Saturday, March 29, 2008

What to do after my recumbent bicycling days are over???

Dear EZ Biker, will you still be active after your recumbent bicycling days are over? Signed Beth

Hello Beth, Thanks for your…. Interesting email question… ;-) WELL yes admittedly there will come a time when I won’t be able to do recumbent bicycling anymore; but by then I’ll probably have my funeral Urn already picked out! ;-) OR, perhaps I can prolong my stay a little longer by getting into Toilet Racing”!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Your ride journal entries are different...

Dear EZ Biker, I've viewed your ride journal at times and now I'm noticing a different wording in your journal. Just wondering why the change. Signed Cheryl

Hello Cheryl, thanks for your email! :-) Well I had been getting some rather unfriendly emails from (I assume) some cyclists at bikejournal about my so-called recorded bike miles. Admittedly the majority of it is on my in house stationary. Those aren't real miles, you're not a real cyclist, why not quit logging that nonsense into bikejournal... etc. etc etc. SO finally I decided to just start using different wording and let the... think whatever they want. Needless to say, if you don't see my Aero or Agio in the message area, then YOU know it's done on my stationary. :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OT - A long time tradition is (Shockingly) laid to rest... :-(

Well EZ Biker Friends, this post is admittedly Off Topic, BUT I feel the need to vent somewhat. I’m about to lose many Wonderful Friends and along with that, a realization of something, I never thought would be laid to rest…
Back in November 1996, I arrived at my new job. The place was HUGE (1 Million + sq. ft.) and there were 6 manufacturing lines, (Including two prototype lines) along with numerous engineering areas with anywhere from 2500 to 3000 people on campus at any given time, 24 / 7 / 365 days a year. Each shift had it’s own world and unique… characters, that clearly fit that particular shift. One employee always came dressed as a Star Trek, Kligon and others exhibited unique qualities as well. Each shift was like family and Holidays and Birthdays were wonderful moments to be able to observe on any shift. Back then MADE IN AMERICA was something to be PROUD of. About 6 weeks later I was offered another position at the same job, at an annex location and couldn't’ pass up the chance of being the ONLY security department representative there. The people there were on the engineering side and it was pretty cool, having your own exclusive security representative for your entire department. About a year and half later, we were brought back to main plant, where life and those BUSY 3 shifts, 24 / 7 were still going strong. But then something titled NAFTA came along and… CHANGES began to take place. Number crunchers began to realize that making things overseas was a lot more profitable, with the (MUCH CHEAPER) labor force. Made in America is no longer a prestigious or cherished commodity. Since then, countless companies have likewise cut American jobs and sent the jobs overseas.
At the company I work at, manufacturing by real company employees was now beginning to be (At first) outsourced, to contractor labor. Then, every so slowly, jobs began going over seas. A lot of workers, (Many, my friends) began to disappear or out of the blue, come bid me farewell, as they or their department had just been let go… :-( Soon, 2 lines closed down and then two more and then the last two. The two prototype lines were all that was remaining. Now even they have gone away and again, many of my long time (Manufacturing line) friends have departed. I still had a lot of Engineer friends though, from my earlier days working at the Annex building. But now once again, CHANGES are underway… Now it’s those remaining friends, I have worked with for so many years, are now... about to go their separate ways. I liken the mood at my now (Somber) job, like those final hours on the Titanic. You know the ship is sinking, all the lifeboats are gone and you only have a short time to go, before you are in the frigid cold sea. You look around and you see SO MANY people that (Like you) are basically doomed. The once busy buzzing sound of engineering around the facility, has now been replaced with groups of people just standing around, a nervous laughter, a lame joke here or there, maybe passing on a rumor or talk about a possible save the job miracle, that will most likely never happen. But ultimately the conversation ends at, what will you do, when THE MOMENT arrives...
I don't blame the company I work at for all this sadness. It's purely the sign of times and in order for any company to globally compete, you have to make something as CHEAP as possible and get as much profit as you can for it. My story is not unique; it’s a SAD reality that has been happening and will continue so all over this Wonderful country. Never in my life, could I have ever imagined, Made In The USA, would be laid to rest… :-(
Update - 3/27/08 -
I've gotten numerous email responses to this latest post. One being from a fellow recumbent cyclist, John who points out that NAFTA really isn't the blame here, as that treaty involved trade with Mexico and Canada. And I agree with him! :-) BUT I still believe NAFTA played some role in all of this, by clearly exposing the much CHEAPER wages that are beyond our shores. Thus cheaper to build products, which results in a higher profit in the end. Lastly to be perfectly HONEST here, I REALLY would not have an issue with manufacturing jobs being parceled out to our (SURELY MORE TRUSTWORTHY) closer neighbors, than where they are now going... :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ride for Gerry "Chief" Frierdich and your chance to Win a Bacchetta!!!

