Friday, November 28, 2008

My FAVORITE December Cycling Event!

Signnnnnnnnn... Well it's just about that time of the year again, for an event that's clearly my favorite event, in that it occurs in my (So-called) house or area that I ride in. Kids In Distress / Inlet Challenge Event will be rolling this year on Sunday December 7 at 7:00 AM. Last year (While still on blood thinner medication) I managed to stay ahead of the 62 mile bunch until the very last part at the turn around. (One of my fellow A1A / Commercial HAMMERHEAD jocks, attacked at the last moment and nipped me! *&^%$# ;-) On the return side, I finally ran out of gas around the Boca Inlet and turtled my way in, finishing about 8th. (Mind you, this is NOT a race! - But a really nice ride on A1A) Of course I didn't catch the 2 bridges like a lot of others did, either! :-)
This is technically the last major cycling in South Florida for 2008, so if anyone happens to be in the neighborhood, this is an event you should try and make!!! Here the link for more information!
Signnnnnnnnn... (Again) As much as I have made it a point to NOT spend $$$ and doing bike events this year, THIS ONE, is truly going to be DIFFICULT to try and stay away from!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE * Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! :-)

OHHHH YES, it's that Special time again and one of my favorites in that I totally go and PIG OUT and then stress on if my bike will hold up under all the added WEIGHT! SO watch for turkeys in the road!!! ;-) Here wishing everyone a Wonderful Happy GOBBLE GOBBLE Day!!!
(Posted at BROL) I finally took a pause from my early morning solo ZOMBIE rides and hooked up with the local GO FAST DF A1A / Commercial bunch, (53 degree temp) who always get together on weekends and on holidays. 23/25/warm up pace, which usually is about 5 miles slower. Hung with the pack until the second bridge, when I got held up by a slower DFer and couldn't catch the break away pack, on the down side of the bridge. Still, it was such a GREAT day and now I'm all toasty and proceeded on and ended up with 53 miles with a decent 19.9 overall average. Then I headed home and did a MAJOR PIG OUT... Here's a pict of my 53 degree attire, as I'm cleaning up the beastie, after todays ride.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"SAD" HEARTBREAKING NEWS... :-( Rotator Recumbents Demise... :-(

Well EZ Biker Friends, once again the Recumbent Bicycle Family has apparently lost another long time family member, in that of Rotator Recumbents. This is the link I found at BROL about this SAD, Heartbreaking turn of events... :-( I feel a personal loss here in that I have previously owned one of their Titanium Rotators and mistakenly discarded it, without giving it more serious time to seriously dial it in. Here's a link of me with my Ti Rotator. I want to Wish Steve Delaire the best in his future endeavors and hope he will still keep in touch with the Recumbent Family, of which he is truly a valued member!!!

All right class, time for ANOTHER AWARENESS TEST!!!

So once again I pose the question, HOW REALLY AWARE ARE YOU of things around you? Think you are on top of the situation? Well in a previous post about awareness a video test was provided and SADLY... &%$(*&^#@&!!! I FAILED THE TEST! :-@ WELL the website has ANOTHER ONE and once again... I FLUNKED IT TOO!!! Ready to try it??? Here's the link. :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

OT - Online Calculators for EVERYTHING!!!

Alas it was truly a SLOW day and when those occur, I tend to go web surfing for FREE usable goodies. I found another really COOL site that offers online calculators for just about ANYTHING you need to calculate. There are a few annoying pop ups though, but get through those and you can crunch info on anything you desire!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Attention Facebook & Twitter Fans! Bentrider On Line is now at those sites!

Yep, I happen to catch this bit of news at BROL the past couple of days! Check the site links here & here. So now you Facebook & Twitter fans can see recumbent bicycle doings at both of these popular social net sites!!! Here are the links. Facebook-BROL Twitter-BROL

Friday, November 14, 2008

Calling all bicycle and walking activists out there!

Here's an upcoming event, which actually is a conference of the fourth annual ProBike®/ProWalk Florida Conference "Making Your Community Healthy, Safe and Green" brought to you by the Florida Bicycle Association. I wish this was closer to home as I would surely enjoy being a part of it!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That SPECIAL Day, we should remember EVERYDAY!

To all my EZ Biker Friends, especially the Military Veterans out there, I want to Sincerely take the time and acknowledge You All and Thank You ALL for your truly unselfish act of courage and dedication, putting your lives on the line, so that America can continue to FREE! This is something all Americans should remember not only on November 11, but through out the year!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eeeeeek! Bikejournal bike mile log in withdrawels! What to do?

Dear EZ Biker, I have watched your bikejournal entries for awhile and decided to join bikejournal myself and really have been into keeping track of my miles. Then I guess there were some problems at their site and the miles log is not accessible at the moment. Eeeeeeek! What's a person to do? Signed Marie
Marie, Thanks for your email and yes Bikejournal has been down for a while due to (I believe) some sort of malicious computer attack on their site! Yikes, that would unnerve me too, especially if it was something I made some of my living off of. But back to your question. Having done a little research... OK, I did a basic google for FREE bike log software (EZ CHEAPO here... ;-) and came up with a pretty neat little program (SportTool) that's FREE and will allow you to keep track of your miles, on your own computer. Here's the link to the site you can down load the program and here's the link to the actual site website.
And NO, I don't want to take anything away from Slantz at, as I will continue my (PAID) membership as I really enjoy his site and will continue to support it! Something I recommend others do as well! :-)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

"3 Feet PLEASE" AWARENESS Bike Jerseys!!!

I got a really interesting email from J Mizereck about a campaign he has undertaken. As you know there are laws in various states, (Florida being one about) vehicles required to be at least 3 feet away from bicycles when passing them. I did a Google and the 3ft. law seen at this link. Another interesting website that lists Florida's bicycle laws is at this link. However Mr. Mizereck has gone a step further by designing and producing a really eye catching bike jersey, as you see in the photo here. For upright cyclists, I think the jersey will be a really added safe part of their attire to consider wearing when cycling. For recumbent cyclists, a little more R & D is going to have to be done, as most recumbent cyclists sit in a chair like seat and thus the rear part of the jersey can't be seen. Perhaps some sort of rear reflector sign that recumbent cyclists could put on rear bags or the seat stays. Anyway this is a website and product that easily merits an EZ Biker Thumbs Up Award. Here's the website for more information!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sunshine State Recumbent Rally 2008 * November 7-9, 2008 - Clermont, Florida

Dear EZ Biker, we are about to head out to Cleremont Florida to the Bacchetta Recumbent Rally! Are you going to be making it up this way? We would really like to meet and maybe even ride with you! Bill & Evelyn
Bill & Evelyn, Thank You for your email; sadly I won’t be able to make the rally, as I continue to save my $$$ for my future return to my real home, back in Texas. However I know you all will have TONS of FUN and will get to meet some really COOL, FUN and pleasurable people to ride with! For anyone else wanting more information about this GREAT event, here’s the link.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

YEP, Things Done In Texas Are Always Done BIG!

Congrats to FlyingLaZBoy at the rbent forum for capturing such a breath taking photo at the start of Texas Hotter Than Hell 2008 event! Now mind you, this is one event I would really like to go to... Yea, Mr. Zombie (4:30 AM rider) who prefers the quiet solitude kind of biking... ;-)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

EZ Biker GET OUT & VOTE Video! :-)