Saturday, September 29, 2007

EZ Biker needs your HELP! Dangerous situation on road used by numerous cyclists!

To all my EZ Biker Friends, Visitors and local area cyclists, I'm calling upon you to PLEASE HELP me in voicing your concern about a very DANGEROUS road condition brought on by some goofy street repair people that did the street repairs and then left the street, especially the bike lane, unusable by cyclists! The area involves A1A around the 5450 A1A street close to Sea Ranch Lakes community area. As you can see in the photo the bike lane is totally TRASHED and not even a warning sign around! You can see more photos, including my letter to the television station at the following link. I have written local area TV station Channel 10 Problem Solvers asking for their help in getting this roadway repaired PROPERLY! I'm calling upon everyone who reads this to likewise contact fellow cyclists and then everyone contact Channel 10 concerning this matter. Here is the link to them for snail mail, phone and email contact information. I'd suggest you contact "Problem Solvers" as this is where my correspondence has been sent to.

There are some high profile bike events coming up in the area very soon and even MORE cyclists will be using this already high bicycle traffic area. Again, PLEASE send your comments and voice your concern about this DANGEROUS situation! Thank You all for your support in this matter! :-) :-) :-) EZ Biker :-)

10/3/07 - Update! Nick Sortal of our local news paper Sun-Sentinel has posted my site and message at his blog site. Thanks Nick! I've also gotten a lot of support emails concerning this, as well as those that have written to various media sources, seeking help in this issue. Thanks to you all and keep those emails and contacts about this issue going!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Isn't there a bike show or Expo going on somewhere?

Hello EZ Biker, Pam & Jeff here. I've heard some talk about some sort of bike show or expo that's going on. Do you have any information on this?

Thanks for your email Pam & Jeff. And the answer to your question is YES and most likely the show you have heard about is the Interbike Show in Las Vegas Nevada. It's more of a trade show and not actually open to the general public. :-( BUT has a really good initial write up of the event and of course our own Bryan Ball of BROL will be posting juicy tidbits as he gets them at this BROL link.
Update! Check out Alan's Blog for the latest Interbike photos!

Nice Bacchetta Giro 20 review at

OK! While browsing the Bacchetta forum I found a really interesting post by the B Boy, John Schlitter himself! has a really nice and actually right on target review of Bacchetta's Giro 20. Check it out!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Arbitrators find Landis guilty of doping; he must forfeit 2006 Tour title

Dear EZ Biker, I guess everyone has heard the news about TDF Winner Landis being found guilty of doping. Here is a Google search link of the story. Do you have any personal thoughts about this. Signed Debbie

Thanks for your email Debbie. I have to say, this is just so sad and honestly SO pathetic to the bicycle world in general! :-( BUT then again I guess it's human nature for "Some" to feel the need to add a little extra enhancement... to their athletic abilities, out of fear they can't compete with the competition. However, I likewise feel that an equal share of the blame should also go to the event organizers. If they are really serious about keeping their event drug, steroid etc. FREE, then mandatory testing should be done on EVERYONE before and during the event. Even after every ride, if they feel it necessary! Not only TDF, but RAAM and other high profile bike events; along with ALL amature, semi-pro and professional sports should consider this kind of testing! If organizations are really concerned about keeping the integrity of their institution honest and drug enhancement free, they are going to have to make it difficult for CHEATERS!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


WHOA! Lookout! Ole EZ is on a post roll today! I'm just finding way too many interesting sites and FUN photos today! I think I'll make myself log off after this post......... ;-) OK, SO WELL the photo you see here clearly caught my eye from The Cycling Dude website. NOW that's my kind of SOCIAL PEDDLING RIDE I COULD TRULY ENJOY!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Share the LOVE... BUT...

WELL, while doing a Google to find a certain bike image (Didn't find it though... :-/) I came upon a pretty interesting logo that Chico Velo Cycling Club offers on T-Shirts at their website. I'm not really sure which finger is being used in the photo... ;-) But it portrays a pretty good attitude on what people on this planet are really fond of. They have a few other designs that look pretty cool as well!

Ohhh and the reason I added the BUT... is I'm sure cyclists don't have a problem sharing the Love or roads, BUT as for vehicle operators... WELL, that's a different story!

