Thursday, May 28, 2009

EZ Biker does NOT DO "Pace (Faith) Lines"!

Hello EZ Biker, I’m the new owner of a Bacchetta Strada and I’m ready to get out there and whoop up on some Diamond Frame folks! As a long time Diamond frame guy, I’m wondering about doing pace lines with my recumbent. You have been riding recumbents for a long time; what are your thoughts on pace lines? Jason
Hello Jason, Thanks for your email and congratulations on your new recumbent acquisition. You are going to have a lot of FUN on that Strada. As for those “Pace Lines” or as my good friend Jose (SFRR) calls them, “Faith Lines”; I personally AVOID them like the plague. I’ve gotten both pro / con on if recumbents work well in those… lines… Yes you can get a draft off them, no you can’t. Dfer’s likewise have mixed feelings letting those OTHER kinds of bikes into THEIR territory. While drafting is a good thing and recumbents actually do benefit from drafting off of road bikes, the CRASH RISK is just TOO HIGH for my comfort. Unless you really know and have continuously rode with a certain group in a pace line, I’d really think twice about doing it. In a tick of a nanosecond (Due to someone slowing, turning, braking are who just gets spooked for no reason) will have you crashing swerving, piling up and possibly sustaining serious injuries. All that to just go a few miles faster with a group? NOT MEEEEEEEEE!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Special Day that should be remembered EVERYDAY!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Folding??? What's that?

Hello EZ, I've been following your blog for sometime and now I see where you have added to your yearly millage a term called "Folding". Is there a possible new addition to your stables soon, of something from the DARK SIDE? Jake
LOL, Thanks for your email Jake and YES you are correct about an "Addition" and YES it's also from the... DARK Side as well! I should be receiving my Dahon MU P8 fairly soon and I plan to keep a log of miles for it, just like on my recumbent. This is a bike I hope I'll be able to ride everyday after work and MAYBE even commute with it to work occasionally.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

EAT my Bicycle DUST you environmental unfriendly gas guzzling vehicle! ;-)

Here's an informative read I found at BROL by post starter Saharayana: Bikes are the future of personal transportations about about an interesting event that took place recently pitting the mighty Goliath / vehicle verses David /Bicycle and David WINS this one too!!! Here's the link to the story itself. My take on this is, bikes surely would be a cost and environmental saving endeavor, not to mention a health benefit, when commuting to work; with only the WEATHER maybe playing a factor. I REALLY don't like riding in the rain or on WET roads... EZ Wimp here... ;-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello EZ Biker, I’m writing this with somewhat taken back attitude upon seeing your previous posts about the upcoming Ride of Silence, where cyclists gather and do a silent ride, out of respect and remembrance for those fallen and injured cyclists. Why don’t you support this noble event? Signed Gwen
Gwen, Thank You for your email and actually I did do this ride one year and was supportive of it, until I saw all the collateral mess resulting from this event was causing. My post from last year pretty much sums up my feelings towards this event. Here some of that, with a little updated thoughts. “Keep in mind the Ride Of Silence in some places takes up a lot of road and this causes delays towards ALREADY ANGRY, STRESSED OUT VEHICLE OPERATORS! Will this show of multitudes of cyclists, give vehicle operators a moment of positive or regretful (For fallen cyclists) reflection??? I think NOT! Given how ANGRY motorists are already... I believe this IS counter productive and just makes motorists, that much more RESENTFUL towards cyclists!”
Perhaps an alternative thing would be to have Ride of Silence jerseys or T-Shirts made, one can wear through out the year and especially on the specific day that this event is scheduled for. Or planned events at a park or part of trade show events that publicizes the issue. Inconviencing people is NOT THE WAY TO GAIN RESPECT FROM THEM…………..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ohh GAWD, that certain flatting tire feeling... resulting in the... INFAMOUS walk home! :-(

Yea OK, officially back in the saddle for just about a month. Most of my rides have been uneventful so far, until this past weekend one... Up at 5 AM and out the door at 5:30 AM, I proceeded to the beach in high spirits. THEN as I'm just arriving to the beach... Oh GAWD, NO NO NO... I go THAT "FEELING" in my rear tire... going FLAT. :-( OK, no big deal, I KNOW HOW to change a flat. But then the 1st of a few issues began to arise. I had heard that Continental GP (Wire rim) tires could be a BEAR getting on and off certain rims. Alas, my HED Alps rims are apparently THOSE kind of certain rims... I finally get the tire off my rim (Bad mistake...) and place the tube in the tube and now 20+ minutes later, I'm STILL trying to get the tire back onto the rim! (During which time a jogger walks up and innocently states, "Wow, do you have a flat tire"? I just looked up... and with GREAT restraint, (On what I really wanted to say...) stated, yes. THEN # 2 Revelation comes to life... my tube stem is not long enough for the deep dish rims that I'm using! Tire tube # 2, the same thing! (This after an alternate bike shop person assured me, their tube stems would work perfectly) WELL OK, it might be time to starting thinking about that pending INFAMOUS walk home I'll be facing. But first, lets try and get the tire (At least) back onto the rim, so I can more easily walk the bike home. (No, I don't carry a cell phone and NO, I don't expect anyone to come pick me up... typical INDEPENDENT cyclist attitude... ;-0) Another 20 minutes and FINALLY, I just manage to get the *&^%$#@(* tire back on the rim. Now, time to contemplate the... WALK (Like the death walk of Bataan) So I start out and then THE WORSE thing you can imagine happens... Cyclists on the road SEE YOU! NO NO NO NO! Are you all right, don't you know how to change a tire? Gees, must be a wanna B biker, who can't fix a flat! *&^%OL$#@!)(*&^^ It is basically IMPOSSIBLE to act nonchalant or try and look COOL, when you are in the merciless clutches of the WALK! Time to get off the main stream road for my WALK. Then, the 17Th Street bridge goes up. (This being a very rare occurrence, but off course, just for my WALK...) People glare at you and all you can do, is try and ignore them. Then once on the other side, I encounter the railroad track, with (You might guess) a very LOOOOOOOONG train, taking it's sweet time to pass by) Then one motorist yells out (Sarcastically) aren't you suppose to ride those things instead of walk them? I nod my head and wave and again, have to show great restraint not to unshelve the 2 finger bent, 1 straight up salute. FINALLY MERCIFULLY I make it back home, when my landlord blurts out, why didn't you call me, I would have given you a lift. Thank you, but I enjoy walking my bike sometime.......... What a FUN.............. weekend! (PS: No, the photo is not EZ Biker, just a visual aid to another unfortunate cyclists do the INFAMOUS WALK... at least he has an isolated road to do it on! ;-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the Mom's Out there... Happy Happy Mom's Day to You!

