Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a SAFE Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Ooooooooooooooo! OK, here's ole EZ'z less than 1 minute Halloween costume, consisting of a garbage bag, a .79¢ goofy spider, standing next to my large ring on my Recumbent Aero... Now is this THE MOST Frightfully LAME Costume you have ever seen??? EZ (Frightfully LAME) Biker ;-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahhhhhh, it's that TIME again!!!

OK EZ Biker Friends, this weekend is THE extra hour of sleep time again! So don't forget to FALL BACK (Move your clock back 1 hour) either before you go to bed Saturday night or at 2AM Sunday morning! Mmmmmmmm, extra sleep time MMMMMMM... ;-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

HOLY Carbon Fiber Batman - Carbon Aero 2.0!!!

OK, I know visitors to the Bacchetta & BROL (Bent Rider On Line) websites have seen the write up on the AWESOME bike, but I decided to do a post about it too! WHY, so I can visit my own site and DROOL from time to time! ;-) The only less than positive aspect about this SUPER Bike, is it's pricing is such and more material availability, probably pushes the Ti Aero (Like I own) on the brink of no return. :-( Oh well now the remaining Ti Aeros out there can be priced at Limited Edition bikes! ;-) Here's some links / links to read more about this really beautiful machine!

Friday, October 24, 2008

OT - STOP those BS... Political calls!!!

UPDATE # 2: If I got any robo or human solicitation calls from any candidates in my area or even the Presidential one's I DID NOT VOTE for them!

UPDATE - 11-02-08 - Well Friends, I'm not ashamed to admit when I'm WRONG about something and this post is one I was CLEARLY WRONG ABOUT! After 4 automated political calls on my phone today, I sent an email to these... and requested they remove my registration immediately. The other thing that struck me as I looked at their site more closely, was they actually had ads for robo and automated calling services! What a waste of time!!! :-( :-( :-(

Well OK, a little off topic here, BUT after finding 3 political recordings on my phone recorder I decided to seek out that organization called: Stop Political Phone Calls Organization
and registered my phone number with them. WHY, you might ask? Well I've recently acquired one of those pay as you go cell phones and thus any calls I get, EATS UP MY MINUTES! :-( SO, I'm not having any of that CRA...
I'm truly AMAZED that these so-called... candidates for president really believe their calls, which are really no different from telemarketing ones, are something people are really looking forward to getting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yikes! :-/ BAAAAD TO THE Bone Bicycling! :-/

OK folks here's a real ride on the WILD SIDE post, from the BROL forum by Jose T. And here's the link that's going to take you to some REAL CRUISE cycling in Amsterdam! They are called Veenendaalse Cruiserz and part of what they call VCorps! Now just let some of these... cyclists show up for a Critical Mass event and the local authorities might need to call out the SWAT team! ;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

EZ Biker's SMUT Cycling Site!!! :-0

To EZ Biker. I have visited your site very often; BUT after seeing your SMUTTY post about naked bicycling, I will not visit your site again. Surely there is other, MORE PROPER subject matter for you to post, instead of some female behind on a bike! Perhaps you should now change your site to EZ Biker's SMUT Cycling Site! Signed Penelope
Gee Penelope, I'm Sorry that you were offended by my Naked Cycling Post. I honestly meant no harm by it and merely wanted to show bicycling in it's most barest form of expression! Perhaps I should plan a visit to the confessional to atone for my smutty post. :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Informative post at SFRR by reysaint2000!!!

Reysait2000, posted a very good link that offers a video concerning bicycle safety! This is clearly a MUST WATCH, time and time again presentation! Here is the link. :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! EZ Biker throws hat... er... bike helmet into Presidential Race!!!

Yes my fellow EZ Biker Friends & Americans, I've decided to enter into this... race for the President and already there's news coverage about my endeavor at the following link!

Calling all EZ Biker Friends! Sgt. Gwen Beberg & Ratchet need our help!!!

OK EZ Biker Friends, I’m asking for you to please add your name to the petition to help a poor defenseless puppy in Iraq, be allowed to come home with the only person probably ever to show this little pup some LOVE! I saw the following CNN story “Puppy stays in Iraq, Army tells soldier” and just felt, I need to help out with this!
Please go to this link and sign and then pass the link onto your friends and ask them to pass it on and sign. I have also added a link for contacting Minnesota’s Government representatives and urge everyone to send an email to them as well! LET’S HELP RATCHET HAVE A WELL DESERVED HAPPY HOME!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

OMG, EZ Bikers future 2050 RAAM bike EXPOSED!

Well it appears velodude a member of may have been the lucky dog to get the first Ti Geezer single gear Prototype road bike! (*&^%$#(*& I can't believe this! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

NOW THIS is an event I would enjoy going to!!!

While doing my usual visits to various blog and website links (Yea I check to make sure they still work... ;-) I came upon the Spokes N' Folks one and discovered a really COOL event that will be happening on Sunday, November 9Th, 2008. Bike Miami, which will have most of all the streets in Miami closed to vehicle traffic, will gladly welcome , cyclists, skaters, skate boarders jogger's walkers; well you get what I mean. What a really Great way to get to see Miami, without concern of a vehicle running over you!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Interesting commute blog!

Here's another interesting blog find concerning commuting in that of Zach's Bicycle Commuting Blog. Very interesting reading, especially the commuting part, which I would still like to do someday, if I ever get over my early morning 4:30 AM rides... ;-) GREAT site there Zach and I've added it to my links as well. :-)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


WELL EZ Biker Friends, THIS weekend has NOT been a FUN one to be able to get out and ride!!! It just keeps POURING and POURING! MAYBE (Please Please) tomorrow will be a better day! Inside riding on the recumbent exercise machine has it's limits... :-(