Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Portland (Oregon) has gone Platinum!!! :-)

From the BROL forum posted by mi7d1. CONGRATULATIONS to the fine City Of Portland Oregon on not only being a bicycle Friendly town; but now reaching perhaps the highest award to achieve that distinction via the Platinum level! Here are some links & links to read more about the Wonderful Achievement! OOOOH how I wish other cities and states would become BIKE AWARE & FRIENDLY!!! Posted at office :-)
Update 4-28-08: WOW! Thanks for ALL the emails about putting a capital O in Oregon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Looking for a Bacchetta Aero??? There's one up for grabs on eBay! HURRY and check it out!!!

From time to time I've gotten numerous inquiries about the Bacchetta Aero, which has been removed from the market for a short while, until titanium becomes more available........, if ever! WELL there's one on eBay and so far the $$$ bid is LOW! Anyone wanting a chance at this beauty, go to this link now!!! Posted from work. :-)
UPDATE - 5-3-08: Bidding is over and the bike is sold!

What is that BIG Front wheel / little rear bike called???

Dear EZ Biker, I stopped by Bike Spot in your area to check out a Bacchetta bike. There was this old really huge front wheel bike, with a smaller rear wheel. I'm wondering what kind of bike was that? Are they even made anymore? Signed Todd
Thanks for your email Todd and interesting question. The bike you saw at Payton's shop is called a Penny-Farthing bicycle. There's all kinds of information about this marvelous bike doing the following Google search. One site that seems to offer some good information about the start of bicycling is at this link. I have even done a few posts on these unique bikes at the following link and link. And believe it or not, you can actually still purchase these kinds of bikes, as seen at this link!
NOW, could or would I ever have the nerve to try one??? Ummmmmmmm, EEEEK! Probably not!!! :-)
Posted from work

Friday, April 25, 2008

WELL... That "Time" has come... :-(

Well EZ Biker Friends, it's surely not looking good at the moment for my beloved... laptop. After almost 8+ years, it has I believe given up the ghost... :-( I'm close to placing my order for a new one, very soon. In the meantime, I'll try and post from work, (Which I did with this post) but there may be a little time lag, so please hang in there and don't forget to visit!!! :-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

SO you think you are a BAD cycling hill climber eh??? Here's your hill to prove it!

Once again another fascinating find at the BROL Forum, Bent's can't climb? - Myth busted by Lee W. The event is called Lakelands Loop and here are some links, links, & links that tell more about it. Oooooooooh yea, I could do that climb.............. NOT! ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

WISHING EVERYDAY Could and (Should be) Earth Day!

Tuesday April 22 is officially Earth Day here in the United States. March 21 is Earth Day internationally. Too BAD, everyday should be Earth Day throughout the world!!!
EZ Biker :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recumbent Bicycles NOT for everyone... :-(

Dear EZ Biker, we had a funny happenstance at our bike club gathering recently. A couple of our more hardcore cyclists decided to make the move into recumbent bicycles. Upon showing up for a few bike events, they got the usual joking and ribbing about their bikes. BUT they also seem to have issues with being able to hang (Speed wise) with even the moderate groups of cyclists. Keep in mind, these are (Again) hardcore usually 25+ mph cyclists. A few weeks ago, they were back on their uprights and back with the advance group of cyclists. They really didn't have too much positive things to say about recumbents. Your thoughts? Signed Ann.
Ann, Thanks for your email. WELL to be perfectly honest, (IMHO) recumbent bicycles may not be for everyone out there! (I can hear some of my recumbent zealots, about to pounce on me for that statement... ;-) Like anything, it's takes a certain amount of time to get use to or acclimated to a different bike platform, then what you are use to. Especially if you have been riding a certain bike style for a LONG time. The reality of the matter is, you are just not going to be as fast (Immediately) on a recumbent bike, even if it's one of the more performance orientated ones. You use different muscle groups on these bikes and it takes time to get your muscles use to the different riding style.
Clearly you need to give your new bicycling platform TIME and start out easy and not be concerned with immediate performance results. One thing I have advised numerous cyclists, flirting with recumbent bicycles, is to NOT discard their upright bike! Do some easy riding on the recumbent and then go out on your DF (Diamond Frame) bike, especially when doing club or event rides. The main LESSON here is: Don't expect all out performance, for at least 6 months or more! If you give IT TIME, you can achieve the performace (If that's what you are into) you are looking. This also applies to those people looking for a more comfortable, easy riding bike. Take your time and get use to the bike!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Check out my SEXY Bike Glove Hand... NOT! It's a response to a question!!! :-)

