Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Any Rans Recumbent Owners out there?

My visit to South Florida Recumbent Riders (SFRR) discovered a new Yahoo Group specifically for Rans Bike Owners! Rans Road Riders Community is the name of the site and so far they have some really good posts and "9" members. Check out the site!
UPDATE! 9/30/08 - One of my fellow good recumbo firneds and visitir at my blog,
johnriley1 has provided me with another Yahoo Rans site link seen here. Check it out too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK, Let's LIGHTEN Up Here! I've just gotta make a pilgrimage to Portland!!!

I have previously posted about this... UNIQUE WORLD WIDE EVENT. BUT SERIOUSLY, Portland Oregon, I'm planning on doing a Pilgrimage to you all, I PROMISE! I am just going to have to experience this Portland Oregon NAKED bicycle event, at least once in my life! Would I actually participate?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OT- EZ Bikers thoughts on the bailout event…

Because of the TON of emails wondering how I feel about the… Bailout plan, I’ve decided to post a brief opinion. Unless this event clearly helps the homeowners out there, is closely watched and scrutinized by congress, provides for absolutely NO Golden Umbrella payout for upper management of any of these companies and excludes helping foreign banks, this action gets a THUMBS DOWN from EZ Biker. It’s taken years for this country to get into this mess and I truly wonder what THOSE individuals (Who are being PAID to keep this from happening) were doing during all this time, to allow us to even be in this mess.
One final note here, I stand absolutely disgusted with those financial idiots who are trying to RAM this through, before it’s break time for all in Congress. Back in August I realized just how much our so-called government for the people by the people really cared for it’s people. Vacations were MORE IMPORTAINT then staying and trying to help resolve the housing crisis for many Americans. NOW, where our country is on the brink of financial collapse, there are THOSE that are in a panic to heap more burden on the tax payer ASAP, so that they can take their break in time. What’s wrong with this picture? :-( I’m EZ Biker and I approve this post!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bicycling after Hurricane Ike?

Dear EZ Biker, you went though a hurricane a few years ago. Can you offer some insight into what cyclists face in Texas, after Ike? Signed Janice
Janice, thanks for your email and very interesting question. Cyclists, like all others in ravaged Texas areas, are going to find any kind of actual bicycling on streets, nearly impossible for at least a few, maybe more weeks. Fallen tress, grit, sand and general debris will be mostly everywhere. (As like what you see in the photo here on A1A and Pompano Beach, in the aftermath of Wilma in south Florida) Even beyond that, the risk of flatting will still be around for a couple of months from all the debris, that will still be on the roads. Depending on how soon bike shops can be back up and running, parts and repairs will be a wait and see affair. Overall I’d have to say, it will be at least a couple of months, before any bicycling is close to being back to normal.
And by the way, remember that 15ft seawall Galveston enjoyed? WELL if you look at the photo here, check out all the sea wall... (1 & 1/2ft? ) we have to keep the sea out of Pompano Beach... :-/

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LOL - THE road sign of the day!!! ;-)

OK, this post came up accidentally on 9/11, instead of my intended BBTT post. A few email inquires have requested to see the FUNNY sign, so here it is!
Here's another of those interesting reads
(Road rage article) found at the BROL forum! The actual story where the (ROFLMAO) sign can be found is at this link. An interesting read!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

OT - EZ Biker DUMPS SiteMeter for BETTER "FREE Counter"

You know I'm a pretty simple easy going person and not many things BOTHER me. However I don't like UNPLEASANT surprises especially when they just POP up in my face. I have used sitemeter's free counter ever since I started my blogs and it has been a very good service. Then today I see where my site counter has been replaced with different code. I go to their home page and can't even find my statistics there and they require new code to replace old, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! WHAT a crock!
SO I did a Google free site search and came up with what I believe is an excellent site, free and you don't even have to sign in, register or any other
BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. HitWebCounter is now my new counter source and it's simple to do (Offers many great looking counters) and looks better than the other counter too!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Positive Thoughts & Prayers are with you Houston and all of Texas!!!