I pulled this very touching story off of BROL and then visited the Bacchetta Blog where this story was originally posted. Gerry “Chief” Frierdich was critically injured on August, 19th 2007, when he was struck by a pickup truck while riding his Bacchetta Giro 26. As a result of the accident, Gerry is now a quadriplegic. Having overcome the initial hurdles, Gerry continues to work hard in physical and occupational therapy with inspiring achievements thus far.
WOW! Bacchetta is even donating
two Bacchetta Bellandare’s to be raffeled off! Obviously this is an event I'd LOVE to go to and participate in, BUT work prevents me from doing so... :-( :-( :-( BUT the next best thing I can do is send a donation to this wonderful Person and fellow Family and Friends, to help out with those EXPENSIVE medical bills. Perhaps some of my fellow EZ Biker Friends might like to join in as well??? Here's the link to the site for more information. :-) :-) :-)

Is there a Titaium High Racer frame available anywhere?

Dear EZ Biker, I have been trying FOREVER to get my hands on a Titanium Aero! Either I'm too late or the price is $$$ forbiddingly too high. Is there an alternative Titanium High Racer frame available anywhere? Signed Chuck

Chuck you may just be in luck. Over at the BROL classified I learned that there is a Titanium High Racer frame under the possible manufacturer Volae recumbents. Here's the link to the Chinese company that apparently is selling them. Not sure on the price though!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wishing all my EZ Biker Friends a Happy Happy Easter!!!

Once again it's one of those Favorite Special Times of the year! Let me take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Joyful Easter!
And for my fellow cyclist friends Please be careful if you are riding on A1A this Sunday! Lots of Day Break beach Easter Worship ceremonies going on and that means a lot of people will be on A1A roadway early!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have a DROOPY chain, here's how to fix it... ;-) ;-) ;-)

Admittedly there are some recumbents that have a rather LONG chain line and without any kind of mid roller or cog, chains will kind of DROOP. Appearently someone has found the solution for this and it is being used on a (EEEEEEEEEEEEK) "FIX Gear... Bike E!!!!! Photo courtsey of 2004 Oregon Recumbent Retreat - Joseph

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!

So yea bes bea wea-n som GREEN toda ther frin! (EZ trying to talk Irish...) So today's really COOL St. Patty's Day picture comes from the recumbent industries own Deva, Laurie Smith who started and still runs the ERRC. (Easy Racers Recumbent Club) Having own numerous Easy Racer Products in the past, they are Excellent recumbents!
Now I do want to add a word of caution here. This Day (A FUN One for sure) is also what we (Back inmy Bar / Disco club industry days) use to call AMATURE Drunk Day. Also folks that don't consume a lot of alcohal, will probably get caught up in the festivites! So be VERY CAREFUL when out on the road, in vehicles and on bicycles!!! :-) :-) :-)

Why do people post RIP Bicyclists Posts?

Dear EZ Biker, I don’t mean for this question to be insensitive as I really do feel sad whenever I see postings of cyclists meeting their demise. I wonder though why people go out of their way to post such news at various forums. This is such a constant happenstance, perhaps a RIP section could be setup at various bike forums. Your thoughts? Sincerely, Sidney

Sidney I too have wondered about that. And these kinds of postings surely do occur at BROL. (Bent Rider On Line) website. I have to feel that perhaps it’s done to help us stay aware that these kinds of sad occurrences are unfortunately, very common. Still it does seem to diminish the positive atmosphere one starts out with, when they visit various forums. Strangely I’m incline to agree with you, that perhaps an RIP section could be setup at various sites, but I doubt a lot of people would actually go to that forum. I'm also incline to believe some people post RIP happenstances to see just what kind of reactions they will get from other people. Is this a good or bad thing; I honestly don't have an answer. But back to setting up a separate section at a forum is something I doubt website owners, webmasters etc. would consider doing.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"PLEASE" Be careful what information you give to any social website communities! :-(

