Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EZ Biker ""MIA"" in Sebring 2007 event stats?????

Hello EZ Biker, I had the pleasure of meeting you last year, with my wife and kids. They really enjoyed your cool bike and your sense of humor, is something we still talk about from time to time. The family is wondering if you will be coming back this next month? Also, I couldn't find your stats or finish in the 2007 results, at the following link. We know you participated and even watched you receive a medal at the awards ceremony. You might want to check into that. Bill, Carol & the Kids.

Greetings Bill, Carol and also to your two Wonderful Children! Gee someone actually did take my email address seriously and send me something! ;-) WELL I'm SORRY to say, I'm not going to make it back to Sebring this year. My Aero (Which I wanted to use this year) is back at Bacchetta getting some minor upgrade work done. I also am working a lot more hours and trying to put $$$ away, so I can come back home to Houston Texas, hopefully in the near future. I'm also getting ready to FINALLY reveal my much talked about Invention Failures and have been putting together facts, photos etc. I will surely MISS seeing you all there and participating in a truly Wonderful and FUN event! But have no fear, MANY of my fellow (REAL) Killer Bee's will be on hand to have fun, as I have read from the following link and link.

WOW! I just checked the Sebring 2007 stats and you are correct! GEE, I must have been SO SLOW that they were too embarrassed to include me in the stats page! ;-/ Well, I have just sent an email to them to inquire about this. Not that it's of any major concern to me, as I still have my wonderful memories of the event and meeting nice people like you all! SO, I'll keep you posted on the outcome and Thanks for the really nice email!!!

UPDATE - 2/24/08 - Who needs seeing results at the Sebring website? :-) For anyone interested in seeing the results of last years Sebring (The one I was in... ;-) Yon can go to the following link and click on the year you want to see. (Example / Results, 2007 - Sebring) My so-called cheesy achievement is listed there! WoooooHoooooooo!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EZ Biker becomes EZ Waffle Boy! The bike he now WANTS is one he previously DOGGED!!! ;-)

YEA YEA, I KNOW, I have already gotten a lot of emails inquiring about my NEXT possible recumbo to add to my little barn. And as usual, (I've done this plenty of times before... ;-) I totally DOG a certain bike X-Stream bike would make for a really COOL, FUN and STILL FAST ride! My present (Diamond Frame) cyclist. Mind you, I'm NOT disenchanted with my , only to do a complete Flip flop (Too late for me to enter the 2008 Presidential race?) and NOW GLEEFULLY... desire that bike! Can we say EZ Squirrely {FICKLE} Biker?) Oh well, I never represented myself as being of sound mind... ;-) YES, EZ Biker fans I believe the Bacchetta Agio is a fine bike, BUT that 34+ lb load, just really wears on you; especially when you try and harass a DF SWB Aero in anyway! It's still the # 1 starter in my corral. But I honestly long for a bike that can offer the best of all worlds and the X-Stream seems to be the ticket. (Here is the latest Youtube clip on this sensational bike) Now as for as being able to get the $$$ for the still (Unreleased) bike................. That's another story to be heard down the road! :-)

PS: NOW for those still hunting around for Bacchetta Aero's; PLEASE don't read into this post that I'm considering parting with mine. Clearly the X-Stream would become my more weekly fun and workout kind of ride and the Aero, being my "I think I'm still FAST..." ride on the weekends. So my Aero is still my (Previously stated) # 1 ride, at least for now........... :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking NEWS! Dana Lieberman of Bent Up Cycles survives recumbent crash encounter with vehicle!

I had previously posted a story and this photo about this FINE person who is really becoming a DRIVING SOURCE in the recumbent circles with his Wonderful recumbent shop, Bent Up Cycles. WELL it seem he was riding his recumbent and had an encounter with a vehicle that was shielded by another and it was too late to do anything about it. See the story at the following link. Despite a broken collarbone, a MILD concussion and some cuts and bruises, Dana is on the mend!!
SO DANA here's wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully you will be back on your bicycle soon!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interesting perspectives on recumbents verses DF's (Diamond Frame bikes)

While browsing through the BROL forums and of course the Recumbent Blog the following post caught my eye. "Why Doesn't Everyone Ride Recumbents?" And there's even mention of this same story at the Recumbentblog. We can also go to the exact source of this interesting read at Kent's Blog site.

