Monday, June 30, 2008

Any Bicycling HEARTBREAK Stories, EZ?

Dear EZ Biker, from reading your blog and your posts at, you seem to have been in bicycling for many years! I'm wondering, if you have any Bike related HEARTBREAK Stories? Signed Audrey
Audrey, Thank You for your email and very good question! In all my years of cycling I have had only 2 bikes stolen from me, by some &^%$#@!(*. Back in 1965, I was passing by a local bike shop in Houston Texas, when I SAW HER! It was LOVE at first sight! So clean, lean HOT LOOKING, with a silver fender, white wall rear racing slick, with a macho shift bar (Not seen on this photo) and painted in a VERY NAUGHTY PURPLE color, THIS would be MY RIDE in the near future! It was used, but they were asking a WHOPPING $75.00 for it!!! (Which at my age then, was the equivalent to 1 MILLION Dollars!) So for that summer, I sat out did all kinds of yard cleaning, garage cleaning , vehicle washing jobs I could find. All I ate, slept and dreamed about, was my PURPLE Stingray PASSION! FINALLY the day arrived and I headed to the bike shop and there she was, still waiting for me! I plunked down Minutes, HOURS, weeks of drudgery work cash and in less than 5 minutes, my earning were gone, but I now was in possession of my first REAL LOVE crush, on this GODDESS of a bicycle! I wheeled her into my bedroom and my last glance was of her, before I dozed off. Upon awaking, there she was, waiting for me! I was now THE BAD HOOD cyclist! I cruised the streets and all my friends looked gawked at my HOT SENSATIONAL RIDE! Me and my Stingray Momma, we were BAD TO THE BONE! I was the envy at school and all my friends wanted to try my bike, to which only a few (Girls) were allowed to give my pride and joy a short ride. Hummm, that sounds a tad... WELL you know what I mean! ;-) For the next year I was the HOT TO TROT bicyclist, on my RACY Schwinn Purple Stingray Goddess!
And then at about 3:30 PM Thursday June 30, 1966, my heart was forever BROKEN! I had just come home from summer school and stopped by my Fathers store and leaned my baby up against the brick wall, next to the front door of the store. I went in and told my Dad hello and within no more than a 1 1/2 minute later, I bounded back out the door and discovered.......... MY BABY WAS GONE! I FRANTICALLY searched all over, (Shaking) with tears in my eyes, while my Dad called the police, who came out and sorrowfully advised me, my bike would probably never be found. At that instant, the reality of the moment, began to sink in. My Pride & Joy (A whole summer of work and toil) was gone (In less than 1 1/2 minutes out of my sight) and I'd never see her again............. :-( Subsequently, to this day, (Monday June 30, 2008) I have always securely locked all my bicycles, if I'm to be out of sight of them or have asked fellow cyclists to watch them, until I get back.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wrist Protection Gloves!

Here’s an interesting product (From the BROL Forum) by poster dusturff, that I may seriously look into. They are called Hillbilly Gloves and the one feature that stands out on them is the apparently better wrist protection they may offer. Here's a link for more information concerning them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LOL! POWER Of the bike BELL!!! They REALLY WORK!

From the BROL forum. This is really pretty IMPRESSIVE, if not still a tad comical! Believe it or not, bike bells, REALLY do work!!! Here's the Youtube link. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bicycle Memory Lane! Find that sweet vintage bicycle memory!

Have you ever wanted to find a certain vintage kind of bike? Admittedly the site ( does not offer recumbent ones; ;-( at least that I can find, but still, it's a really Great source for finding that early LOVE affair, you had... ;-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Large Ti Aero For Sale on eBAY!

Once again I have learned about another Aero up for grabs on eBay. I get a lot of requests about them and have decided to post info on them, when I hear of their availability. Check it out! The only less that desirable thing is you need to have an eBay account... :-/

Thursday, June 19, 2008

John Schlitter & 2008 RAAM Crew make History!

Bacchett'a John Schlitter and his Wonderful RAAM Crew have completed their epic RAAM 2008 journey! Here's some of Johns EPIC Achievements as posted by Michael in Cincinnati. * FIRST in the 50+ Solo RAAM competitors * FIRST Solo Recumbent to complete RAAM * TOP TEN (9Th!) Overall SOLO RAAM finish as Rookie Solo
And probably many more to come!!!
CONGRATULATIONS John and RAAM 2008 Crew! You have done the Recumbent World PROUD!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NOT TOO Late to Donate!

John Schlitter and his Great RAAM 2008 crew continue to roll across America! Posters are both BROL & Bacchetta forums have voice opinions about how to help John and his tram out. Previously Bacchetta had setup a site where you could easily offer your $$$ to help out these GREAT people in a FANTASTIC endeavor! Pictured is what the site looks like and here's the link to get there and DONATE some $$$!!! Posted at both of my blogs. :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

History repeats... That SINKING or now... FALLING from above... ;-0

Try as I have, it appears old EZ's almost 5 months in the top 50 cyclists mileage category is slipping away... :-( I did a similar post That SINKING Feeling back in January 2007... History repeating itself??? ;-) ;-) ;-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I meant to post this earlier, but in a senior moment, I just forgot... SO here's wishing all the Dads out there a Happy Fathers Day! Here's a really COOL website (DIY Network) that shows off all the latest and neat tool and gadgetry available out there!

