Friday, July 27, 2007

THIS is just SO SAD................. :-(

Dear EZ Biker, I've followed your blog site for sometime and I remember reading last year about this time, how you were fed up with the Tour De France, due to doping. I'm wondering if you care to offer any thoughts on this years event, as once again, doping has occurred. Sincerely, Alice

WELL Alice I'm truly SAD to hear about this occurrence again at the TDF. In all honestly I REALLY do LOVE and enjoy the TDF! Yea OK, I said it and I admit it! After some reflection, I honestly believe the fault does not entirely fall on the TDF organizers, but the individual cyclists that choose to do the CHEATERS way to compete. I really think mandatory testing for enhancement drugs should be done on a constant basis, not only in cycling but in ALL sports, armature, semi-pro and especially pro. Anyone caught using enhancement drugs, are GONE from the sport for life and all their previous records and accomplishments in that sport are deleted, GONE! Sounds harsh? YEP, but it really needs to take on that kind of harshness, for the LOVE (Or maybe it should be deemed TOUGH LOVE) for the betterment of the sport and keeping the sports integrity 100% honest and equal to all that compete in their respective sports. The other side of society that is truly harmed by all this mess is our (Very easily influenced) young people. They see all these big muscular bound studs competing and destroying the competition; reaping all the glory; only to then to be exposed, that their fete were accomplished only because they had some enhancement drugs in their system. But then before you know, these bad little children have had their little wrists slapped and will now be allowed back in and everything is nice nice! To young people this clearly sends a message, that drugs apparently are not that bad to do and the subsequent disciplinary action (If caught) won't be career ending. Dopers are CHEATERS and they likewise taint and bring the utmost embarrassment to the honest competitors, that have sacrificed many hours of their life to get where they are in any sport! Simply put IF YOU DOPE, YOU GET THE ROPE!!!

And in a late breaking development: Bicycling may be banned from future Olympics!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't open e-card Greetings!!!!!!!!! :-0

This is just a heads up or important FYI I’m passing onto my blog visitors and friends. This has been all over the Sci / Tech sites today. I have gotten a lot of e-greeting card emails recently from persons unknown. As a (Long time) rule, if I don’t recognize the name of the person the e-card is from; I won’t open any included attachment or go to the e-card greeting link. My actions seem to be justified as these cards actually deliver a lovely virus if you follow through, clicking on all the links. Needless to say, DON’T OPEN ANY E-CARD GREETINGS!!!!!! :-/


Sunday, July 22, 2007

May purchase recumbents after re-finance of home...

From the email bag... :-) This is technically not a 100% story on recumbents, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject, as it might help others avoid falling into some bankers trap. :-(
Dear EZ Biker, my husband and me are planning on purchasing 2 recumbents in the near future. We have been talking to our home loan banker for possible refinancing of our home to consolidate some bills and then have enough to purchase our bikes, perhaps two Bacchetta Giro’s. Our banker has suggested an adjustable rate mortgage that would really reduce our monthly payments and would allow us to move on our recumbents much sooner. Your thoughts?
NO NO NO! Barbara, I would STRONGLY suggest you PASS on the adjustable rate mortgage, as it’s only a financial tragedy waiting to happen, which could see you all actually LOSING your home and savings! I have fellow employees here that made that terrible choice and their payments were reduced for a short while. BUT now, in only a short period of time, their mortgage has actually gone up with some having to pay $200.00+ MORE a month and it continues to climb! Add that to yearly insurance and property tax rising costs (That you can’t get set into a fix rate) and I see some of my friends on the verge of losing their homes altogether! I’d honestly stay with your fix rate mortgage and should you decided to re-finance, do so with a FIX rate mortgage again!!! :-) :-) :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The NEW / Improved Atlantic Bicycle Shop!