To be perfectly honest, I really do agree with a lot of the points stated at Kent's Blog. I likewise see nothing wrong with liking and supporting the specific bike platform you enjoy. BUT, let's not go OVERBOARD here folks. And YES as much as I hate to say, we recumbent folks do have """A Lot MORE RADICAL FROSTING at the mouth HARD CORE RECUMBENT BIKE Evangelists,""" that LOUDLY PREACH, the MORTAL SIN YOU COMMIT and where thy soul will be plunged into the debts of eternal fire, if you don't SEE THE LIGHT and come over to the almighty (Saving your soul) recumbent!

GEESE........ give me a break! Ummm, to my fellow DF (Diamond Frame cyclists) friends out there, PLEASE don't take the recumbent bible thumping
Evangelists as representing the rest of recumbent cyclists out there, including me, EZ Biker. I, like many of my fellow recumbent cyclists, ENJOY our kind of bikes and actually have no issues at all with DF or road bikes or their supporters. And NO the majority of us are not going to try and ambush you while cycling and start some physiological blabbing on why you really should be trying our kind of bikes. I still DROOL seeing a Trek Time trial bike on the road! And YES, I've made prior comments here at my blog about the various stigma's that recumbent cyclists and recumbency as a whole face. BUT in the end, the MAIN thing I most likely would go serious annal Evangelist on is, RIDE A BIKE, any kind of bike, (Trike, unicycle etc.) as long as it makes you happy! And AGAIN, to those RADICAL recumbent preachers.... PLEASE don't continue to honestly embarrass the bicycling community with your FIRE AND BRIMSTONE ATTITUDE as to why riding a certain bike is better than another!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Early FUN at :-)

Numerous friends emails have noted that I'm still being seen in the top 50 of yearly mileage stats at WELL there is a reason for this... :-) A lot of the REAL mileage animals are all frozen up north and the only miles they do are probably on indoor trainers, like I continue to do here in Florida. I got into the bike trainer thing, when I got out of the hospital back in August, to rebuild up the strength in my legs. 1 lovely hour (Watching recorded Jerry Springer or Star Trek shows) gets me an average of 20 miles and I clearly have noticed more strength in my legs when I'm out on the city streets on my REAL bikes. SO YES, it's always a lot of EARLY FUN to check out bikejournal and see yourself high in the rankings. BUT trust me, give it a few more months and old EZ will look like the stock market and start dropping like a brick......... ;-) ;-) ;-)

Friday, January 18, 2008

EZ Bikers "MANY Bikes"!!!

Dear EZ Biker, I’ve been browsing through your photos at your online photo site and you have numerous Long wheelbase recumbents. But now you seem to favor a short wheelbase recumbent. And yet, in following your blog posts last year, you seemed to FAVOR your Compact long wheelbase recumbent, Agio at numerous bicycling events. Care to share your thoughts between the two rather extreme kinds of bikes you own and ride? And is there anything in the future, bikewise? Signed, Earl.
Earl Thanks for the interesting and inquisitive email. :-) WOW! I didn’t realize anyone paid that much attention to my cycling episodes. BUT OK, here’s my thoughts and philosophy between the bikes I own and ride. When climbing on my Bacchetta Aero, it’s like actually getting into the cockpit of a jet fighter or high performance sports car. You’re looking to have a nice ride, but at the same time, it’s more of a concerted effort to get up to speed and I likewise am very attentive to road conditions and traffic. Your feet are likewise propped up a lot and you are likewise in a very laid back position on the bike. The SWB ride is more of a no-nonsense kind of ride; but more on (At least for this slow old dog… ;-) of performance (Or attempt there of…) output. OK, I still enjoy being on my Aero though. The Agio is just PURE, no serious attitude or game face concentration required kind of ride, much like getting into a stretch limousine. I sit up a tad more upright on the bike and thus approaching and stopping at intersections is a lot easier to do, with the lower front bike crank. BUT make no mistake; I tend to get that rather HEAVY puppy… 34+ lbs… up to some fairly decent speeds of around 16 – 18 mph. Last year I chose the Agio over my Aero for numerous events, simply because I wanted to go and enjoy the ride and not try and act like I’m some REAL GO FAST HAMMERHEAD! And I honestly did have the best times, especially at the Sebring and Miami MS 150 events.
So what about the future? What bike would I like to be on? WELL, I think I’ll hold off about that for a very short while. Because………. You and MANY others may be very SURPRISED even SHOCKED at what bike I’m seriously thinking of getting and growing "Older" with! Stay tuned!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Critical Mass Bicycling events... :-(