Friday, June 13, 2008

EZ your RAAM reports are not keeping up the pace! :-(

Gee EZ, what's the deal? I was very much looking forward to some great RAAM reports from the links you previously provided and of course checking your special RAAM reports blog. BUT, reports seem to be long and in between! What's going on? Martha
Martha Thanks for your email and YES you are (To my embarrassment) correct on my lack of more update RAAM reports. I guess I have to blame this on my work activities, as I'm actually busting my... trying to keep up with the TON of assignments I've recently received... :-( By the time I get home, I'm just POOPED. To be honest, the BEST link to keep up with reports is at the BROL forum; a link I've already posted, but will do so again. In between my WORK I manage to click on it and see what's happening!

Having said this, I would SO LOVE to be an embedded photographer / reporter, with wireless computer, wiifi, blogging capabilities to cover an event like this, day to day; even on an hourly basis!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Early morning riding, any concerns???

Dear EZ Biker, with all the recent attacks on people out after dark; I’m wondering if you are ever concerned about such things when you go riding early in the morning? Signed, Monica

Monica, Thank you for your nice email. And the answer to your question is… YES. I try and stay aware of all my surroundings whatever is around me. This past week I had a lovely… encounter with a scruffy van operator on A1A. I had just ridden past the person and became immediately aware of the person quickly hitting the gas and lurching up behind me. Instead of going around me, the %^%$#@@ proceeded to put their bright lights on and closely brushed me. I moved off the road and let the &)*^%$## go by. Better to let the… go by and be happy that they made a cyclist move out of their way, then to get into some kind of encounter with them. Keeping in mind it’s early morning, dark and if I was to get hit, there probably would not be anyone around as a witness. I’m out to have an enjoyable ride, not to have encounters with anyone. If I wanted that, I’d wait and ride later in the morning. ;-) ;-) ;-)

What took a whole year, now achieved in less than 6 months!

Well yours truly reached a milestone by breaking the 5000 mile mark in less than 6 months! WOOOHOOO! And yes, this is a photo and post I did back on December 31 of 2006. Admittedly a lot of my cycling miles has been done on my indoor recumbent stationary bike, watching the History Channel or taped Jerry Springer shows... ;-) I have been managing to do a hour ride (20 miles) everyday this year and sometime 2 or 3 of the same rides in a days time. YEA, label me a real WUSS... for NOT doing REAL miles... BUT hey, it's tough cycling and watching TV... ;-) BUT despite that achievement, I'm BARELY managing to hold onto being in the top 50 cyclists at Puff PUFF, guess I better go pump out some more TV miles...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

"NEW" Rans F5 at Atlantic Bicycles!

While out and about I decided to drop by Atlantic Bicycles and Harass Josh a little... ;-) Actually I was looking to maybe get a test ride of the Rans Stratus XP (Duel 26 wheel) as this may be a bike added to my stable in the future... (Another post about THAT soon...) BUT Josh had already sold the one he had, so I was left to glance over the other recumbents in the store. Then I saw the (New) Rans F5 there on the floor. I say NEW, because it's now a mono tube, instead of that triangular stuff the original one had. Folks, I have to tell you, that is one SWEET ride! Someone my size must have been on it earlier, as that bike was almost nicely dialed in and ready to ride for me. Now obviously, I still LOVE may Bacchetta Aero, BUT if I didn't presently own one, THIS 25.4 lb. RANS F5 would be a serious consideration for me! To those that have emailed me about this bike, Josh (Atlantic Bicycles) has one on the floor and ready to ride! Here is the link to read more about it.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Race Accross America (RAAM) * 2008

Dear EZ Biker, I see RAAM (Race Across America) is almost here and yet I don't see hardly any recumbent sites talking it up as yet? Are no recumbents in it this year? Signed Jan
Jan, Thanks for your email and interesting question. I liken this to cyclists showing up for a weekly ride event. Usually you don't see hardly ANYONE until the last few minutes the event is to get underway. ;-)
For the 2008 RAAM event only "1" recumbent entry has been seen so far; which is Bacchetta's John Schlitter, competing in the solo cyclist division, starting out using a Carbon Fiber Aero, with 2 Black Corsa's as backup.
The word that's going around in recumbent land is that the 2009 RAAM event will probably see NUMEROUS recumbent manufacturers competing. Watch for more updates as the event draws nearer!!!
Update - 6/8/08 - Link I have also added a new blog RAAM news by EZ Biker that will be exclusively for any recumbent news on RAAM 2008!

GO John Schlitter & Team Bacchetta!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hummm, do 5 climbs at this bridge and call it a day for a GREAT cycling workout... ;-)

WELL once again the rbent forum (Photo section) has some really FUN & Interesting photos! This one (Sunday Ride Photo - posted by FlyingLaZBoy) caught my eye, based on the rather steep incline, this poor cyclist, is about to endure.
The rbent forum is really a nice forum to visit and read and I highly reccomend you visit them!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What does a Vision R30(?) look like?

Dear EZ Biker, while on a bike ride with some of my friends, we got to talking about bikes and some past ones we had owned. One person brought up a Vision R30 recumbent. I've done all kinds of searches and can't seem to locate one. And suggestions? Signed Allen
Allen Thanks for your email and yes, I do remember the Vision VR 30 Metro, that was made by Visions recumbents. A company that sadly went out of business many years ago. :-( Pictured is one that was offered for sale at the BROL forum, years back. A Great looking and riding bike! The BikeE had a similar design as well. (Although theirs was a square rail instead of a round tube design) Here's a link to read more about the BikeE.