Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween * 2007!

Well, it’s that BOOOOO time again and I want to Thank all my friends and visitors for the Wonderful Halloween greetings you have sent me! They are all GREAT! Ok, for lack of a better costume, except maybe my ugly face… ;-) I decided to go retro and offer you a glance back to 1995! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, the ghost of Woodstock! OOOHHH!

WELL the trick is on me... The top title is suppose to be "Lots Of Treats" instead of "to"... Must have been one of those SENIOR citizen moments...
EZ (DUUUUUH) Biker :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another email question - After the ride refreshments!

Dear EZ Biker, I'm wondering what you do (Beverage wise) after your ride to cool down and relax? Signed Marlyn.

Thanks for your email Marlyn! Seeing as I tend to get up EARLY (Like 4 AM and on the road by 4:30 AM and done by 7:00 AM) I don't usually have to be TOO concerned about immediately cooling down kind of beverages and actions. However there are times when I'm out a little later and that prompts me to jump on some nice ice cold orange juice apple juice, water OR.... even my own homemade Cappuccino! WHAT? Cappuccino? Yea instead of the kind that comes from those fancy WOOOOSH, GURGLE kind of brew machines, I SHAKE & Make mine own! ;-) I originally did the blender route way, but found that to be too much of a PAIN to have to go and CLEAN all the blender parts afterwards! (Yea, I'm pretty laid back........ OK, LAZY!) Plus it's ounce capacity was only 48 ounces.... C'mon, is THAT ALL the serving? I want a larger capacity, so I don't have to remix remix and remix and make a million of these drinks!!! ;-) ;-) ;-) SO I then went in search of a simpler process, ((I remember back in my Disco duck DJ days, BUT that's another story for the future... ;-) in that of a cocktail shaker! Yea! NOW, just add the ingredients, shake & bake, and there you have it, a creamy Cappuccino! BUT for the most part, your basic bar cocktail shakers were like the blenders with wussy small 10 oz (Like the pictured red shaker), to 15, 20, 32 oz ones. C'MON, there's GOT to be a BIGGER one!!! After doing a Google search for the largest cocktail shaker, I discovered the Megatini Mega Martini Cocktail Shaker (See the BIG one towards the right of the photo) NOW WE ARE TALKIN 60 OZ KIND OF COCKTAIL SHAKER! :-) Finally, after having a certain maker
Cappuccino glass jars not to be really re-usable, I found some nice plastic 10 oz ones that work great and I can now include my home brewed Cappuccino's with me at work and save paying $2.00+ for that other brand... ;-) (And I wonder why I can't get my weight down more... ;-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's THAT time again!!! ;-) FALL Back & enjoy that extra hour!!! :-)

HEY! NOT SO FAST!!!! Beginning in 2007, most of the United States begins Daylight Saving Time at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and reverts to standard time on the first Sunday in November. Thanks to all my EZ Biker Friend emails, 100+... for correcting me on this!!!

Well EZ Biker Friends another daylight savings season is coming to a close! Don't forget to FALL BACK one hour in the morning of the 28Th. Or you can do like me and set all your clocks back 1 hour Saturday before you go to sleep. :-) From a bicycling point of view this adds a lot more daylight to early morning rides!!! :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old discontinued bikes don't die! :-)

Here's an interesting photo I found at the BROL forum on a discontinued BikeE that's been made into a LOW RACER!!! Congratulations Tom Schneider on rebuilding a classic into a snazzy and probably a fairly FAST performance machine!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Stay out of our city with your cycling event!!! :-( :-( :-(

Dear EZ Biker, admittedly we are not recumbent cyclists, but still enjoy visiting your site. We have participated in a local bicycle event for many years; only to learn that this year will be its last time to be held! Apparently there are a few municipalities that have always had an issue with allowing this event or other events coming through their city streets. I hear they are requiring some sort of astronomical expensive insurance bond to cover liability for access onto their city streets! The cycling event organizers can't even come close to the necessary $$$ required, from even the participant fees. This is just SO UNFAIR! Signed Wendy.