EZ Biker, when I'm riding rather late or early in the morning, I sometimes get people honking their horns at me as they come up behind me. I clearly see them with my mirrors and even pull over more off the road to let them by. Do you get the same thing in your early morning rides? Signed Ruth
Ruth, Thanks for your nice email and YES I do periodically get the same occurrence, (Add to that the bright lights being flashed... :-( ) especially with Florida's peek a boo, now you see them, now you don't bike lanes. One of the best ways to possibly minimize this is to communicate with the vehicle that you are aware of them, by waving your hand. This sometimes will also defuse a goofy person contemplating driving closer (Brushing) you and / or them honking their horn to see if they can scare you as well.
UPDATE - 4/20/08: OK, I confess, I changed the photo to a more realistic setting, as I do use bike gloves when I ride... ;-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

EEEEEEEEK! My bikejournal.com is off line!!! :-(

Apparently Bike Journal . Com is having some sort of major server issue at the moment. I got a few emails from some people wanting to check out my mileage stats. I'm sure it will be back on line in a short while.......... I hope......... :-)

Which now has me thinking, maybe I should setup my own (Backup) mileage log, like somewhere in my blog here, or a separate blog.
UPDATE! 4-19-08: All is OK again. One of their servers was down for about 5 hours! But it's back up now and I'm still hanging around in the top 50 bunch!!! :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

WATCH OUT for Recumbent Bicycle Scams on eBAY!!!

Dear EZ Biker, there’s some interesting recumbents listed for sale on eBay from time to time. Some of them are from sellers overseas. Have there ever been some posted issues concerning these types of sales concerning recumbents? Signed Molly
Molly, Thanks for your email. And in answer to your question… YES! All the time. In fact, just today there’s a post at BROL (Bent Rider On Line) concerning a recent recumbent tandem that was priced Ridiculously LOW. I also found an interesting bit of information posted at eBay on certain things you should be on the lookout for. Very informative reading!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What are avatars?

Dear EZ Biker, I'm fairly new at both recumbents and the Internet. I visit a lot of forums and I see some posters with small photos attached to their posts, which are called an avatar. Is there some specific definition that clearly explains the meaning of the word? Signed Michelle
Michelle, Thanks for your email and yes, there are quite a lot of different
definitions for Avatars. You can pretty much take your pick, from the Google search I did on them. I kind of like the definition that PC Magazine encyclopedia gives: Definition of: avatar A graphic identity you either select from a group of choices or create on your own to represent yourself to the other party in a chat, instant messaging (IM) or multi player gaming session. An avatar is a caricature, not a realistic photo and can be a simple image or a bizarre fantasy figure. Avatar is a Sanskrit word that means the incarnation of a god on earth, and this usage of the term came from the gaming and 3D chat worlds. See VRML. Avatars can be a simple graphic or photo or even ones in motion like you see in this post. (Which is one of my FAVORITES... ;-) This was borrowed from the following post at the BROL Forum. Now EZ Biker's MORE simple definition of an avatar is a photo, gif or graphic that best describes you and that's included on your posts at whatever forums you post to. :-) :-) :-) Ahhhh, nothing like using a good working computer at... w.... ;-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's time to enlighten another organization about... Rediscovering the PLEASURE of bicycling on a... Recumbent!!! :-) :-) :-)

I happen onto an interesting post at the BROL forum about AARP Bicycle Picks For Those Over 50 and being a member of this fine organization, I proceeded to send them the following email:
Dear AARP, I'm a member (302***) of your fine organization and I'm writing with concern to an article about bicycle picks for 50+ cyclists.
http://www.aarpmagazine.org/health/easy_rider.html While I mean no negative feelings towards Bicycle Magazine, they clearly are out of touch on what truly PLEASURABLE bicycling is all about for the 50+ cyclist. I've included a photo of myself (USA Flag jersey) along with numerous other cyclists that ride what is called a recumbent bicycle. I would like to also include a few additional links to recumbent specific websites that you are welcome to check out. http://www.bicycleman.com/recumbents/recumbent_faqs.htm
And my own blog:
http://www.ezbiker.com Sincerely, K. Evans
EZ Biker :-)
PS: Here's their email address, in case you might want to send them an email on this: aarpmagazine@aarp.org