Hello There EZ! Mike and Mindy here. We have just relocated to Florida from California and really enjoy the great bicycling down here. We both are dedicated, avid cyclists and have participated in numerous critical mass bicycling events all over! We believe these types of events are necessary in getting the world to recognize the importance of bicycling and to better help bicyclists gain support and understanding from the masses! So EZ, I hear you are a dedicated bicycle activist, can we expect to see you at any local Critical Mass events in the future?

Mike & Mindy, thanks for your email and my immediate answer to your question is… ABSOLUTELY NOT. Critical Mass events are clearly NOT beneficial to bicycling and in fact probably HURT the bicycling cause MORE, PERIOD. (I would say “Then helps” but it clearly does not help in anyway, that I can see) While I can appreciate the somewhat intended purpose; the manner in which it’s done, is just wrong, time consuming, waste of natural resources, costly to cities where they happen and offer potential to impact local established bicycle clubs and events! Yea yea, I know the saying we are not blocking traffic, we are the traffic. BUT what if during this lighthearted ride and the ensuing traffic jam, the fire department, ambulance or Police are prevented from getting to a real emergency? And what about the vehicle operators that get stranded in traffic during your gleeful show of bicycle power? Do you honestly feel they will have that warm and fuzzy after glow feeling or just due respect for bicyclists in general? Do you feel the world is going to cave in say, OK, your mass rides and all the problems they caused have finally persuaded us to look at bicycling in a positive sense? Heeeloooooow, better put those funny pills away!

PAYBACK TIME……… OK, you got away with this mass gathering of cyclists and caused all kinds of problems on the roads and within the city limits. Your innocent, carefree bicycle demonstration ended up costing the city lots of extra $$$! Now it’s the cities turn. For any local bike clubs annual bicycle events, very costly permits and insurance requirements will NOW (And from now on) be required to host your event and allow cyclists to ride on our city streets. Does not sound fair or legal? AWWWWWW, too bad! So let’s go to court about it. Our very well funded municipal court lawyers are waiting. Ummm, your bicycle club does have a lot of funds to wage in this legal endeavor, correct? “Liability” is one of those really nasty little realities that have put the brakes (Pun intended) on all kinds of events, including bicycling ones. And technically on a legal front, cities have the right to require these kinds of legal requirements, based on again, “Liability” concerns.

I could honestly fill up a whole blog about this; but I’ll try and make it simple. For any kind of real support for bicycling, you have to work through channels, through city contacts, city cycling advocates, programs, organizations, including local bicycle clubs and groups. They’re out there, waiting for your input and positive support! You have to be civil, because UN-civil will never get you anywhere! Bicycling offers a lot of GREEN potential and fuel savings and as the cost of gas continues to rise; I believe bicycling will regain a foothold in the world, WITHOUT THE HELP OF CRITICAL MASS DEMONSTRATIONS!

