Sunday, March 29, 2009

EZ is BACK & my Aero has come home!!! WOOHOOO!

Well Friday afternoon I got handed my computer back from my IT person at work and I'm now back in business on line again! Next item (To return to normalize operations or living... ;-) is GO GET THE BIKE! Now admittedly I have been entertaining a possible Rans X-Stream being added to my stables... BUT........... probably not, for now, BECAUSE... well check out the photo! I can barely get my Aero in my rather SMALL studio residence! :-( Now the folding upwrong, surely has a chance now, to be added instead. :-) Anyway, it's GOOD to be FINALLY back, and I want to Thank EVERYONE for your emails and support! There's clearly some interesting items coming up, including the story about my previous computer being DUMPED in the garbage!!! Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey EZ....... WHERE are you???

Greetings EZ Biker Friends! Yes, I'm VERY MUCH overdue getting back up to posting speed on my blog. I'm really SORRY about that; as the emails continue to flow in, inquiring what's up with me? I have hit a few bumps in that of my new computer that now might be somewhat HOSED thanks to a certain anti-virus malfunction... :-( I am moved in and was planing a show and tell of my "ROOM"... er I mean.. Studio. I likewise am scheduled to go collect my bike (Aero) as it now has a 3rd (Small front ring) so I can actually make it over 17Th St. Causeway bridge. Lastly I'm thinking of maybe acquiring some bike training wheels, so I can learn how to ride a bike again... ;-) I've been off mine since the 14Th of February!!!! (Still spinning on my indoor recumbent - which is showing signs of getting HOSED too. (Hosed is my word for the day... ;-)
SO "NO" I have not given up on my blog and will get things rolling (pun intended) very soon! SPECIAL WARM Thanks to all who have inquired!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

WOW! What email responses!!! I thought I was at work!

ALRIGHT EZ Biker Friends! Checking my email (Where at work, I average at least 60+ at times) I found 44 emails inquiring about my dumped laptop story and what was I purchasing to replace it. After my rather SURPRISING and unhappy ending with product "D" (With that post still to come) I had been looking at HP computers and was planning to order direct from them, as they had NO PROBLEM selling me ANY KIND of their computers. (Yea, that's a hint to my pending "D" demise story... ;-) BUT instead I started looking at local places, trying to save those $$$ you know and came upon a REALLY SUPER DEAL! Staples stores has this one particular laptop on sale and the components REALLY IMPRESSED me and some of my IT people at work too. SOOOOO, EZ Biker Friends, this may very well be EZ's next computer!