Ahhhhh, YES, one of my Favorite Days! To all the Moms out there, I know I have said this before; BUT I’ll say it again and again! Everyday should be Moms Day! I know that’s putting a smile on my Mom in Heaven… :-)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Recumbentblogsite post news...

Here’s some interesting news with concern to ‘Allen’s” old “recumbentblog“site. The earlier news was that the site it’s self was up for sale. (Which strikes me a tad funny, in that why would you put basically put you own ‘Personal Journal” up for sale? OK, I guess it’s more of the actual title / name, then actual personal input. Anyway, there are new owners of the blog site. (Rob and Penny Mackenzie) Let me take the time and wish them the best of luck on their new site! I’ll also correct the link in my blog, to go back to their site as well!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Left alone to bicycle............ :-(

Dear EZ Biker, I’m writing this out of ANNOYANCE, with concern to my fairly new relationship with my boyfriend. We met each other at a local bicycle ride / event and we both enjoy bicycling a lot. For a few weeks we really had a great time bicycling and riding at clearly a slower pace then my boyfriend usually does. Yes, he’s one of those GO FAST Hammerhead types that can average 25+ MPH on rides. Hear lately, we start out on a normal ride and then a fast group of riders comes by and he glances at me and blurts out, lets keep up with them, OK? I just can’t and really don’t prefer to do those types of hammer rides and as a result, I get dropped and left to finish the ride a lone. Lastly, I have been considering moving to a recumbent bicycle, as I do have some neck issues. (From a previous accident) My boyfriend actually provided me with your link and he visits your site regularly. Maybe if he reads this, he will get the HINT! Signed Sharon
Sharon, Thanks for your email. I have actually done a previous post about this and you can read about it at this
link. In the meantime, I have no problem in restating my position on bailing on your bicycle partner. In a simple word, it’s downright INCONSIDERATE! And yes, as I have previously mentioned, I have been guilty of the same thing in the past and have learned from my IDIOT stunt. And to be honest, I prefer doing the more leisurely ride with a GOOD FRIEND, instead of the boogie HAMMER with the local hammerheads. SO I would hope if your boyfriend is reading this, he needs to absolutely get his act together and understand when he’s out riding with his partner, he should make it a point to STAY WITH HER! It’s a little thing called RESPECT. One suggestion would be to maybe steer clear of those areas that are hammerhead corridors and maybe go to a nice park or bike trail area. Having said this, should this person’s behavior continue; I’d personally pass on any future rides and look for those friends that can ride at a pace you like and enjoy RIDING WITH YOU.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Change a tire on a SRAM Duel Drive? EEEEEEEK.......... Humm, maybe NOT such a BIG Deal!

OK EZ Biker Friends, as you have seen in a previous post; yours truly is flirting with a bike from the DARK Side!!!!! Specifically a "Folding" bike to be able to do those FUN, putz around rides! I'd really like a BikeFriday, but there's no dealers locally; and I'd like to try, ride, before I buy. I have been to a few local bike shops and one that sells the Dahon Folding bikes. I tried a few of them and noticed one had that fancy duel SRAM drive and 24 gear drive! Hummm, but being out in the real bicycle world, one must deal with real world bicycle FLATS and the thought of having to deal with that SRAM drive, no quick release levers and, ur, ummmmm, YIKES!
BUT, I have a wonderful Friend (Amy) that rides a Bike Friday and I have since received an EXCELLENT diagram (pdf) file of the SRAM duel drive and how to go about changing a wheel of the rear! After looking at the photos and reading up more on it; my choice for a folding bike has just gotten complicated again! The two bikes I have been seriously SHAMELESSLY flirting with have been the Dahon mu p8 and the Dahon mu p24. I'm leaning (Now) more towards the p24, as I believe the extra gearing might come in handy when trying to navigate over our somewhat BIG Hill... the 17Th St. Causway bridge! Hummmmmm, I think I might could handle changing a rear flat with the duel SRAM setup... :-) DECISIONS DECISIONS!!! :-)