I got a recent invite to a Friends new site they had setup at one of these social community websites. In order for me to view their site I needed to sign up to the site. Right off the bat it requested my complete name and birth date. I can understand the birth date, which really one can probably put any date they want. But the part of your full name, which is posted world wide at your site, is the first red flag that popped up into my head. Now someone already has 2 vital parts of information on you, in that of your name and birth date. That alone can get you fairly located in a specific grid area. Input that information into a find a person website and you're off to the races. Later in the process, it requested an email address, which again was OK, but then asked for your email account password! NO NO NO NO!!!!! Even though the site gave a it's OK you're information is perfectly safe... (Yea right...) reason for that information request; there's NO WAY, I'm going to give out that information. Imagine some bored (Or recently fired) employee having access to your email account, along with the log in password. Any possible private email information you might have in your account, along with all your friends and family email addresses are now capably of being accessed, by persons unknown to you. I also just did a Google search on FACEB... issues and got 7 MILLION + hits. (A lot of the hits, address the very concerns I've briefly stated here) I've gone out of my way not to specifically name the website here and again, I'm not personally attacking the site. I'm merely advising my EZ Biker Friends to REALLY be careful with any of the social sites. To me, if you really want a nice (Rather secure) space on the net, why not just setup a BLOG using Googles Blogger, like I and millions of others have done! :-) :-) :-)
For the record, I did setup a alternate name, birth date and DIDN'T disclose my email account password. I'm going to deactivate the account before the end of the day. :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Are you all sitting down? FINALLY a post about a website that's actually USEFUL!

I just received a very nice email from a person named Alex, who has a website, bicycletutor that is going to prove to be VERY USEFUL to all you do it yourself bicycle repair people out there! And the tutorials are done up in videos for you, to watch and learn how to do your own bike repairs! This is a really COOL (AND USEFUL) site and I see at least 2 videos I seriously need to check out!!! :-) NICE concept there Alex! :-)

WOW! SO MANY DIFFERENT users of ezbiker!

I've received a few emails asking if I was the same person selling something on eBay. Next was someone inquiring about 4 wheeler sales, that has the same name. Nope, those are not me. :-) SO then I decided to do a Google on ezbiker. WOW! There's a lot of people out there using the word! Just keep in mind, THIS ezbiker is the person that rides a recumbent bicycle! :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Broward Counties Bicycle Month is nice, BUT...

Bicycle Month in Broward County is March 1st thru the 31st. Admittedly Broward has a lot of really Great activities planned. More than 60 events are scheduled for Bicycle Month! At my work place, we have numerous dedicated bicyclists as well as active bicycle advocates. And yet having said this, I WOULD MUCH PREFER IF MORE ENERGY AND FOCUS WAS PUT FORWARD INTO SETTING UP A “””REAL””” USABLE BICYCLE LANE! OK, I’m being a little selfish here, as I do work on University Blvd. and a bike route from Federal Highway to there would be an IDEAL happenstance for me. Don’t get me wrong, Broward does have bike lanes; but I call them PEEK A BOO lanes, as they basically come and go after a while. I commented about them here, in a previous post, that had me try my proposed commute from home to work.

How really AWARE are you?! Do the TEST... and FIND OUT!

I got this interesting "TEST" subject from the BROL forum. And YES... I FAILED the test!!! ;-/ Care to give it a try; here's the link.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RCN Blog has been removed... :-(

Dear EZ Biker, I know the recumbent magazine RCN sadly went out of publication; but now even their blog has been removed. :-( Signed: Casey

Casey, sadly enough you are correct. I check my links from time to time and I sadly realized this. I’ve been meaning upgrade my blog links; which hopefully I’ll do this weekend. My original post concerning this HEARTBREAKING event can be found here. Thanks for your email Casey! :-)
PS: I just don't have the heart to remove the RCN blog link from my site; so I have left the link and changed the address to my blog post that reported the SAD moment in Recumbency... :-(


