupons you can print out and use. I have gotten a lot of feedback on the previous coupon site I posted Sisterly Savings; SO... I've gone ahead and setup a separate section just for coupon sites. To all you coupon people, keep those Great website suggestions coming in!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I would TRULY LOVE to do RAAM.... (IF FOR NOTHING ELSE...) To experience the pictured moment..........

From the BROL forum. Posted by Bent wannabe. After months of preparation, dealing with all types of weather, road conditions, grueling ride times, hardly any sleep, fair food and yet……… THE PHOTO seen here, would make it ALL WORTH WHILE!!!!!! EZ (SMUT…) Biker??? ;-)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bents in a Parade! 4TH Of July Fun!!!

Believe it or not, I really enjoy being in these events! I don't think my present "Assist Walker" status would have allowed me to keep up with the group though... ;-) However my local / fellow bent rider and Friend(?) ;-) Seragram has come through with some GREAT videos!!!! Here are the links and links!
I guess if I had "1" little POO about this, is everyone should have been wearing a bicycle helmet... :-)
GREAT Vids Serg!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

July 1st thru 4th... Sprained back, can't tie shoe laces and have not ridden in over a week......

Yes, EZ Biker Friends, I'm beginning to show a LITTLE STRESS here... I tried to lift that one last box of files using my back muscles INSTEAD of my leg ones... BOINK! Oooooh, that's going bother me soon... 4Th of July weekend saw me shuffling around, using all kinds of things to hold onto getting up and back down. Bathroom times and sneezing WERE MAJOR pains! However as I now compose this, I'm TONS better, tying shoe strings all over and able to jump out of bed for anything! WOOOOHOOO! A lot of Thanks goes to my Chiropractor Doctor Fruithandler, for tweaking the old BOD back into usefulness again!!! I'm seriously looking to this next weekend to get and and ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

OT - EZ Biker's MILLION Dollar Award!!!

OK, admittedly I don't have a MILLION dollars to award anyone, but if I did, then the awards you will see here from time to time, are one's I'd gladly reward a MILLION to, if I had the $$$. Today's award goes to a Chiropractor Doctor (Doctor Fruithandler) I have been going to, for a very long time. I continue to forget that I'm no spring chick anymore and my poor body (Back & Waist) PAY the PAINFUL price, from time to time. Doctor Fruithandler continues to miraculously tweak and adjust my OLD body, enabling me to bend down and tie my shoes again and avoid one of those wheeled walkers for a while longer... ;-) Another reason I'm taking the time to acknowledge this Fine Doctor, is that he really goes out of his way to CARE for his patents! This past Friday and Saturday (July 4Th weekend) he actually came into his office, because some of his patents needed Chiropractic treatment! You really don't find anyone these days, offering that kind of extra treatment, in any field! So Doctor Fruithandler, you clearly rate my EZ Biker MILLION Dollar Award! For more information please visit their website. If you reside in Broward county Florida and are in need of a Good Chiropractor, please look Doctor Fruithandler up! I've also added his website link to EZ's Recommended Favorite Local Businesses

Saturday, July 04, 2009

To all my EZ Biker Friends & Visitors Out there...

Here's wishing you a Wonderful SAFE 4th Of July Holiday Weekend!
Gif image from ImageShack.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

EZ goes BACK to Tried & True!

A while back I came upon a cyclist (Diamond frame) that was in a real bind. He had used up all his air cartridges and now was in need of one. I had previously ran into the same situation and had already gone back to my handy hand tire pump. Admittedly a little more weight and stuff (Mass wise) on the bike; but NO concerns about needing air in the future. I stopped and allowed the cyclist to use my pump and he was on his way. Sometimes the tried & true, always seems to work better! :-)