Monday, June 29, 2009

EZ's A "OK" Webiste Award! FREE On line Resume!

I know this must be shocking to my EZ Biker Friends, seeing NUMEROUS posts MORE OFTEN! WELL look out, because they are going to continue!!! Which brings me to my 1st, (Of what will be an ongoing feature) website award post. Certain things have come to pass and it's time for me to dust off my resume and obviously get it updated. BUT where to begin? My present one is.... OK.... but it could do with a little makeover... ;-) After about 3 hours of doing google and resume searches, I came upon a really GREAT website, that allows you to do up your own resume, FREE! The name of the website is The PCMan Website. Thus site offers all kind of GREAT, """FREE""" goodies, including that FREE Resume Maker site. Sign up / Membership is FREE and once done, here's what you get:
FREE Resume Creator Features
1. Free to use, no memberships or sign ups, use it whenever you wish as much as you want; write unlimited resumes.

2. Customize your resume to suit your needs with the many options available.

3. We provide tips, help, and suggestions to help you write it.

4. The free resume creator has many popular layout styles to choose from.

5. The type face, text color, and accent colors can all be customized.

6. Preview your resume as you write it at each step.
7. Your finished resume can be printed now and downloaded to be printed later.

8. Your cell phone number, email address, and web page address can all be included.

9. Our easy editing system allows you to return at any time, load your free resume into the system then edit and update it as you change jobs or get additional education.
I have a rough draft of mine, which I'll actually be posting at my blog site very soon! There's really a TON of FUN and helpful goodies at this site! It clearly gets The EZ Biker A "OK" Award!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Check out jalexartis GREAT Cycling Experiences website

jalexartis one of my fellow BROL posters has a really EXCELLENT website that you should really check out at this link. Especially if you want to see MAJOR HOT Rans RAAM team photos during the 2009 RAAM event! By the way he was one of a few posters that posted EXCELLENT news happening about RAAM at Team Rans Thread post at BROL. The photos and graphic information was AWSOME!

WAY to go Rans RAAM Team + ALL RAAM Cyclists & Support staff Participants!!!

I want to take some time and whole heartily CONGRATULATE Rans RAAM team plus all their support staff and members! You all have done the recumbent industry very PROUD in your monumental RAAM achievement!

WINNERS in the 4 Person Team Event!

I sincerely hope you all get that much earned rest and recuperation, you so much deserve!

I also want to CONGRATULATE ALL the RAAM participating cyclists, along with their support staff and friends! You all have done a magnificent fete in this event! To the RAAM organization, you all likewise have done a really super and wonderful event and I for one, look forward to next years event! Photo borrowed from David Cambon post at BROL.
Update: For those that want to go to BEST Thread of RAAM coverage, here's the link!

Bicycle Pump pumps up the "Motorized Vehicle" tire!

OK, this is a rather interesting happenstance; more fitting for the DUHHHH catagory... I was departing work one day and I happen to notice my right rear tire was a TAD saggy or basically LOW. OHHHH, this meant sliding to the gas station and feeding the air pump some quarters........... :-( But as I was getting into my vehicle, I noticed I had left my Planet Bike ST bicycle pump in the back seat. Hummmmmmm, let's see if I can just pump a little air into the tire to get me to the gas station. WOW! This actually does a pretty decent job of inflating my tire. So I went ahead and pumped the tire up to 35lbs. and it's still inflated! I don't even need a tire Gage as my trusty bicycle pump already has one. Didn't have to waste any quarters either! I think I'll keep that pump in the vehicle with me from now on!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking for a "GREAT" bike / hike back pack / cooler?

Sometime it's THOSE most SIMPLE things that have been in front of you all the time, that you FINALLY get that light bulb flash, "Hey this is GREAT for this use!" As I continue to prep for my folding bile endeavor, I of course am checking out all the accessories, I have to have! (Geese, you should see what I went through on some of my recumbents... ;-) So I had been looking at various hydration bags and units and clearly the Camelback products are JUST TOO INTRICATE, with kinds of bags in bags, fancy zippers, ties and what not. HEY! I want a SIMPLE bag, to drop a bladder into, with maybe 1 or 2 extra pouches. NOT, with today's FANCY chic bags. BUT then I got to looking at a bag I had been taking to work for almost a year, dropping my 70 oz bladder into it and then got on a friends small BMX bike. (Similar size to my pending fold bike) WOW! This works GREAT! NOW just WHAT BAG am I talking about? Check out this link and the place where I got my Igloo Maxcold Max-Pack cooler bag! So at least NOW, I have my hydration part of the folding bike endeavor quenched!!! :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

BREAKING News! RAAM, Rans team rider using TOP Secret GPS(?) Alien device(?) disguised as a tennis ball!

Hummmm, VERY Interesting! Geese I hope he returns that tennis ball to the poor old elderly person that needs it for their walker! ;-) BUT REALLY, just what is the purpose of this device! Maybe Wimbledon is secretly funding Rans team! Or maybe some sort of secret head phone? Now you wait and see, everyone will be wearing one, very soon! Needless to say, it's a Great Race for all cyclists involved; but of course I'm still pulling for Rans and they seem to be putting some serious WOOP As......... on the 4 person diamond frame teams! I believe they are even catching some of the teams in other divisions as well.
GO RANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yikes! Another senior moment? Almost forgot... Happy Fathers Day!!!

WELL, blame it on RAAM or just another of my now numerous Senior Moments............ ;-)

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

NO, I didn't FORGET! RAAM (Race Across America) Starts tomorrow!