PS: WOW! I also happen to do a "Share the Road" Google search and came up with 5 MILLION+ image views!!! WOW!

When was the first recumbent built?

Dear EZ Biker, I really enjoy your off the wall approach to recumbent bicycling. Now with all the news about some discontinued ones being brought back; I'm wondering just when the first recumbent was built and what did it look like? Sincerely, Becky

Becky Thank You for your nice email and compliment(?) ;-) The photo you see to your left (Date 1892) is part of a really nice historical write up (Plus many more early recumbents too) that can be found at Bicycle Man bicycle Shop.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Breaking NEWS! Dana Lieberman of Bent Up Cycles Bringing back Carbent + more!!!

ALRIGHT! Now here's some REALLY Great news posted at BROL website about a certain Bicycle that I have received a lot of emails about. Especially when the news broke that Car Bent was closing. :-( However it appears that Bent Up Bicycles Dana Lieberman is going to resurrect this really HIGH Performance High Racer. Most of Carbent's website is gone, but here is part of it that's still on the web with a few more photos of Carbents.

OK, to be honest, I had serious flirtations with this bike, before I purchased my Bacchetta Aero and...... WELL.... you never know......... ;-0 However in the meantime, Thank You Dana!

UPDATE! MORE out of business recumbents being resurrected! Got this added tidbit from BROL who got it from the recumbeny blog about
Burley's Koosah and Jett Creek long wheelbase models being introduced again by Razor's Edge Engineering of Tennessee. Here is a photo of both models soon to be back in production again! :-)

WOW! State Of Florida Website has a Beautiful picture rendering of all recumbents on a trail!

A poster at BROL (toofattriker... yep that's their real forum name or handle) posted this link at BROL about a Florida website that has a really AW SOME looking rendering of nothing but recumbent bicycles rolling down a trail! For anyone into some really nice hiking and biking trails, this is a Great website to check out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strange LOW RACER... recumbent... ;-)

Dear EZ Biker, I'm wondering just really how strange can one go in designing a recumbent. Here's a photo of one I found on the net. Sincerely, Phil.

Gee Phil you must have seen my recent post at BROL showing this same bike. The picture went away for a short while due to TOO MUCH band width being generated at the persons website. Glad you took the time to send it to me. I'll try and re-post it at BROL to share. :-) Thanks for the email!

Monday, September 17, 2007

EZ Biker back to hospital??? :-0 :-0 :-0

EEEEEEEEK! WELL EZ Biker Friends, it might be HOSPITAL Booogie TIME again, as the bills from my recent "8 day" fun and frolic, hospital visit... are now coming in Eeeeeeeeeek! BUT believe it or not, I actually have a pretty good medical plan through the company I work with and so far, the EXPENSIVE insurance has kicked in really nicely!!! At least I'm not having to shell out the total bill!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ute's October Blast * The Share The Road Ride! * 10-27-07

This is really a SPECIAL ride for me and I can't put into words any better than Karin Sanders (The organizer of the ride) statement found in Spoke's & Folks Blog Site by JHop in his blog: "As most of you remember, fellow flight attendant Ute Burkhardt, 38, was killed last year while cycling. She loved the fall months and A1A. She was a dedicated cyclist and an amazing lady. This ride is in her honor and to help benefit the Florida Bicycle Association and their involvement with cycling safety promotion, education, advocacy, and the Share the Road campaign." I did this ride last year and posted a very favorable review about here. The event has moved it's ride to Downtown Bike shop and that's where the event will start, then proceed to A1A, turning left and heading North to Spanish River and return. This is a really nice route and one that I have rode for years! To any of my local cycling Friends I urge you to PLEASE come DO this Wonderful ride!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EEK! EZ Biker continues to be GRILLED on Negative Rans post! :-@

Dear EZ Biker, can you offer any better proof or conclusion on why you don't believe Rans mid-racer or any other LWB bike can honestly compete with the High Racer bikes? Signed Phil

Sure! Thanks for the email Phil. Pictured is my photo demonstration on why bikes that have the cyclist more upright just won't fair well when competing with the more laid back cyclist on a High Racer.