Monday, January 14, 2008

GOOD Samaritan Saves the day for EZ Biker! :-)

WOW! Truly UNBELIEVABLE, that there are STILL really nice people out there that will offer you a helping hand when needed! :-) This past Sunday at about a little after 5 AM, I was in warp speed heading for the Boca Raton Bridge, when suddenly, something failed on my trusty bike! :-( Attempted repairs did no good and thus I was NOW resigned to doing that infamous WALK the bike back home... ALL (PROBABLY) 10+ miles of it... :-( BooooooooHoooooo! So I'm about 500 feet away from the Boca Bridge, heading South, toward home when a cyclist passes by on the opposite side of the road, heading North. He glanced at me and kept going. About 5 minutes later he pulled up beside me and offered to ride back to the Light House Point bridge, leave his bike with the bridge tender, get his van and come back and give me a lift home. (Being Mr. Macho, I can hoof it with no problems, I initially declined) BUT after a few pondering thoughts of perhaps the A1A / Commercial people (Whom I've ridden with in the past) might actually SEE old recumbo bum limping home with his trusty lame steed beside him and this VERY Nice persons insistence........ WEEEEEL, ride home offer accepted! :-) My bicycle shoe clad feet really appreciated the ride! Bradley is a Cabinet maker and offered me his business card. (Geese, if I actually lived in a REAL house, I'd probably give him some return appreciation business! :-) So for any of my local (Broward County) Friends and Visitors out there, that might be needing some Cabinet work done, Bradley is one nice helpful person and I'd give him call and see what cabinet magic he could do for you!!!! Thanks AGAIN Bradley, for the nice ride home!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

OHH, my GAWD! EZ Biker gets mentioned at another recumbent blog, "Cycledog"!!! :-)

WOW, other blog posters actually read mine and even use quotes from mine! ALRIGHT!!!! While doing a search for Zombie Bier, in a soon to respond to visitors question, I came upon another blog site titled Cycledog. The wording "Excerpts from EZ Biker :-) " caught my eye and the photo as well. WELL clearly Cycledog's response was A LOT MORE Interesting and FUNNY, than mine! ;-) This is a really nice site and they even welcome comments, which I'm still a WUSS about and prefer to answer through email comments and questions.
Another little word that caught my eye was the mention of, Skid Lids. ALRIGHT! I used one with my first recumbent, which you can see at this link! Ohhhh, I was BAD DOG... ;-) on my little Rebike and rode that puppy (No offense Cycledog... ;-) all over the place. I think WOMEN really liked my Skid Lid helmet... they would always laugh hysterically when I passed by... :-)

EZ Bikers FAVORITE Recumbent blog / websites?

Dear EZ Biker, I visit your site a lot and have suggested it to a lot of my friends. I don't ride a recumbent, as yet, BUT I am considering it, in the future. I'm wondering, do you have any specific recumbent or blog site that you feel is the BEST and likewise visit the site more than a few times? Thanks, Meridith

Meridith, Thank you for your nice email and still another interesting question. The BEST recumbent site? WELL MINE, OF COURSE!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!! ;-) Let me assure you, there are THOUSANDS of better recumbent sites then my little CHEESY one... ;-) BUT OK, here are my "BEST" sites picks. On the commercial side, that clearly would have to be BROL. (Bent Rider On Line) The information there, the forums and great articles, clearly is a WIN WIN, for the still fledgling recumbent bicycle industry.

NOW as for non-commercial; my ABSOLUTE "BEST" pick has to be the Recumbentblog, PERIOD! Excellent stories, super photos and even a lot of Breaking news events, that scoop even the commercial website of BROL. Allen's site just can't be beat and I check his site constantly and enjoy all the posts and articles!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Any bicycle memory that would change your mind to leave Florida?