I know I have previously posted about IKE, but I feel the need to do so again. I have SO MANY Wonderful Friends, bicycling and otherwise in Houston and surrounding areas. I'm DEEPLY CONCERNED for you all and I SINCERELY hope you all STAY SAFE and are able to weather this horrific storm! For those that might be able to contact me before, during or after the hurricane, PLEASE DO SO and I stand ready to offer whatever help and assistance I can!!!
9/16/08 Update - Just found some astonishing devastation photos of Ike's past visit to Texas from a poster at Twitter at this link. Unbelevable! :-(

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bring Back The Twins!!!! Bring Back The Twins!!!! Bring Back The Twins!!!! Bring Back The Twins!!!! Bring Back The Twins!!!!

I want to take a moment and Thank all you that sent me emails REMINDING me of what prominent day it is today! I thought I had scheduled this post to appear today, but I accidentally saved it as a draft… (Another Duuuh moment?) And NO I have not and will never forget to HONOR and remember all my fellow Americans that perished on that tragic day!



Bring Back The Twins! I think this would surely send a message to the world that you can knock us down, but we will get right back up and continue to do so! Bring Back The Twins!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 """Teen Girls""" Set X State Record """On Bents!"""

Hey everyone, SORRY for not posting this earlier. I've actually been fairly busy and have not gotten a chance to do some posts. :-( SO here's a very interesting story about "4 TEEN Girls" setting a record on... bents story! Here's the initial story link and then the initial link at BROL and an added one at the Bacchetta Forum! WAY TO GO YOU YOUNG LITTLE SPEED DEMONS!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Hurricane Links Added... :-)

Well EZ Biker Friends, I have done a little research and looked up some of my past links dealing with hurricane maps and tracking and have decided to include that list on my site here. One of the really BETTER (Automated) (And pretty COOL... :-) tracking sites is MyFoxHurricane.com, as you see in the photo here. I'll be keeping my eye on other sites and ALSO my eye on.......... Hurricane Ike..... :-/
Update - 9-5-08 - WOW! What a lot of emails I have received concerning this post! Thank You! Out of the numerous hang in there, Good Luck and questions from those emails, the one most asked is, "Would I consider tuffing it out, like I did with Hurricane Wilma?" In a simple word, "NO"! :-) The reason can be seen from this photo, taken after Hurricane Wilma. That's about a "3" Ft. wall, that's all but keeping the ocean from the streets, with me living less than a mile from there! So even if my residence and I were to survive; I'm pretty sure my vehicle would make for a lovely sand reef or sandbar... ;-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One of our own, Victim of Hit & Run! :-( :-( :-(

Well you always seem to see posts about cyclists being hit or killed on sadly, a fairly continuous pace. And as much as each of these posts saddens me; I'm even more effected when it's one of our own family in the recumbent world. Long time BROL (Bent Rider On Line) poster known as adc1 otherwise known as Andrew Carson was struck by a older model Ford truck, with the truck driver never stopping. The SCUM BAG... :-/ Here the link to the story. "Carson was wearing a helmet. He was taken to Mercy Hospital with non-life threatening injuries." I'm SO relieved to here that, but still, there will be some recovery time to endure! SO Andrew, here's wishing you a SPEEDY Recovery and hopefully you being back on your bike very soon! :-)

It's THAT Time! EZ's DUUUUH Award!

Allllllright EZ Biker Friends, I pulled a real cute one back on Sept. 1 - Labor day and thus I do hereby present myself (Yours Truly) the coveted EZ Bikers DUUUUH Award! It's Labor Day morning and the sky is nice and clear and FINALLY "OLD"... EZ is going to get to do a real bike ride on a real street on his Beloved Aero! (Which has been sitting idle for about 3 weeks! :-( Bike gets checked, tires aired, water bladder filled, rest of bike clothes and gear put on AND AWAY WE GO!!! At first I really didn't notice "IT"; but as the ride went on I began to wonder what's up! Surely I can't be this out of shape, to be going ONLY this fast... 14 mph??? And so the ride went on, with TURTLE SLOW speed mileage! Having done the particular route numerous times, I'm quite aware of the total mileage that I should have... BUT today, I'm no where close to that mark! Has "OLD" EZ finally hit the I really am a decrepto FRUMPY old cyclist mode? THEN I get back home and start looking at things and doing a little research. What OLD (Sharp one here) EZ did was.... um... er... well...ahhhh, (I'm SO EMBARRASSED to admit this) USE THE WRONG BIKE COMPUTER, OK?! (Now are you happy, you know? ;-) I guess I'm going to have mark each computer for what bike......... even if they are different named computers... EZ DUUUUH Biker here!!!