Sunday, November 25, 2007

Earliest recumbent Highracer??? ;-) ;-) ;-)

WELL OK, I know this picture is a REAL STRETCH......... as for the bike and rider actually being a High Racer... BUT I don't have any other creative thing to post today! Too much turkey pig out syndrome! Actually the photo was taken from the following post at BROL. Check it out. :-)
Update! Wanna see how it's REALLY done? Check out the following link, from Youtube!!!
And to see this same kind of laid back cycling, go to this link!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NO Bikes until SPRING??? :-(

Dear EZ Biker, my boyfriend and I live up in Delray and have been considering FINALLY purchasing some bents, as we are tired of the uncomfortable riding position of our present uprights. We went to a bike shop in your area and were astonished to see no high racer bikes on the floor and even more astonished hearing they won't be getting any until probably Spring!!! What is a person to do? Sincerely, Donna

Thanks for your email Donna. THIS particular issue continues to really diminish recumbents ever going mainstream, IMHO... :-/ I truly have to wonder how anyone can stay in business, when told their next shipment of product won't come until Spring! I honestly don't fault any recumbent manufacturing companies; as I know they don't have a large operating capitol and can't afford to continuously purchase bikes year round. Still, that issue (Again) has to be Achilles heal in trying to further recumbency along to the masses.
BUT not to fear, as there are some alternate paths to take and even yours truly is considering taking that tack. Pictured is a Volae Club High racer that I'm seriously considering adding to my stable in the near future. I too really wanted to keep all my bikes with a particular brand, BUT I too don't wish to wait until Spring to get my bike. (And NO, I'm not disenchanted with my present Bacchetta bikes (Aero & Agio) I'm just wanting to try a different kind of HR and take up even MORE (Of what LIMITED) space I have in my little Apt... ;-) And there is another shop locally that has this and numerous other recumbent (High Racers) IN STOCK and ready to go test ride. Josh at Atlantic Bicycles is a real class guy and all too happy to help you in your bike purchase. So Donna and anyone else wanting to move on a good performance kind of HR, I'd take time and go to Atlantic Bicycles and check out what they have. And tell Josh, you got recommended to come visit him, from ole EZ Biker... ;-) Photo courtesy of Bent Up Bicycles.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bailing on your bicycling partner... :-(

Dear EZ Biker, my boyfriend and me avid cyclists and we both read and enjoy your blog. Recently, he purchased a recumbent bike and is now the neighborhood speed demon. That’s OK with me, BUT sometimes when we agree to ride together, he soon afterwards takes off in pursuit of some road cyclist that has just zipped past him. He eventually comes back; but now that ride together has been spoiled somewhat. Have you ever done that with cycling partners and if so, do you believe it’s an OK thing to do? Or am I just whining about nothing. Thanks, Sincerely Amber
Amber thanks for your email and YES, I have been GUILTY of such a thing in the past and I freely admit I should have shown MORE consideration for my riding partner. And YES, I know how it feels to have a roadie blast past you and that male ego / testosterone kicks in and you just go to WARP speed, forgetting about that other person, you promised to share a ride with. Admittedly I have mended my ways of the past and now go out of my way to make sure I stay cycling with my partner, regardless as to what the situation is and even if my partner states, it’s OK, go get em! It’s a little simple thing of showing consideration and a little etiquette. Now having stated that; I have had some triathlete partners basically do the same thing to me! Only to come back and feel bad. (LOL) So yes, I do know how being the abandoned cyclist syndrome feels… ;-) ;-) ;-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Happy GOBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, to all my EZ Biker Friends, I offer a hearty Thank You for visiting my site and sending your Great emails!!! Thank You so much and I hope everyone has a Delicious and Delightful Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Atlantic Bicycle Rally - 11-18-07

Once again, the Great folks at Atlantic Bicycle held another really FUN recumbent rally. And YES, yours truly decided to bring the old Agio bus to the event and once again tried to act like a go FAST cyclist... ;-) The 27 mile route was pretty good with only a few traffic issues to contend with. At the turn around there were snacks and drinks and we once again hit the road for a nice ride back to the shop. And a nice buffet style of treats awaited us back at the shop. To see some photos of the event..., (YES I actually took my camera with me this time) check out this link. All and all it was Great FUN to get to ride with my fellow benters!!!
Update! 11-19-07 Here's more photos of the event, courtsey of
Bob Emmerich.
Update2! 11-26-07 - For those into watching videos of recumbent rides, here's one, Thanks to Bob again!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A SPECIAL Thank You to all US Veterans!

To all US Veterans, past present and future, I want to personally Thank You for all your sacrifices to keep our country free! This is something all Americans should be doing; not just on a specific day but everyday of the year!!!

South Broward Wheelers Annual Century Event!

WELL, I've managed to drag myself from a nice after nap from today's REALLY GREAT SWB event. I saw a total of 5 bents at the event. The weather was absolutely the BEST bicycling weather ever! With my Aero in the shop getting the HED Alps wheels rebuilt, my yellow BUS Agio was my remaining ride ride for the event. I've come away with a few Revelations. Regardless of the bent, once you are actually rolling, you can hang withDfer's , even with a 35lb. bent. ""BUT"" come to a stop or arrive at an overpass and that 35lb weight begins to really WEIGH on you. I managed to hang with the second pack up until the turn around doing 24+ mph at times. A brief tailwind had me inching up close to front. but that went away when we arrived at one of the overpasses. At the 62 turn around I hooked up with a fairly large pack and started off in the 20 mph range and all was good. THEN they kicked it up to 23mph and that 35lb bike started kicking my A... They were soon long gone and 4 female cyclists caught up with me and after about 3 miles of barely hanging with them, that 35 lb, bit again. Finally a nice long pig tale braided cyclist, decided to hang in my speed range of 19 mph and she ended up pulling this NOW 35lbAgio CADAVER cyclist (With knee high blood clot stocking) back to the finish.

The ride overall was PURE FUN, although I only actually saw one bike rest spot at the turn around. The street markers were Great and even the DFer's were very nice and allowed me to hang around with them. One really bad wreck when a cyclist rolled over a dropped water bottle and did almost a 360 head over end fall, which tagged a second cyclist. Lots of cyclists responded and they both seemed OK and we continued. I'm really surprised with the large peleton we had going that there were not more incidents. I wish there had been MORE bents out there, BUT oh well, you MIA's missed a SUPER event. Sheri was there at registration and waiting at one of the parks tents for retuning cyclists, with water and Gatorade. A after ride message got me limber enough to walk fairly normal again and go chow down some of the delicious lunch.

FINALLY, I've just got to quit trying to HANG with 25 mph cyclists when riding the Agio school bus........... ;-) And yet, astonishingly my over all speed average on the BUS was 19 mph... :-0

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Alternative to replacing Helmet padding! :-)

I remember seeing an article about this at one of the bicycle forums. After checking out my present helmet padding which was well EUUUUUUUUUUUU looking, I decided to give the alternative padding try. And YES, using a sweat band in place of the helmet padding works very good! Now you can easily wash the headband or replace it with another and not have to worry about finding the THIN cheesy helmet padding. :-)

Friday, November 02, 2007

NOW "THIS" is the kind of road I'd LOVE to see and ride on! :-)

While visiting a recumbent forum that was recommended to me; I stopped by the gallery section and found two really Great photos, bicycle wise. Here’s the one I liked best.

This seems to be a pretty good forum; one of which I may just jump into. :-)

Reminder! FALL BACK THIS WEEKEND!!! (Enjoy that extra hour of sleep! :-)