And YES folks the emails are running 75% negative disapproving of my Rans post verses 25% positive they agree with my post.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

EZ Biker responds to viewer's email on Rans new Mid Racer bike...

Tune in tomorrow, Sunday, 9/9/07 for EZ's rather "Interesting..." response to a viewers email concerning Rans latest concept bike.

Update - 9/09/07
Dear EZ Biker, there's been a lot of chatter about Rans new concept bike, called the mid racer. Care to offer any thoughts about it? Signed William.

Thanks for your email William. I too have been reading up on Rans concept mid-racer bike and in no way am I trying to disrespect them or cast any negative dispensations towards them. (I've even owned "4" Tailwinds of theirs) BUT what I'm reading into their latest "Into the ride article", about their new concept mid-racer, WELL... begins to raise my eyebrows a little. From that article, I sense a lot of FANCY TALK THE TALK, but not really seeing any substance of being able to actually WALK THE WALK. I guess being in security, I tend to be a little suspicious when reading about certain claims on what a product has done or will be doing. Like this one: "In our preliminary roll down test it was beating a typical High Racer by almost a half MPH in 400-meter runs." Ummm, would you mind stating the NAME of the typical High Racer you (Used in this test) are talking about here, Rans? And also lets keep in mind, a roll down test is fairly SHORT in time duration. So what might be an exciting achievement early on; could be totally different in the long run. "Room for improvement in aerodynamics may see that gap spread even more." I'm SORRY, Rans, but your alleged claim that your aerodynamics may even see the gap spread even more than a High Racer, is WELL, borderline to sensational claims made by snake oil salesmen in the past. What I see is, they are trying to duplicate the High Racers sitting position onto a Long Wheel Base Platform. BUT there is a limit as to how reclined you can go on a LWB frame; (Before you start effecting it's handling characteristics) to which I found out on my Bacchetta Agio. And now another eyebrow raising statement: "...but high hopes to set a couple of these bikes loose on RAAM 2008..." This really strikes me as being pretty arrogant, in that it's a sure SLAM DUNK that they will have a bike in RAAM 2008. This from a company, who I've never heard or even seen them participate in any high profile time trials or events, race wise and otherwise. I hope they realize thay do have to """1st""" qualify for RAAM. This hints towards (AGAIN) the old Snake Oil sales hype of yesteryear. "We will be showing draft II of the mid-racer concept at InterBike, all dressed up for RAAM..." AGAIN, here's another statement that portrays it's a DONE DEAL, they will be in RAAM... :-/ BUT then who knows, MAYBE all of his will REALLY become reality. And the first real chance to see if it will, is at the 24 Hours of Sebring event in February 2008, which happens to be a RAAM qualifying event. Umm, did you hear that Rans??? So perhaps I'll see you all there; only this time I'll have my 4 year old High Racer (Aero) there, instead of the Agio. I'll look forward to hopefully seeing some WALK to back up the hype hype hype FANCY TALK! :-)

Hello EZ Biker, I have owned and still ride Rans recumbents. I find your post to be somewhat disrespectful and wonder why you are posting such an attitude about this company. Signed Alex.
Thanks for your email Alex and YES I do respond to emails even when they are not all warm & fuzzy ones. And AGAIN, I don't have any personal issues with Rans, with the exception of how they feel they can drop the name of such a high profile event, acting like they are one of boys that competes in them or will have no problem in doing so. RAAM is probably the TOUGHEST bicycling event anyone can ever do. To even qualify for this event is absolutely no picnic, much less a slam dunk done deal. And yet, I read Rans comment "...All dressed up for RAAM." as meaning they have already made the event and will be dressing their bike up for it. This to me is just not suitable and it portrays them as appearing to already be one of the elite few to have participated in that event. Lightning Recumbents, Easy Racer Recumbents, Bacchetta Recumbents, Velocraft Recumbents and Volae Recumbents are RAAM veterans. They are THE REAL DEAL! So I do stand by my original post and I hope Rans will qualify for RAAM with their mid-racer and if that time does arrive, I'll be more than happy to eat my words and congratulate them in their endeavor. I likewise stand by the fact that NO Long Wheel base bike (At present anyway) is superior to the High Racer in the aerodynamics department, unless you choose to sock or add aerodynamic enhancements to them.
SO, keep those email responses coming folks, positive and negative, I enjoy them all! :-)