Dear EZ Biker, I have been reading your blog and I see where you are planning on leaving Florida sometime in the near future. I'm curious as to if there is any event or memory that might have you reconsidering staying in Florida? Thanks, Tim

Tim, Thanks for your nice email and VERY INTERESTING QUESTION! WELL, I do in fact have a Delightful memory and YES it was at a specific Bicycle event, this past year. Clearly the 24 (Bicycling) Hours of Sebring was THE MOST FUN event, I have ever done! NICE, PEACEFUL country roads, little or no traffic, nice people, COOL Race Track and of course my fellow friends as you see in the photo, made this one of my most cherished moments! IF some how I could ever get connections, a decent job and affordable living in Sebring, I'd surely never want to depart from Florida! The ultimate in quiet, peaceful cycling and then a glimpse of the world with all kinds of events at Sebring Raceway!!!! So Tim, YES Sebring is an event I won't soon forget. :-( Sadly, I doubt I'll be able to make that event in 2008, as I'm really trying to save my $$$, to at least get out of Rich man's land, Ft. Lauderdale / Broward County Florida! Anyone in Sebring Florida need a healthy, avid cyclist and experienced Security officer? ;-) ;-) ;-)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Recumbent Bicycle Taxi's!!!

While browsing the various posts at BROL (Bent Rider On Line) I came upon a pretty neat thread about recumbent bicycle taxi's. However the posters link does not work; here's a link that does. Really interested reading and the taxis look COOL too!!!

Update - 7:17 PM - Well a good Friend by the name of J. Riley sent me an interesting tidbit on bike taxi's here in South Florida. Seems one did not fare well in typical South Florida Road warrior driving, that's so common down here.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


ALRIGHT, now you can get to see what a REAL Floridian WUSS looks like when the temps get under 40 degrees!
EZ (Chillin) Biker ;-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

EZ (Physic...o...) Biker's...

2008 Predictions!

I had been planning on starting this last year but completely forgot about it. Senior Citizen moment...? ;-) So, seeing as it's still the 1st day of the New Year, here are EZ (Physic) Bikers 2008 PREDICTIONS! I predict...

1.) There will be 2 recumbent bike manufacturers merging together!

2.) EZ Biker will achieve a lower mileage amount goal 0f 6000 miles.

3.) EZ Biker will finally WIN the lottery and spend it on promoting recumbent cycling.

4) EZ Bikers "Failed Inventions" story will FINALLY be publically revealed! After which a certain artwork now currently used, could become obsolete!


WOOOHOOO! OK, pictured is yours truly EZ Scruffy just back from his maiden 2008 ride! A rather nice and easy plod along on A1A. The ONLY issue of the day was the DEW POINT and some FOG that actually left the bridge gratings a tad wet......! :-0 I managed to make it over all the bridges, but with some noticeable wheel lateral movement, normally not noticed on DRY Grating. Please see my previous article concerning at the following link.
I also want to sincerely Thank all my Guests, Friends and... Fans... (Yea... right... ;-) for visiting my site this past year and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all again, this year!!!

EZ (SNIFFLE) Biker fails to achieve 8000 mile mark... :-(

2007 Miles: 7801 - Well as the saying goes, the best laid plans... I clearly had my plan ready to go, when I got a call that I was needed at work Saturday morning. :-( OK, I re-calibrated and still came up with enough time to do the hours and miles to achieve my goal. A lovely sinus infection had been flirting with me for the past week; but it wasn't a biggie concern... Sunday would BE THE DAY! However upon leaping out of bed at 4 AM, the room was spinning, I was totally congested and even a little nauseated. NOT a good thing to have when riding on a bike and especially when attempting to do added hours and miles to the endeavor. A hit of that orange stuff and like a mummy, I plopped back onto the bed, with a could care less about doing any miles on anything at the moment. :-) BUT I still have Monday... Hummm 300 miles in one day???? Probably not... Monday arrived and I did finally get to head out for a ride and ended up doing about 39 miles on the Agio. Add to that another 20 miler on the indoor stationary and THAT'S IT for 2007! * Still, I'm feeling MUCH better now and I'm looking forward to another year of FUN Cycling! * On that, here's wishing everyone a