Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A bike with a REAL USE (GREENER Earth) purpose!!!

I found this rather interesting looking bike and article at Recumbent News. What a great way to clean water and get great exercise too! Here's the youtube link to see what this ingenious bicycle can do!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank You ALL So Much! :-)

WOW! The abundance of nice thoughtful emails is really a surprise; but very much appreciated!!! EZ Biker :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A SPECIAL Friend has been called home... :-( :-( :-(

Today I SADLY learned of the passing of a really Special Person, whom I had the privilege of keeping in touch with for quite a while. She was a fellow 1966 Catholic School classmate and a really neat friend back in my Catholic grade school days. She impacted my life in so many ways. I REALLY enjoyed sending her my goofy cards and letters and I always had a smile on my face when I was composing them. I'm going to MISS writing and sending those cards to you Michelle. I'd like to write a little more here, but I can't see the keyboard through my tears... Love Ken

Monday, February 18, 2008

I see a glimpse of the future in this photo!

Wonderful Thanks again to Rodk for taking some really EXCELLENT photos of Sebring! This particular photo (With a caption and wording added by me... ;-) clearly is what I believe the future of bicycling will be!!! By the way, the LONE upright cyclist seen in the photo, finished the 24 hours of Sebring with a HEART Stopping 502 miles!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

1st video coming out of Sebring!

Well I was going to just do an update from my post before, BUT WHAT Heck! Check out the COOL video taken by Rodk!!! The Bee's are LOOKING GOOD!!!
2/17/08 - Update! I have gotten numerous emails about the video going dark towards the middle. This happen to me too and I'm only speculating that the person ran out of actual video recording space. I'll check up on it and see what I can find out. :-) Also here are some photos of the event by Rodk. Update 2 - See the Sebring results at the following link!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's NOT about the award you may receive....'s the simple basic showing up to "participate" and the satisfaction of knowing you rode with some of the best cyclists that makes all the cyclists heading for Sebring Florida, ALREADY WINNERS, in my book! Regardless as to whatever kind of bike you ride (DF, recumbent, streamliner or trike) it's the going and becoming part of a very unique platu of cyclists, that makes Sebring so SPECIAL! It's an event I'm already SORELY missing and truly hoping I can resume to go to in the future! BUT for now, I want to graciously salute all the cyclists and the Wonderful Sebring volenteers and people working this event, this weekend!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

BREAKING News! * Lance Armstrong to open Bicycle Shop!

I got this interesting story from the Bacchetta forum courtesy of a new poster at the Bacchetta Forum, their name being rawhide. It appears that Tour De France Legend, Lance Armstrong is planning on opening up his own bike store in Austin Texas! Here is the link to read more about it. HUMMMM, I think Bacchetta or a fellow recumbent manufacturer should seriously plan on making their way to Austin ASAP and have a chat with Lance about having recumbent bicycles in his store!

The picture says it all... :-)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!

Hello EZ Biker, Helen & James here. We recently went to a local recumbent bent ride. We didn't actually ride, but may do so in the future, once we purchase some recumbent bikes. Anyway, we talked to a few people and your name came up. It was all good natured humor, but at least one person stated that you hardly ever attend any of the rides and likened you to being somewhat of a SNOB. So EZ Biker, are you a SNOB?

LOL, WOW! Me a SNOB? LOL, Helen & James Thanks for the really nice email. And YES it's beneath me to associate with those other recumbent cyclists, as I'm clearly the ultimate recumbent cyclist! LOL, NOT!!!!!!!!!! OK, so the honest answer is NO, I'm not a SNOB and am actually a people person. BUT the reason I don't go to a lot of the rides and that's including my usual FAVORITE weekend ride at A1A / Commercial is BECAUSE.... THEY START TOO LATE!!! YEP, I hate to admit, but I'm becoming more of the nocturnal cyclist (Zombie?) and really enjoy doing the EARLY morning rides, with no traffic or noise to contend with. It's just a PEACEFUL way to ride!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OT... (Off Topic) BUT a GREAT ON LINE Spell Checker!!!

Once upon a time, EZ Biker was in Catholic grade school. Whenever there would be a classroom spelling bee, Sister Helen would ask all the class to go stand by the chalkboards... except... "Ummm Ken (Real name) you can remain seated." COOL! Didn't have to make a fool of myself mispelling somthin... ;-) YES spealing was one (Of many...) of my grade skewl issues, that have followed me into my geezer years!

OK, admittedly this is Off topic, BUT seeing as Blogger spell check has not worked for sometime, I decided to do a Google search and found a really GREAT spell check site! ( You can compose your post, letter, email there, hit spell check and then cut and paste into your blog, email etc. Or visa versa. I copied this post, pasted it into the spell checker, corrected my words and now I've pasted it back here! COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! :-)

Why do some cyclists keep their total mileage "PRIVATE"?

Dear EZ Biker, I don't ride a recumbent... yet, but I'm seriously thinking about one. I'm also a member of and I enjoy seeing all the cyclists names, stories and even the miles they have put in. I notice you have your milage chart available for public review. BUT I also see certain cyclists with private notice, instead of revealing their miles. WHY is this? Signed Beth

Beth Thanks for the great email and very interesting question. UMMMM, I don't honestly have a good answer to your question. I can merely speculate that for some, they don't mind seeing their name posted with fellow cyclists, BUT for some reason they feel threatened about showing their miles, as it gives others, a goal to shoot for to catch them. Then again maybe it has something to do with identity theft, revealing too much about yourself on the web! (LOL... OK, just kidding there...;-) Possible SNOB attutude or just ashamed to show their SMALL amount of miles when everyone else has hundreds of more. Clearly there are all kinds of responses. BUT for EZ Biker, I'm always Happy and not afraid to show my mileage, even if most of it is presently done on an indoor trainer.............. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

SAD "Breaking News"! :-( Sheldon Brown, the MASTER of how to for bicycles has passed on... :-( :-( :-(

It is with much SADNESS to report a Truly Wonderful dedicated person of bicycling has passed away. Sheldon Brown always had the best hot to and most informative articles about bicycling! As stated at his website: "The cycling community has lost one of it's most passionate members." :-(

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some interesting reading... :-)

Bill at the SFRR Forum (South Florida Recumbent Riders) posted an interesting read about bicycling in Miami, that really fits a lot of cities in Dade and Browad County, Florida.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A little OT, BUT too cute and inspirational, not to post!

OK, this is clearly off topic, but it's just TOO CUTE and also offers some inspiration and how maybe we all should try and get along. Thanks to my Good Friend Jill, for passing on this very nice youtube video of: Crow and Kitten are Friends!