Saturday, April 12, 2008

EZ Biker's Computer, on life support... :-( :-( :-(

Well EZ Biker Friends, it appears my old computer (Acquired in 1998) is about to FINALLY give up the ghost. :-( I guess I'll need to bury it beside my beloved Disco Mirror Ball... ;-) ;-) ;-)
I hoping to put my order in for a new one this next week. So you might be seeing a pause in my posts for a short while, unless I can sneak on my computer at work and post from there. In the meantime, Thanks to all that have visited and continue to visit! :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

OT - On line resize your photo site!

OK, here's a pretty neat little site for shrinking photos and even making photos into avatars. Speaking of which, I'll be answering an inquirers question about avatars in a few posts. :-) I'm also working on some new sidebar modifications and plan to include EZ's fun, useful and interesting website discovery links.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bacchetta Corsa used for commuting?

Dear EZ Biker, I'm thinking of purchasing a Bacchetta Corsa for general riding purposes, but am wondering if it could be used for commuting? Thanks, Signed Sam
Sam I know a few people that use their Strada's, Corsas and (More affordable) Giros for commute bikes. I think the only potential issues would be raising your feet to clip in and out quite also sometimes and I'm not sure how really laid back you might want to be, in basic commuting practices. For me, I prefer to be MORE upright, in my recent commute experiments. Pictured is a Bacchetta Forum poster (The Canoe) Giro, tricked out for potential commuting.
UPDATE - 4-11-08: OK I know the initial inquiry was about a Corsa. However I have since been corrected and the (Again) pictured bike is a 26 (Rear Wheel) / 24 (Front wheel) Giro, which is clearly LESS $$$ for a Great riding and commute bike.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

OT - Tibet Protests during the Olympic Torch parade... """Possible PAYBACK""" against innocent Olympians... :-(

Admittedly, I get numerous email inquiries asking for my personal views about Religion, politics and general world issues, etc. I purposely shy away from responding to those kinds of inquiries, as there are millions of blogs that cater to those topics. I much prefer to keep my blog more recumbent bicycle, exercise and general health content, with sometimes a slight OT deviation… ;-) As such, with this post you are reading, it will admittedly be somewhat off topic from my normal content, BUT I feel the need to VENT somewhat…. :-/
I watched the Olympic torch parade fiasco in San Francisco today (4/9/08) and I came away, feeling very SAD for many innocent people that immediately were victims and the many others that may just eventually, receive PAYBACK from this pathetic show our populace put on today. Clearly I felt SO BAD for those poor people that were selected to carry the torch and how scared and concerned they and their families had to be, watching them be surrounded by all the massive police protection to keep away the protesters. Their maybe one chance in the spotlight was basically SPOILED! Mind you, I too am for human rights for Tibet and other countries, but keep in mind; China is NOT ALONE in the human rights violators department! A certain American controlled Iraq prison comes to mind here…
But lets get to the point. I truly believe actions always have reactions and I have no doubt there may be retribution at the expense of innocent Olympic athletes. It will not surprise me one bit, if the Chinese citizens LOUDLY start BOOING those athletes from those countries whose population participated in protests when the Olympic torch came to their country and into their cities and towns. I hope the Chinese people show restraint and MORE class and try and keep in perspective what the games are really all about and that’s sports competition, NOT POLITICAL or ideological grandstanding competition. But if they don’t, then surely that will be one of THE MOST SAD heart wrenching experiences; an innocent Olympian athlete will have to endure and will be with them for the rest of their lives…………………….. EZ Biker :-( :-( :-(

OT - """DEATH""" By Blogging!!! :-/

WOW! Just when you thought you had a grasp on every which way you can conk out; now even… BLOGGING can be hazardous to your health according to this story! I guess I may have to knock off doing a lot of future posts.…… NAH! Actually my posting is a casual thing and obviously it seems to be mildly entertaining to my friends and visitors. Am I ever under the GUN to do a post? Psssssssss, are you kidding? :-)

Recumbent tandam rack?