Monday, September 03, 2007

"SAD" :-( BREAKING NEWS! * South Florida HPRA Challenge race to be discontinued! :-( :-( :-(

It is with PROFOUND SADNESS that I report the demise of a really Special and Fun event that saw some of the best in recumbent cyclists from all the world to attend. This is the announcement that was seen in BROL forum today posted by our own South Florida Deva and beloved Female cyclist, Shari. EZ Biker had sponsored this event two past years and was looking forward to doing so again in 2008. Hopefully a group somewhere in Florida will take over this event and allow it to continue! Sincerely, EZ Biker :-(

EZ Biker continues his methodical climb back, in Bike Journals stats!

Dear EZ Biker, I'm a member of Bike Journal and peek in on your stats ever so often. It seems you are really making up for lost time and are putting the miles back on, outdoors and indoors! Do you think you will still be able to reach your 6000 mile goal this year? Eric

Eric, Thanks for your email. And YES, I'm trying to make up for the nearly 1 month of inactive cycling and am trying my best to get back up to speed and achieve my goal of 6000 miles. I had done an earlier post about Bike Journal at the following link. It's really a FUN site that allows you to keep track of your miles and other stats and there are thousands of member cyclists. FREE to join, but the yearly membership (Which I have) is also a good deal too. Here's the link to my journal. On that note, it's time for another hour ride on the recumbo stationary!!! WOOOO Hoooooo!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Was that "YOU" EZ that blew past us on the Boca Bridge?

Dear EZ Biker, me and a couple of my fellow cyclists were just riding over the Boca bridge today (0715 hrs) after it had just come back down, when this guy on a Yellow recumbent (With a white stocking on his right leg) BLEW past us going probably 18+ mph. We couldn't catch him! I remember hearing about and seeing your yellow recumbent and am wondering if that was YOU? I thought you were suppose to take it EASY, due to your blood thinning medication? Are you being a BAD BOY and frolicking anyway? Bill, Margie & Dawn.
Ummmmmmmm, er...... WELL.......... er.... OOOOH..... Ummm, you mean like the bridge pictured here? EEEEEEK (I think I'm BUSTED...) Uaaaaaaah, that might have been me... (Now with a sheepish grin like I've just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar) BUT you know there are a lot of yellow recumbents on the roads these days.... (Yea RIGHT...) And more cyclists seem to be into wearing stockings.... (Now I know that's really going to FLY...........) OK, that might have been me. :-) But I was merely stretching my legs you know and I wasn't trying to whoop up on any cyclists...HONEST! ;-) I might have snuck it into a little WARP speed though... ;-) However you can really tell it must be a holiday weekend, as I got stopped at both Bridges (Boca & Light House Point) coming and going each way! *&^%$#@((*&^%$ bridges! ;-) I don't know if I'll be cycling back to Spanish River for a while though; they are working on the roads and have the bike lane carved with those lovely grooves that make the asphalt stick to it better, but is impossible for a cyclist to ride on. And vehicle operators don't understand why we are out in the road avoiding that; as I got a few attitudish driver encounters today. :-( So we will just have to see. And Thank You for the (Busted...) Great email! :-) :-) :-)

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a Wonderful SAFE Cycling Labor Day!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fan email inquiry: What do you carry with you when riding?

Dear EZ Biker, now that you are having to deal with blood thinning mediation, will this make your fun and frolic rides more civilized? Are you back on your Aero yet? And do you carry any kind of safety stuff to deal with a possible injury? From: Eric & Mary
Thanks for your inquiry Eric & Mary! WELL YESSSSSSS, I'm going to have to tone down :-( my wild and woolly (I may be an old geezer, but I'm still faster than you) attitude for awhile... ;-) Just today I did another "Short... 28 miler" ride on my Agio (Holding off on the Aero for a while longer) to continue to get my bike legs and over all strength back. AND in my rear bag I now do pack my emergency first aid kit along with a clean white t-shirt to add substance behind any cut I might sustain while riding. I do practice safe riding at all times, but then it's those unexplained encounters you have to watch out for. A few spare tubes and air cartridges and rim tools and I'm ready to roll!