In answer to quite a few emails, NO, I have not forgotten about RAAM. And NO, (Sadly... :-( time does not permit me to continue my separate coverage of this Magnificent event. BUT have no fear, as I'll find as many links and info I can, and post them here!!! :-) And here are a few right now: I'm posting the full address and link capability, as some folks prefer to cut and paste instead of clicking on the link. (Some Great photos of Team Rans & their bikes)
And MORE to come! :-)
6/21/2009 - Some great photos of RAAM, found at the RAAM website!
Go to 2009 events.

OT – Great Coupon Savings Website

Well, this is somewhat off topic, but anytime you can get information on $$$ saving tips, I’m HAPPY to pass it on to my EZ Biker Family & Friends! A few biker Friend of mine (Amber) sent this website link Sisterly Savings and it’s chocked full of $$$ saving news and article, plus printable discount coupons! Check it out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EZ Biker in Facebook or Twitter???

Hello EZ Biker, I’m wondering if you have any plans to jump into Facebook or Twitter in the near future? Signed Emily
Hello Emily, Thank you for your email. WELL, SAD to say I don’t have any plans to join either of those fine and interesting sites in the near future. The reason being TIME! I just don’t have enough to partake in them. And knowing me, I'd probably get obsessed and devote all my time to them and then forget about my blog. :-( (However I have NOT ruled participation at those sites out 100%............ :-) BUT perhaps a tidbit here, that MAY be getting some upgrades fairly soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

EZ Biker to retire????????? I THINK """NOT"""! :-)

Dear EZ Biker, I imagine you will be looking forward to retirement so you can do More bicycling? Signed Peg.
Peg, Thanks for your email, BUT to be honest (In a NICE way... ;-) I really don't envision myself NOT working until I conk out. I have seen so many of my long time friends look forward to this and then arrive to their planned retirement, only to grow frail, sickly and pass way before their time! OR on the other side, they retire, only to have to start back working because their 401k savings or other nest egg items have gone away! Nope, not for me. I plan on being active and still enjoy my cycling for a long time. The added reason is, it gives your purpose in your life. I really believe that once your mind set is that your working days or over and your only purpose in life is to lay back and take it easy, sets your body into motion to start shutting down. As much as I LOVE bicycling; I believe I'd get board, doing it ALL THE TIME. :-)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Florida, a Bicycle Friendly State… NOT! :-( :-( :-(

I had previously touched on this subject matter in a response to some readers at this link. Now almost a year later and the Florida Bicycling scene has actually gotten worse as you will see here:
WOW, here’s a tad bit of interesting if not disheartening news concerning Bicycle friendly States. I found this at
Spokes’ in’ Folks Website under the title post of Florida flops in bicycle-friendliness post, based on a survey put out by the League of American Bicyclists. Now perhaps I could understand Florida being maybe 4Th or 5Th, but in this case, they didn't even crack the top 20…. Actually even the top 30!!!! WOW!
UPDATE: Since I composed this I have found even MORE DISHEARTENING news about Florida and bicycling at the SFRR forum; the post started by jkeenan0407, titled Florida Cyclist Deadly....Which we kinda sorta felt...... And here's the link to the even MORE sobering story about cycling in the Killing Fields of Florida... :-(

Friday, June 05, 2009

Get the young interested in bents and then UNLEASH them on DFer's! :-)

Allllllllright! Now here’s a good way to get bents noticed! Get your youngish kids involved with them and then turn them loose on those poor helpless Dfer’s! ;-) Got this from BROL post named: UCI/USCF Rules vs. 'Bents: We Have a Winner! A really inspiring good read!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The "REAL FORCE" behind the Diamond Frame Empire!

Hello EZ, I happen to see your interesting (Evil Empire Vader) photo post at BROL at the thread: Why is there no recumbent coverage in major bike mags? I’m truly amazed that a specific component maker can weld so much power and influence over an industry. In your opinion EZ, do you ever believe the recumbents will be mainstream one day and if so, how will this come about? Signed Monica
Monica Thanks for your email. Yes, that’s my photo I depicted of what the rebel recumbent alliance is up against, in that of the evil empire. Road bike, diamond frame or triangle frame manufacturers really are the equivalent of an 800 lb gorilla that can do anything they want and basically get whatever they want, including the exclusion of those things that threaten their continued livelihood. It’s really a very simple equation though in that of having the most $$$. Organizations like the (International Cycling Union (UCI) probably make 99% of their income from the diamond frame manufacturers and thus it would not be nice, to anger your cash cow by even fantasizing allowing an alternative kind of frame to compete in it’s sanctioned events. This influence not only dominates the cycling racing events, but also your bicycle publications as well.
One of two things would need to happen for recumbents to even be near the mainstream field of bicycling. 1.) Some heavy duty multi-millionaire(s) that are bent (Pun intended) on bankrolling the recumbent industry and sponsoring mega cycling events geared to recumbents or perhaps a Grand Am type of setting. (Recumbents & Diamond frame bicycles) I’ve been around recumbents for close to 13+ years and so far, NO such luck for any high rollers interested in bankrolling the recumbent industry… :-( Number 2, (IMHO) is to build a solid customer base and market these marvelous machines to the market they have been designed for; the older cyclist! Yea, I know…… it’s not sexy, snazzy or even trendy; BUT IT IS THE RIGHT FORMULA to get these bikes closer to that magic mainstream threshold. Create a customer base (With customers THAT HAVE $$$) and now you offer a legitimate reason for bike shops to carry recumbents; because NOW there’s a “DEMAND” for them!
If the Recumbent industry continues to try and go after the younger GO FAST crowd, something that (Ironically) the diamond frame industry is actually hoping they keep doing; I honestly (And sadly) don’t see recumbent industry being around, that much longer!