Wendy, Thank you for your email. There’s actually an article dealing with the same issue at BROL. Sadly, like my post in that thread states, this is the sign of the times. “...Various cities and municipalities have some really basic simple ways to quash events, bicycle and otherwise that they don't want using their roadways. It's as simple as requiring that event to post some ASTRONOMICAL insurance bond or dig into their tons of city statutes and find a safety, right of use or other goofy law they have on their local books to likewise ZAP an event coming into their city. It's comes down to ""1"" simple little BUT TERRIFYING word that no constitutional right or persons rights can defend against......... LIABILITY... “. :-( :-( :-(

And speaking of having to cover your as..., check out this PDF file "waver" for the upcoming ute's celebration event. Folks, this is clearly a reach for being called a "Waver!" How about an IRON CLAD contract! I'm honestly thinking maybe I should have some lawyer check this over. Admittedly this INTENSIVE CONTRACT has diminished some of the desire to even participate in the event,,, :-(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Naked Bicycling Day! * Now THIS is an annual event I could get use to!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

GEEEZ! I hope this doesn't cost my blog site it's "G" rating... ;-0

While checking out BROL forum, (Bent Rider On Line) I came upon a post that really caught my eye... Naked Bicycling Day And when looking at the view section (Or visits to the thread) in this one day time there were 2427 views or hits! WOW!!!
So of course ole Trusty EZ Smut... er Biker is obligated... to check further into this and yes there actually are TONS of websites dedicated to this annual PRESTIGIOUS... event! One of the main ones is World Naked Bike Ride Organization. And also a Wiki site as well. Doing a Google on this really brings up some......... information.

Now, would yours truly have the NERVE to really participate in this event?????????? Ummmm, maybe 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Now here's a REAL Recumbent Couch bike!!! ;-)

Obviously, I'll let the photo speak for it's self... ;-) This is a fun website to visit!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Butchered A1A Update!!! Repairs FINALLY being made!!! :-) :-) :-)

Well I have received TONS of email inquiries and responses on the Butchered A1A road issue. A lot of you took the time to send emails in voicing your concern concerning this issue! Thank You All SO MUCH! I’m delighted to be able to say that area of the road is near completion and the other side heading north has been completely repaired! And there are actually two individuals that I also want to personally Thank, because they were able to add their input into this matter with various city and state representatives. One of the people is a fellow SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) member by the name of Steve cyclesab3@… (Who took the photo seen here) and the other is a Ms. Karen Sanders organizer of the annual Ute’s Celebration event coming up Saturday, October 27th.

Now admittedly there is one less than memorable happenstance about this whole issue. A certain television station that promotes problem solving NEVER even responded back with as much as even a mere acknowledgement email to my letter sent to them! Obviously my problem was not news worthy enough for them to help me with. :-/

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Recumbent & Road Bike cyclists - WHY the attutude?

Dear EZ Biker, we are having an issue with the Diamond Frame bunch verses an ex DF cyclist, now riding a recumbent. My husband and I belong to a rather large bicycle club that has mostly DF frame cyclists. There are a few recumbent cyclists, (Including my husband) that are constantly being teased and basically are shunned by others, because of their bike choice. It’s as if they are lepers or something. We are still in the, c’mon you can ride with us, because at least your wife still has a DF bike mode at the moment. Anyway, I’ve finally decided to try my husbands recumbent (Bacchetta Giro) and the neck and arm pain I experience with my road bike is not a problem on the recumbent. So I’m pretty much sold on a recumbents. My concern is that our bicycle group will not want to have anything to do with us anymore. What to do?

Diane, this is actually a question I get asked often about and have done tons of emails in response to the issue. There are just so many opinions out there concerning this. My initial response is basically this: The HARDEST THING to learn about recumbents is how to deal with either being accepted or spurned by your fellow cyclists. This honestly is the BIGGEST STIGMA that works against would be cyclists wanting to go bent. It’s that, OHHH NO; you are being drawn to the dark side! Most groups are tolerant towards recumbents, but then there are those other types... As such some groups are just tribal about anyone participating with them on anything except what the majority of them ride on. I guess the best suggestion I can offer here is: What is MORE important to you all? Being able to bicycle on the kind of bike that’s really comfortable and that YOU choose to ride on or continue to endure the discomfort of that other kind of bike, to continue to fit in with your bicycle group. This seemingly is an easy solution and yet it’s really a daunting challenge for some people to all of a sudden, become an outcast (Or lepers like you mentioned) of their fellow friends in an activity, they done for so long together. I think in time your group will honestly accept the kind of bikes you ride and the jokes and teasing will diminish. BUT YOU all have to make the final decision, on weather you want to put up with the initial CHILDISH attutudes from some people. :-)

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EZ Bikers thoughts... on Home Association Fees... :-/

Dear EZ Biker, I really enjoy your blog a lot and we are both active recumbent cyclists. After a very long search, we have finally found the DREAM house we have been looking for. One really enticing thing about the home is the area where it’s located, which is near a very large park that has numerous bike trails. The neighborhood is fairly new and very well kept up and the house it’s self is gorgeous. There is one slight issue that we are having on the home and that is, there is a monthly association fee of $200.00. My husband is all for moving on the home, with the exception of this association fee. I remember reading one of your posts about association fees and would welcome your input concerning this matter. Thanks, Vicky.