Well as you can see above, here are some photos I took of the NEW and IMPROVED Atlantic Bicycle Shop! Josh & Beth are the PERFECT kind of Bicycle Store People! Always ready and willing to help you with any kind of bicycle need! And talk about SPACE, LOTS OF SPACE to test ride bikes, this new store location, has LOTS OF ROAD SPACE, including a nice quiet neighborhood behind the store where you can continue to test ride your bike. There's also a pizza joint in the same center! Yea, lets do pizza after the recumbent Bicycle Rally, I hope they have soon!!! The address of their fine shop is: 4980 W. Atlantic Blvd. at Banks Road, Pompano Beach Fl. * Phone: 954-954-971-9590 Here's a map link to the shop.

By the way if you would like to make yourself a really nice moving album check out BubbleShare website and it's also FREE!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Recumbents doing a "Paceline?"

WELL, here’s another question from the ole email bag from James. “Dear EZ Biker, I’ve seen a lot of recumbents at various bike events, but they have pretty much been single kinds of riders and not into any kind of pace line type of riding. I assume this is possible and I’m wondering if there is any kind of photos or video that might show this kind of riding.”

James, that’s a really good question and I have found some excellent video footage that demonstrates just how a high racer pace line goes! (Or click on the title to see video) Compliments of fellow BROL and Bacchetta Forum poster atlcorsa.

UPdate: 7/22/07 - By the way, there is another term floating around about recumbent pace lines in that of highracerline! That word was coined by my good Texas Recumbent Friend, Mr. Foo! :-) By the way if you are looking for an Excellent Blog read on recumbents and other things, with a taste of Texas included, DO visit Mr. Foo's site today!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

18th Annual Frank Stark Celebration Ride - Will "not" have EZ attending!

UPDATE 7-13-07 - As I was glancing at the Stark event flyer a little something caught my eye REAL QUICK... "Starting time - 8 AM"!!!!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY? Even for the 62 miler you will probably be out for about 3 hours, which puts you into 9 O clock heat plus, A1A traffic! From this I arrived at the following conclusion... I'm NOT going to do this event, simply BECAUSE, TOO late of start, Too HOT to ride in and finally Too much A1A TRAFFIC to have to deal with! Yea Yea, call me EZ WUSS... ;-) But I've learned a long time ago, that if I'm looking to do something and the FUN (recreational wise) is missing, Ummmm, why waste my time doing something that I'm not having fun at? So it appears I'll be doing the usual A1A/Comm ride, starting at 7:07 AM and be off the road before 9 AM! In fact my whole future of bicycling for now is gearing for much earlier starts! More on this subject to follow! Have a Great safe weekend everyone! Try to stay COOL!!! ;-)

Alright! It seems I have a few local cyclists (Diamond frame and recumbent) that keep up with my rather TAME... ;-) blog and have inquired about an upcoming event, in that of the Frank Stark Celebration Ride event, Sunday July 15Th. And YES, I'm planning on doing that event (Gasp! 62 miler... :-0) and will be looking forward to seeing, meeting and riding with you all out there! :-) :-) :-) NOW the hot setup for this event is, to WAIT for the front bunch to take off first and THEN start your ride. WHY, because lately at a lot of the events, there are certain cyclists... that believe local bike events are really racing events! (FALSE!) Needless to say if you choose to try and hang with the first ones out, you may very well get into some kind of accident with some goofy (I think I'm in the TDF race) cyclists. :-/ So as I previously mentioned, me and some of my fellow Mot... friends plan on waiting after all depart and then do our on thing with a little more relaxed kind of cyclists... :-) Look for a ride report to follow!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Why NO Women in the... TDF???

OK OK! For those long time followers of my site, I know I made a promise last year not to even mention the mere lettering of that certain Tour De.............., well you know what I mean! And technically I'm not actually bringing up that... event, BUT feel the need to try and find an answer to a very nice young ladies inquiry email to me. "Hi EZ Biker, my name is Donna and I'm really into bicycling. I'm not really that good, as I'm only 16, but I ride my bike as much as I can. I really LOVE watching the Tour De France every year. But one thing puzzles me. Why are there no women in the event? And is there an event similar to the TDF for women?"
Well Donna, I did a GOOGLE search on your questions and found the following interesting link to your 1st question! As for your 2nd question, the answer is "YES" there is an alternative event, specifically for female cyclists. It's title is: Grande Boucle F'eminine Internationale
The original website of this is in French, but I've done a Google English translation of the website at this link. And here's still another link about that event.