Dear EZ Biker, my wife and me are about to move on a Rans Recumbent Tandem in the very near future. One thing that's kind of holding us back is finding a suitable car rack for the rather LONG bike. Can you offer any possible information on a rack that might work. Signed Don & Claire
Don & Clair, thanks for your email and if I may offer an early congratulations on your pending recumbent tandem purchase! :-) I actually have been looking into various bike racks as a future purchase, if / when I finally decide to part with my gas GUZZLING van and move onto a more compact type of vehicle. (Maybe a Toyota Yaris or Corolla) I think I have found a pretty interesting bike rack that can handle any length side bike! It's produced by Atoc and here's the link. From looking at the photos, this seems to be a very good rack and allows you to easily mount and remove your bike, from top of any size vehicle.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Doing MS 150 and any other events?

Hello EZ Biker, I was one of your MS 150 contributors last year. I'm wondering if you are planning to do that event this year? Signed Dennis
Dennis, Thanks for your email! Sadly :-( it appears I'm going to be missing the MS 150 event and actually a lot of other events that I would normally be doing. The reason is simple, the price of $$$ GAS $$$. So most likely I'll be keeping it close around my residential area for the time being. BUT by the way, Thank You for your contribution on my behalf last year!!! :-) :-) :-) Photo courtesy of this link

Friday, April 04, 2008

Some EXCELLENT articles about Recumbent Bicycling!

While browsing the Bacchetta Forum, I came upon a post titled: Local club newsletter-my bent articles, written by fellow Bacchetta poster Nic Morel, who resides in Wichita Kansas . These are some really informative articles and worthwhile reading for those who might be thinking of a recumbent in the future. He has posted copies of his writing in pdf files, which I have listed below! Check them out! :-)
Feb article. - Climbing
March article. - Seat types
April article. - Why not more bents on the road?

My helmet revisited... :-)

Dear EZ Biker, I've checked out your site and also your online photos. I know you previously posted information about your helmet / mirror setup. I'm wondering if there are any other advantages of using a helmet with a visor, beside the mirror setup? Signed Clark
Clark, Thanks for your email. And the answer to your question is YES. Technically the visor is suppose to keep the sun out of your eyes, BUT it's great for night / morning riding too! With oncoming traffic, you can dip you head a little and block out the vehicles lights (Especially the Halogen ones) and still be able to view the road ahead of you.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do you subscribe to any Baby Boomer Sites or Networks?

Hi EZ Biker, my name is Donna. You have a really nice and interesting site, especially with concern to bicycling and recumbents. Do you subscribe to any of the numerous Baby Boomer sites or networks on the web? One of my Favorites is Eons; but there's not a lot of recumbent type of people there... yet...
Hi back Donna! And Thank You for your nice "Informative" email! WOW! Funny I should get your email concerning Baby Boomer websites and Blogs. I happen to catch an article at MSNBC website:
Baby boomers hang out on own social networks, that offers some interesting sites geared for Baby Boomers. There are numerous sites, but I've actually on recently visited a few that have caught my eye. BUT in the meantime, I have added EZ's Favorite Baby Boomer links to my blog site and have listed a few interesting links. Talk about an interesting way to spread the recumbent bicycle word, these sites clearly have potential! Check them out!
Also if anyone has additional interesting websites or blogs geared toward Baby Boomers, PLEASE drop me an email and I'll check them out and add them to my BB section!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The "MOTHER" of all April Fool Photos!

Ha! I bet you all thought I forgot April Fools didn't you! Well almost... I have actually been doing something pretty DISGUSTING... like work! ;-)

So pictured is MR. Ultimate Recumbent Cyclist, John Schlitter of Bacchetta Receumbent Bicycles! If he was riding on flat tires, I still couldn't keep up with him or some of those other Elite BLUE Killer Bees! So YES, there's truly some serious daydreaming here... or it's way past my scheduled medication time!!! Happy April Fools!!!

Great Recumbent Blogsite by David!

I received a nice email and information about another really Great recumbent blog site from David. The Recumbent Report. Life at 15 MPH is the name of the site and there are some excellent articles and Great photos! Check it out!!!