Thanks for your email Vicky and I’m sorry to say I have to agree with your husband on the association fee. I honestly have issues with having to shell out MORE fees for some association to take care of my property and also be able to tell me what I can do and not do with my property. Add to that, those fees usually always GO UP and I know of one fellow employee where I work, where they are paying a $400.00 a month association fee! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! Now you don’t only have to worry about property taxes and home insurance rates increasing; but also a GOOFY association fee.
As you know, I’m planning on relocating back to Texas in the near future and have been browsing for homes back in my home state / city of Houston. The 1st thing I always look for is if there is any association fees involved with the home. If so, I move on. I will NEVER pay what I feel is (A TOTAL WASTE OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY) GOOFY association fee!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shark Valley Bicycle ride, A lot of FUN... BUT... BEWARE of... ALLIGATORS!!!

Dear EZ Biker, some friends of mine are planning on doing a ride at Shark Valley. I hear it's a really nice area + road to ride. Can you offer any other thoughts on this ride? Signed Becky & Dan

Thanks for your email! And YES the Shark Valley ride is a really nice ride, if you can just keep your nerve not to get TOO close to the alligators........ EEEEEEK! WHAT??? YEP, I mean alligators that can be found on the roadway sunning from time to time. Other than that, it's a real nice ride and you for sure need to bring a camera for some beautiful shots... even of... the gators...... ;-) ;-) ;-)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rans recumbent BASHER now makes a prediction about a NEW Rans Bike!

Dear EZ Biker, geeze for someone who did some rather inflameatory posts about Rans recumbents I'm quite surprised with some of your posts at BROL, specifically on the thread topic Rans Copying Bacchetta Hiracer Monotube where you have even MADE A FUTURE PREDICTION!!!! Would you care to explain yourself here??? ;-) Signed Diane

OH MY GAWD! My posts have been discovered!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! OK, BUSTED and also Thank You for the nice... (Exposing) email about my mystical Rans Bike prediction post. :-) And YES, I do hereby confess that I have in fact posted the crystal ball and made a pretty interesting prediction about a certain Rans Model bike that """"WILL"""" be on the streets by Spring 2008!!!! I truly believe Rans is about to take a GIANT and very smart tactical business move in the recumbent world. When the Bacchetta Aero got put on TEMPORARY......... HOLD......... production, I have to feel that there were a lot of potential Aero Ti customers, broken hearted that they had sat on the fence too long and waited waited and waited, to make the move onto a Ti Aero. At present if one really wants a performance High Racer the choices are somewhat COLD & HOT meaning, Aluminium bike to the ultra COSTLY Carbon Fiber kinds of bikes. That's really a wide gap to have to decide there folks, given the fact that once the titanium genie was released from the bottle, you are not going to get it back in there. It's a pity that Bacchetta requires a specific quantity and size of
titanium to produce the Ti Aero. Still, I believe they should have at least kept it available, even on a high $$$ limited edition mode.
Now you have another company that apparently has no serious issues with obtaining
titanium; as you see it in numerous bike models they offer. Once I discovered they were re-releasing the Force 5 as a singular mono tube kind of bike frame, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together, they a Force 5 titanium racer WILL be out there soon enough buzzing around us killer B types on our now (Collectors edition) Ti Aero's. AND if Rans is able to price their Force 5 titanium racer at a fairly shocking price of $2700, they won't be able to keep those bikes in stock, period. BUT given the scarcity of titanium, they can probably put any kind of price on it and they will be flying out the doors!So says the mystic EEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ Biker... ;-) ;-) ;-)
UPDATE! 10/8/07 Rans has just posted another one of their "Into the ride" articles #58.

Friday, October 05, 2007

EZ Biker enrolls into Lifelock... :-)

OK, this is a little off my usual recumbent / bicycle topics at my blog, BUT I think it's important enough to make mention. After finishing a conversation with some friends of mine and their ORDEAL with identity theft, I decided to take the plunge with Lifelock. The online sign-up was a snap and in less than about 5 minutes I'm signed up, protected and ready to go! Plus I'll be receive my credit reports shortly and that's always nice information to know, in case another........... recumbent might be finding it's way into my family! ;-) ;-) ;-) I really urge you to check this site out soon!
Sincerely, EZ Biker :-)