Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bacchetta Agio & Cafe put out to pasture?

Well EZ Biker Friends, even though I am in the process of moving, I do try and keep up with the happenings in the recumbent community. I surely hope my limited postings (For now) won't be rather SAD news one's, like this one. Apparently a Bacchetta Forum poster noted that the Agio & Cafe were missing from the 2009 model lineup and upon further checking, they are now in the archive section. :-( Obviously I have owned 2 Agios's and truly LOVE the design. (I have to sadly part with my one remaining one, due to my smaller residence I'm moving into soon. Still, to see 2 really fine bikes, put out to pasture, does not give me a warm and fuzzy confident feeling. :-(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

FYI * EZ Biker posts will be limited after this post today... :-(

Yes, EZ Biker Friends, the time has come for yours truly to get MOVING, into a smaller and less expensive homestead. And NO, sadly, it's not back to Houston Texas, just as yet.
So as I ramp up to make that move, my time on or even being near a computer will be limited for a short while. However once relocated, I'll be posting lots of stuff and I'm very determined to FINALLY post my invention failures as well! Also, I have removed my entries from Bikejournal as my cycling endeavors will be limited for now. I plan on setting up my own biking journal here in the near future. So keep visiting and checking in and remember those FAMOUS Words from Arrrrrnooooold: "I'll" BE BACK!!! ;-0

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Early Morning Bicycling Head Games

Dear EZ Biker, I’m wondering what you do to stay motivated during your early morning rides. Signed Eric
Eric Thanks for your email. I actually do take advantage of the nice and quiet ride time and do have several motivating little games I play. Initially I start off with AVOID THE CITY METER HOLES (Pictured) that are all over A1A, heading South to Commercial Blvd. If you hit enough of them, your bike rims will really pay the price. Once you turn and start heading North, the meters are less of a nuisance, BUT are still out there, lurking in the dark. And NO, I have never managed to not hit at least 1 meter hole, when riding on A1A… ;-) The next little game is, I BET I CAN CATCH THAT BICYCLIST WAY AHEAD OF ME. This motivation usually kicks in, when you see a rear blinking light way a head of you and thus, the CHASE is on! The reverse of that is CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Seeing a distant light behind you, (via my helmet mirror) is a sure fire way to get motivated and try and stay way ahead and ultimately, not get caught. Next is LET ME GET PAST THIS BAD ROAD AREA game. Having been cycling on A1A roadway for many years, you learn real soon those road areas that are not friendly (Pot holes, ruts, debris) and in fact can be rather nasty to encounter. This also includes a few areas that are totally dark where you actually are into a curve. Not fun to encounter a vehicle coming up behind you. So upon spotting a vehicle, a way back from you, the motivation here is to go to warp speed and make it past those problem areas. You also instinctively go into the I HOPE SOMETHING DOSE NOT RUN ACROSS THE ROAD AND INTO MY PATH game. Foxes, cats, dogs, lizards, frogs, crabs and even snakes, make for interesting encounters in the dark… ;-) Still another is HOW FAST CAN I ATTACK THAT BRIDGE game. As you approach a bridge, you pick up as much speed as possible to give you momentum to climb the bridge, with doing the 6 mph, mash the gears type of peddling. BEAT THE RAIN is another interesting endeavor that sometimes results in a short (Mileage wise) bike ride. (And YES, I fear MELTING if I get wet… ;-) And finally there’s the ever enjoyable BEAT THE BRIDGE game. I go over 3 bridges 2 times in my rides and have the times they are usually scheduled to go up, memorized. Of course some go up on demand (Whereby a boat captain radios the bridge tender to raise the bridge) and they can be unpredictable. Otherwise, it’s a glance at your watch and WARP SPEED, to make the bridge in time! All in all, there’s always some game to play, when you’re bicycling early in the day!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's NEW... Back in 1955!!!!!

BROL poster neilcooper post a really neat little story and facinating look back to "NEW" thing seen back in earlier years. For the pictured "New" bike check out this link. The site it;s self is pretty COOL too, as there's a lot of memorable COOL things to be seen from yesteryear! Modern Mechanix * Yesterdays Tomorrow Today is a site worth checking out!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

OHHHHH YEA, the X-Stream WAS THAT IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today SFRR fearless leader Jose & myself converged onto Atlantic Bicycles to put the Rans X-Stream bike through it paces. By the time Jose arrived, I was already putting the bike through it's paces, including maneuvering quickly around cars backing out of their parking spaces. (I hope Josh doesn't see this statement...) The Rans X-Stream is an absolutely fantastic PERFORMANCE LWB, (Long Wheel Base) recumbent period! 1 interesting characteristic I picked up on it immediately, was a sensation I remember from my Lightning P-38 days, of being able to push your back into the seat and the feeling of absolute power transfer to the bike. The difference though is that on the P-38 you were sitting more upright, verses on the X-Stream, you are easily in a MORE reclined mode. This bike, BEGS you to make it go fast. The duel 650's give this bike a plush limousine kind of ride, but yet allows you to kick in the after burner and zip this puppy up to some serious speed. There is some noticeable tiller feel, but keep in mind we are testing this behind a shopping center and making rather sharp turns more often. On the open road, this should not be a noticeable issue. I got to sneak the bike out of the shopping center (Hope Jose does not see this either) and rolled into the back residential area and over some cobble stone road area. The LWB frame absorbed the bumps wonderfully. (But I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on a road like this) You really do get the High Racer feel on this bike, BUT like my fellow bent rider (SFRR Jose) stated, you really are lower or closer to the ground, between 2 nice large 650 wheels. All and all, Rans has put together a REALLY Performance machine and one that (Given the right engine) can EASILY hang with some of the High Racer gang out there. For anyone thinking, they can't be competitive or GO FAST except on a High Racer style of bike, the X-Stream clearly leaves that myth in the dust and you get the MORE STABLE RIDE FEELING, that a LWB bike is known for. By the way, fully socked bikes really doesn't float my boat, BUT should anyone ever consider doing a sock setup on the X-Stream, you " WILL" have an absolute aerodynamic MISSILE on your hands! And finally, admittedly, I've seen better days, financially wise, (Watching every $) BUT I found myself having to forcibly vacate the premises, as my Charge card in my pants was SERIOUSLY THROBBING to scoop up this thoroughbred and bring it home! YEA, the X-Stream WAS THAT IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I would Sincerely like to take a moment and wish all my EZ Biker Friends and Visitors a Most Happy and Joyous 2009 New Year! Thank You so MUCH for your continued visits to my blog and for all the Great emails you have sent! WOW, the 12117 miles milestone is something I have NEVER done before and probably won't repeat in the near future, as I am going to have to be working a lot more this coming year... :-( BUT, Thanks to God, I have my Health and I still miraculously am employed! I wish the BEST for everyone and I look forward to more blog posting and YOUR EMAILS this coming year!!!