Hummmm, OK this is an interesting site I found posted at the SFRR forum. Basically a way to expose those DIRTY LITTLE ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS that park in MY BIKE LANE!!! Find them, photo shoot them and then post your comment about those_(*&^%$#@ vermin in MY BIKE LANE!!! ;-) Lots of photos included that trully EXPOSE those perpetrators. There are additional chapeters of this... site all around the world too.
UPDATE - 3/13/08 - Thanks to Steve B, I have now been made aware of a Bike Lane Chapter now in Fort Lauderdale Florida!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


$$$4.00+ FUEL is on the way and clearly this is a GOLDEN as well as a very GREEN (Financially and saving the planet wise) opportunity that the Upright / recumbent bicycle industry should SERIOUSLY be ramping up and getting ready for! This is not a new subject here, as I have previously done a post similar to this. But just HOW should the industry and specifically bike shops get ready for this issue? Simply setup some bikes geared for commuting. Finders, lights and maybe bike bags and have this bike or bikes setup on the floor and ready to go! Perhaps make some in-house (Or professionally done) sign touting the advantage of bicycling verses that NOW costly (And getting higher) fuel for the vehicle. Just 1, 2 or more days a week spent bicycling to work and other places close by, will clearly save you some $$$ on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle as well.

I myself am planning another R & D weekend excursion to work and see if there’s really potential for me to be able to commute to work and save some $$$! Technically, going to work (EARLY) should be a piece of cake; it’s the ride home that proved to be rather CHALLENGING when I attempted this endeavor about 6 months ago. Still the thought of paying that kind of $$$, is proving to be a very good motivational moment, to seriously study the feasibility.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

OT - But a really interesting website of "SHOW & TELL"!

Well I seem to be sneaking in a lot of OT posts in what's suppose to be strictly recumbent bicycling, EZ Biker style. BUT Thanks to a lot of encouraging emails that welcome some of my rather "Different" perhaps offbeat or interesting photos and web sites I do encounter; I'll post away! :-)
So todays rather interesting web site is titled Instructables. And here's what they say about their site.
"Instructables" is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others."
In fact a cyclist has designed a "Poor Mans" recumbent bicycle carrier, which can be seen at this link! So perhaps you have been wondering how something gets built or is fabricated; this is the web site to visit.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hammer Nutrition lawsuit... :-(

I happen to come upon this article at the Bacchetta forum. Here's a link to the actual article. And YES admittedly I have used some of their products, such as Hammer Endurolytes that really helped me stay riding for 16 hours at Sebring last year. Now you all know how I feel about any kind of drugs used in cycling, BUT this was a product that I have taken for granted was safe to use and would not be an issue at official bicycle events. However keep in mind, I have not and don't really plan to compete in the Olympics or official highly scrutinized bike events anytime soon. Still this has opened my eyes and I'm going to probably pass on any continued use of the product for the time being. I'm not saying it's illegal, BUT I think I'll stick with similar energy inducing items like peanut butter / jelly sandwiches, water and maybe Gator aid. Having said this, I now offer this opinion to any of you PRO cyclists out there. Before competing in any high profile cycling event, I would make sure I have receive information on what's allowed (Nutrients / pills wise) and whats not. Especially if this is an event where 'TESTING for ant suspicious enhancement drug use would be required. Just because a product is out on the market, does not make that product safe to use in events where certain ingredients are prohibited. ALWAYS FIND OUT WHAT'S LEGAL OR OK TO USE, BEFORE USING ANY PRODUCT! Lastly, if it is found that the product did incur some sort of added ingredients, (Not stated on the bottle) then clearly this may warrant legal recourse.
UPDATE - 3/9/08 - I have gotten a lot of emails concerning this; with readers wanting more information about it. Rich Pinto of Team Bacchetta posted a really good link which offers added information to this issue. Check it out! :-)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What do cyclists do... when they have to go...??? :-0

Ummmm, what, er I mean, (GULP), clearing my throat, trying to regain my composure... WELL EZ Biker Friends, I have gotten a number of email inquiries concerning about the "Call of nature" while cycling. Add to that, just how does some cyclists complete centuries in a little over 4 hours and do so by NOT stopping. I have to wondering if these inquiries are from reading a certain post at the Bacchetta Forum. Obviously it is possible to add plumbing to your bicycle...;-/ So to better illustrate this, I'll be posting an inquiry at that forum post and see if I can get an actual photo of such "plumbing." :-) In the meantime, I'll leave you all pondering with the photo you see here.
UPDATE: 3/3/2008 - Special Thanks to Team Bacchetta's Larry Graham for gracefully providing a photo of : "The Plumbing..." :-) You can see the origional photo at this link. Larry has also provided information on what specific brand he uses, which you can find here. :-) Tolet trike photo courtesy of