Saturday, August 30, 2008

PLEASE be SAFE everyone!

With Hurrican Gustav getting ready to head for the Gulf Coast area, I want to everyone to know my Prayers, Hang Tough and be SAFE thoughts are with you all! As I'm origionally a Houston resident, I have a lot of long time Friends there and numerous Friends in Louisana as well! PLEASE (Again) be SAFE and hang in there!!!

Have a SAFE & Happy Labor Day!!! :-)

To all my EZ Biker Friends, here's wishing you a wonderful Happy & Safe Labor Day weekend!
EZ Biker :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Come to Florida to Bicycle??? NOT a good idea!!!

Hello EZ Biker, my wife and me are avid cyclists (Sorry not on recumbents) and have heard some Great things about Florida, in that it's a very bicycle friendly state. We are planning on visiting Fort Lauderdale (Would like to meet you in person) and also go to Miami and bicycle around there. You've lived in Florida for quite awhile, what are your thoughts and experiences and is this a trip we should consider? Signed Pam & Bill
Pam & Bill, Thank You for your nice email; however I'm not sure you are going to enjoy my answer... :-( To perfectly honest, if you all are REALLY Serious about visiting a State that's truly Bicycle Friendly, I'd honestly consider passing on Florida and going to Portland Oregon! I've lived / bicycled here for 20 years and early on, Florida was a really nice place to ride your bicycle. People were very friendly, courteous and took extra care around cyclists. BUT THIS HAS CLEARLY CHANGED! And present statistics bare this out; in that Fort Lauderdale & Miami have led the "World" in bicycle & pedestrian fatalities and incidents numerous years.
For me, getting brushed (Vehicles coming very close to you) getting run off the road, being yelled at and even things thrown at me, have been a few of the less than desirable experiences I have endured in so called bicycle Friendly... Florida. Add to that (At least in Fort Lauderdale) the numerous raised cross walks and meter holes (In bicycle lanes) reek havoc on your rims. Bicycle lanes come and go... NO SERIOUSLY, we have a name for them, in that of peek a boo bikes lanes, now you seen and now you don't.
Now mind you, there are some reasons (IMHO) that have caused a change of heart of Florida liking cyclists and part of that being that a lot of cyclists believe they are above obeying the laws and enjoy riding 2, 3, 4 or more abreast, especially along A1A, which basically is a 2 lane road with a middle medium at times. Hence the reason, yours truly, prefers the more ZOMBIE style of cycling, being that of 4 AM to 7 AM riding. I'm just tired of dealing with rude people that truly don't like cyclists and believe the road (ALL OF IT) belongs to them and only them!
And as I compose this there's breaking news about 12 cyclists being mowed down in Miami area this past weekend! :-( Here's the link to that tragic story! What's even MORE TRAGIC are the numerous negative and HATEFUL comments people have posted about the story in the discussion area.
SO Pam & Bill, SADLY, I'd personally seriously pass on visiting Florida Bicycle wise... EXCEPT perhaps Sebring Florida! When there's no vehicle racing, it's absolute PARADISE THERE, with not a lot of people and the ones you do encounter, are very bicycle Friendly!

Monday, August 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! EZ Biker advises couple, contemplating on visiting Florida for... bicycling!

And my response may SURPRISE you!
Watch for the story August 29!

Can't decide on a recumbent or upright bike? Maybe you can have them both in one bike!

My usual prowling the BROL forum has resulted in a pretty interesting post by BROL poster mbiraman and likewise interesting bike concept. And of course you can see this UNIQUE bike at the following youtube link. :-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Where's the Aero?

Hello EZ Biker, Bill & June here. We have been keeping tabs on your Bike Journal entries and have been noticing, you have not been riding your Aero a lot. Have you grown tired of it or just prefer the Agio? Nosy couple wants to know!

Bill & June, Thanks for your nice inquiry email and to answer your question, NO, I'm not tired of my Aero. :-) And yet you are correct, I have not been riding it a lot lately, due to the need of some new tires and not wanting to spend the $$$ to get them. Gas and food seem to have the priority at the moment and I'm honestly trying to be MORE FRUGAL in my spending ways. Have no fear; ole EZ will be back on the little Aero beastie, before too long!

Monday, August 18, 2008

EEEEEEEK! Dive Dive! ;-) ;-) ;-)

OK, I just wanted to do a THANK YOU for all the emails I've already gotten from you all, showing concern for the upcoming precipitation event... (Or Tropical storm if you will... ;-) I'm doing fine and am hoping to get early parole... ;-) from work to head home and make some final preparations and hang out and perhaps catch up on some bike cleaning. :-)

COOL new gadget for EZ's indoor recumbent training sessions!