So there's your answer Donna and Thanks for the Great email and also visiting my site. :-)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

One of "THOSE..." Whoop As... kind of days!

This really does not happen often, BUT today was one of those rare (Priceless) WHOOP AS... kind of days for yours truly! I passed on my usually Saturday ride yesterday to take care of some things, so today would be a make up for yesterday kind of ride. First off, I started alone at the A1A / Comm ride group, who were more into visiting than leaving in time to make the Lighthouse Point bridge. By the time, I was rolling over the bridge, it was 7:29 AM and no one in my rear mirror. WEEEE! Maybe I was going to get to do a solo ride! But no, about a few miles into it, I saw the group coming. DARN! The bridge had not gone up at its usual time! Usually when I see the group it's only a matter of time before they reel me in, BUT today, something was different. I maintained a 24+ speed and made it to the first stop light, when THEN was when they finally caught up with me! I felt pretty perky and a little cocky and proceeded to actually be part of the..... (Oh my GOD!) pace line and hang with the BIG Dogs (Really fast people) for the rest of the ride and managed to roll in with the top 5. But then, I kept on riding to Delray and THEN continued ever further to hook up with (Oh my GOD) the usually FAST Boca ride bunch, on the return side of their ride. I engaged the little beasties and then saw a few of my original riders from A1A do likewise. And the ride was on! I was still easily holding 24+ and basically waiting for the chance to pounce on the group, towards the end of the ride. White haired Billy, (One of THE STRONGEST / FASTEST cyclists around (Who can maintain 27+ speed for a 100+ miles!) was up in front and then I made my move! We both took off and left the Boca group hanging. 28+ now and Billy right on my tail. Then Billy broke around me and dropped me like a 100 lb brick, only to have me reel him back in and cross past the imaginary finish line. Me and about 8 others, continued on and I managed to kick it back up to 24 mph, while the rest decided to hang back. Towards the end as I'm approaching LHP bridge I see this moped zooming up with something behind it, 2 cyclists drafting at 26 mph! I'm now laughing so hard, I can hardly hook up with them, but do so and the pace slows. Billy and others catch up and we continue our return. Then just at the last, I decide to kick it up AGAIN and no one bothered to respond! YEEEEEEEEEEEEA! What a GREAT day of FUN, FROLIC, and WHOOP As...!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
NOW... the only OH OH part about all of this is, a lot of THEM will be l\waiting / looking for me next week! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! ;-0 ;-0 ;-0

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now THIS is the bike of the... FUTURE!!! ;-)

Special Thanks goes to BROL poster Skymax for posting this very interesting article about the single wheel bike. Does this thing actually work? Check it out here!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 4th Of July Everyone!!!

OK, this is a RETRO photo of yours truly in his Patriotic Bike Jersey, from many years back. Anyway, I want to take a moment and wish all my Friends, fans and visitors a Happy Safe 4Th Of July this Wednesday.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Atlantic Bicycle Shop has NOT closed forever... :-) :-) :-)

Breaking NEWS! 7-2-07 Atlantic Bicycles is NOT closed! It has moved to a new location at 4980 W. Atlantic Blvd. The phone number is 954-971-9590. Give Josh a call today or better yet, stop by the store! :-)

Added news! I went by the new store and talked (Begged for forgiveness... ;-) to the owners, Josh and his Lovely Wife & Daughter. They struck me (OK, not physically... ;-) as being the kind of people that really care for cyclists and want to continue to promote recumbent bicycling. This store is honestly in the perfect place for a bike shop (Nest to a pizza place / what a great recumbent rally place...) and likewise offers all kinds of road space (Including a nice quiet residential area behind the store) to test ride bikes. I'll have some photos of the store shortly.