Monday, April 28, 2008

What is that BIG Front wheel / little rear bike called???

Dear EZ Biker, I stopped by Bike Spot in your area to check out a Bacchetta bike. There was this old really huge front wheel bike, with a smaller rear wheel. I'm wondering what kind of bike was that? Are they even made anymore? Signed Todd
Thanks for your email Todd and interesting question. The bike you saw at Payton's shop is called a Penny-Farthing bicycle. There's all kinds of information about this marvelous bike doing the following Google search. One site that seems to offer some good information about the start of bicycling is at this link. I have even done a few posts on these unique bikes at the following link and link. And believe it or not, you can actually still purchase these kinds of bikes, as seen at this link!
NOW, could or would I ever have the nerve to try one??? Ummmmmmmm, EEEEK! Probably not!!! :-)
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