Saturday, July 26, 2008

The "DF" Empire gets 2 back... :-(

I'm sure a lot of you remember Alan who created a WONDERFUL BLOG in that of the Recumbent Blog. Continuous spectacular photos and great stories, dealing with recumbency. Then on May 17, 2008, he ended his recumbent blog postings to move on / over to more upright (DF-Diamond Frame) bike subject matter in that of his new blog ecovelo. Yes it would appear that DIAMOND VADER has used the DF force and drawn Alan back into THE... EMPIRE... ;-) And it appears that assimilation back into THE... EMPIRE will be complete, with a post at his new site stating 2 recumbents for sale. Which are the last one's he and his family had purchased. SO Alan I hope you don't mind the FRIENDLY... jab ;-) here and I likewise hope your endeavors in the... DF bicycle empire are Warm, Friendly and always Positive! And YES, I'm sure myself and many others will still continue to visit your new site to enjoy those Great photos and Very Informative "Bicycle" stories!!! :-) :-) :-)
UPDATE-7-26-08 - I received a very NICE email from Alan today and I'm happy to report, the rebel recumbent movement has not entirely lost Alan and Family to THE... DF... EMPIRE! They still have their recumbent tandem!!!!!! :-)