OK, I KNOW mp3 devices have been around for ages and there's all kinds including the iPOD. As usual, ole EZ FINALLY is moving into one of the gadgets for use on my indoor recumbent. And NO, I will never use any kind of sounds device on outdoor rides as I clearly depend on my hearing in helping me navagate the roads with vehicles all around. So I was looking for an mp3 player that was SIMPLE, small and well was SIMPLE to setup, use and put songs onto. (Having previously been a club DJ {20+ years} and running a mobile DJ business for {10+ years} I still have a lot of my music in 300+ CD's) And then there are mp3 titles that can be purchased or downloaded from the web. My choice for my initial player is the Philips GoGear SA2525, that looks like a pregnant usb storage device... ;-) Software is included, but you need only really just plug the device into a usb port on your computer and it become a recognized drive. THEN all you have to do is just drag and drop your tunes on the device and you're DONE! Sound is GREAT and there even FM radio included! Ine AAA battery offers you about 20 hours play time. I got mine at Office Depot for around $49.00, but you can probably find it cheaper. Here's the Phillips website for more information. SO if you are looking to getting into mp3 world, THIS device is GREAT and gets the EZ Biker thumbs up award! :-)

Some of my friends have offered me some really HELPFUL links dealing with mp3s and I'll be setting up an additional side bar with links! :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving Targets... QUICK! Get that license number!!!

A post at the BROL forum, moving targets caught my eye today. And YES, sadly I too have had some encounters with RUDE, obnoxious vehicle operators. In fact in an earlier post of mine, there's a video of that very happenstance. The photo you see here is from that post. Included have been idiots yelling at me, cutting me off, turning in front of me and even a beer bottle thrown at me. My friends, you need to be very alert at all times when bicycling. There are truly a lot of people out there that are just plain angry with the world, maybe drunk or just looking for some mean fun to harass a cyclist, for no reason!
NOW I have gotten into the habit of mental license plate snapping, that I continuously practice at times while riding. A vehicle goes by, I try and focus on it's license plate immediately, which can be a challenge, when riding early in the morning. However if you get into an unpleasant encounter with a vehicle operator and you do manage to get the license number you should contact the police and provide them with that information, the make color of the vehicle, time and place incident happened. You don't have to take that kind of harassment or garbage from anyone.
Because I have had an increase case of these incidents, I'll be including a cell phone with me (Soon) on my bike rides.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I WANT to TRY THIS! Human-powered monorail!

From the BROL forum and poster jhayes has included a link to what's clearly a most interesting concept... IF perhaps the weather is not TOO hot... ;-) Gee what if someone in front gets tired or conks out during the ride... ;-) Eeeeeeeeeeek! (BUT that probably wouldn't be an issue with the Lovely person pictured!!! :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

OT - A TRIBUTE... To the People who really had to endure a painful sacrifice for a "MERE" sporting event... :-(

Dear EZ Biker, well the Olympics are here and I'm wondering if you are excited and ready to watch our US Cycling team and the US in General compete? Signed Tammy
Tammy, Thank You for your email and indeed a very significant question. Admittedly I have enjoyed the (Winter / Summer) Olympics for as long as I have lived and not just cycling; but all the events in general. I still plan on watching the Olympics, but it will be with a less than pleasant attitude. I still can't help but remember the family pictured here (This photo will forever haunt me...) :-( and countless others that were forcibly removed from their homes and then stood by and watched their homes be destroyed... :-( and for what, to make way for some structure to be built for the Olympic games..., basically just a MERE sporting event...............:-/ For me, the Olympics are now a tainted event. :-(
To the people pictured and countless others that have had to endure such a painful sacrifice for a MERE sporting event... I dedicate this post to you all and I hereby state, your sad experience and sacrifice will not be forgotten by me, ever!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here's another very informative bent site! :-)

Well here's still another really interesting recumbent site that has a lot of REALLY INFORMATIVE articles and how to dos. (Like making your own energy bars?) I found this neat site via the following SFRR post. :-) Thanks seemark2!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back 2 Back Bicycling? You BET!!!

OK, time to admit here that I had not heard of a Tom Traylor before I visited a BROL post concerning him. WOW, what an INCREDIBLE bicycle (In General) designer and builder! And yes folks, what you see here is actually 2 cyclists riding back to back on a recumbent bicycle! To read more about that individuals ASTONISHING designs, actual builds and eye catching photos, check out this link!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Recumbents in the news again! :-)

Still another publication about recumbent bicycling, found at the rbent forum. Admittedly there are a few... light hearted jabs... BUT hey it's still publicity!!!! :-)
BREAKING SAD News... Bent cyclist killed... :-) From the rbent forum this SAD news was found... :-(

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Looking for "Affordable" Bike Jerseys?

From time to time I've gotten inquiries for information on bike jerseys that people want to get for their bike clubs. Over at the rbent forum I found an interesting tidbit on what seems to be a very AFFORDABLE Custom bike jerseys, passed onto FlyingLaZBoy thread by Slo-Joe. Champion Systems is the name of the company. What caught my eye was: "...custom jerseys are only $45 each and that includes unlimited colors, no set-up charges and FREE FedEx shipping on all U.S. orders over $500!" Now that's not a BAD DEAL! Hummm, could it be time to entertain possible Team EZ Biker Jerseys? ;-)
EZ Biker is in no way connected or affiliated with this company, financially or otherwise.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Networking with fellow bent riders!

This past weekend I was in FULL SHAM, do nothing mode... (Typical weekend for me...) and did some Google site surfing and found an interesting site (Bent Folks) that has links to fellow recumbent bent riders around the world! Some great folks, websites and bent photos to be seen and enjoyed!