Monday, June 25, 2007

EZ Biker to pause visiting / posting at the Bacchetta Forum :-(

First let me clarify that I'm still a devoted Bacchetta customer and supporter. I'm still a fan of John Schlitter, Rich Pinto and all of the Bacchetta people in general. Obviously I still LOVE my Bacchetta bikes and will continue to enjoy riding them. The Bacchetta organization is a class act, with the exception of the forum department. For the past month plus, the forum has been continuously off line; especially during the RAAM event. I received numerous emails inquiring why I have a link to a forum that's offline so much. Someone really needs to meet with the B forum department and basically try and help them get their act together. I personally have enjoyed the forum, but have grown tired of it CONSTENTLY being offline so much. It's just not a reliable source to visit or even to post at anymore. I really hope bacchetta can get their forum department up to speed, as I'd really enjoy reading the posts and contributing as well. BUT until there's MORE on line stability there, I'm going to pass visiting it for now.

In related news, I’ve received some inquiring emails about my miles stats missing from the M… bicycle club at Without getting into specific details, certain revelations have come up which has caused me not to want to be associated with that organization or the Yahoo forum of it, anymore.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A fun ride * The Lauren Katzenstein Celebration Ride

I happen to do a very Special ride today in that of the Lauren Katzenstein Celebration Ride up in Lake Worth Beach Florida. Lauren was 15 years old, and a sophomore at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida. On April 26, 2003 she and her father were participating in the "MS150 Breakaway to Key Largo" bike tour to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. After riding for approximately 30 miles, under rainy conditions, Lauren was struck and killed by a reckless, unlicensed driver.
This ride started in Lake Worth and headed South to Lauderdale By The Sea, Fl. at Commercial and A1A. Your's truly thought it would be cool....... to ride up to the event, do the event and then ride back to home... Well the ride up and the event were a lot of fun. I managed to hang with the BIG (FAAAAST) Dogs for the first half of the event, averaging about 28 mph. But on the return side, well....... I was able to hang with the lead pack for a couple of miles and then, I backed it down to a more (My style) 21 mph. As I was passing Atlantic Blvd. and A1A, there was the voice calling me to BAIL, come home, sip some ice tea, pig out on a pizza, no one will know you bailed... except me and perhaps Lauren Katzenstein. So I plodded on and hooked up with some others that had gotten dropped and we made our way back to the end at a nice 18 - 21 mph. I pretty much sat in the back and let others rotate in front of me, as I'm not considered a really good draft, due to me being lower that your diamond frame cyclists. Upon arrival back, the reality hit me, that now in the HEAT of the (Beautiful sunny) day, I was going to have to plod my way back home again, on the bike........ Oooooooooo :-( After resting, reapplying sun block I headed out and actually had a pretty decent ride back, with some traffic to deal with. The MAJOR thing that really SUC.... were the bridges! (3 I'd have to cross over) Thing were going fine until I arrived at 2 of them and they were in the up position, to let your typical RICH, yacht types out to open sea. Here in Florida, your nautical traffic has the right away, verses your land vehicles. Traffic backed up forever and me sitting in the HEAT and roasting. Hummm, some how I don't think I'll do the macho ride to an event again for awhile. BUT my total mileage for the day was around 117 miles! WOOOOHOOOO! In conclusion the event was really good and I had a great time through out the ride. Just those bridges... when I was on my way home....... ;-(

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Team Bacchetta wins their RAAM Division, BUT the Velokraft team and especially their team cyclist Glen have won our Hearts!

Special Congratulations to Team Bacchetta / Military Families Foundation for finishing 1st. at RAAM in their division! (See results below) BUT where Bacchetta may have won their event, clearly in my mind Team Velokraft's team cyclist Glenn, (Pictured) has clearly won the recumbent worlds Heart, in his endeavor to continue to participate, even with what now appears to extremely battered and bruised knee. What a Wonderful event not only for our fellow recumbent brethren, but to all the cyclists and their team members and supporters that participated in this MOST GRUELING event! You all are WINNERS in my book!!! I know from all the TONS of response emails I've gotten (And are still coming in) everyone, including myself, have really enjoyed this event!!!! What a Great time for bicycling! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!
6/26/07 - Update - I also feel the need to mention the OTHER EXTRAORDINARY rider on Team Velokraft in that of Tim. He deserves as much credit for doing the last 12 hours of the event solo! That's a lot of time, being continiously on a bike folks!

Position Rider/Team # - Name TS
Miles into
the Race
Miles to
the Finish
Race Time
Days HH:MM
Total Time
From Start

Avg Speed
from start
Avg Speed
this station
Off Bike

1 251 - Bacchetta B Team / Military Families Foundation Finish 3042.8 0.0 06/19 17:40 7 days 00:26 168:26:00


2 250 - Team Velokraft 53 2864.2 178.6 06/19 15:05 6 days 21:50 165:50:00

17.27 14.12

Saturday, June 16, 2007

RAAM Fun... Continues!

Thanks to all the great email comments about my RAAM post. As you can see, I think I'm wearing out the button on my mouse hitting the REFRESH link over, over and over... again!!!
Also it seems like we really do have a RACE on hand as the low racer VK team has caught and passed the Bacchetta team!!!
OK, these links links seem to be the best ones to follow the event on at BROL and Bacchetta forums (When it's up and running...) Also if you are into the STAT thing, here a link, from the RAAM website.
Update - 6-16-07 Here is a really cool animation of the RAAM racers located at this RAAM link.
Update - 6-18-07 - Here's a link to some really COOL photos of both RAAM recumbent teams! DARN! Every time I log out, I come upon even MORE fun photos or in this case, some really COOL videos, at the following link. Thanks to B Forum poster: Aero92

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 10 * RAAM 2007!!! * Showdown time again!!!

ALRIGHT! Ladies & Gentlemen, leeeeeeets get REEEEEEEDY TO ROCK & ROLL! Yep, it's that RAAM Race Across America time again and this year 2 outstanding recumbent teams using different recumbent bicycle philosophies (High Racer verses Low Racer) will be competing with some of the BEST long distance Diamond Frame / Road cyclists in the world! To read more about this SUPER EVENT please visit the following links links links links links links and still more links. This is going to be a GOOD TIME for us mortals to watch and a lot of HARD Work for the class athletes! Watch for more links and info ASAP!!!
Update - 6-10-07 - here is a second link from Alan's Blog that has (I believe) the best source of links to see what's happening at RAAM) OK, want to see what a REAL LOW RACER looks and rolls like? Check out this really cool youtube footage of some nocom on city streets, set to the tune of LA Woman.

Update - 6-11-07- OK, I've gotten NUMEROUS emails about the links to the Bacchetta forum not working. Let me assure you all, the links are fine, but the B forum tends to be offline a lot during the daytime. (Well at least for me... for over a month now) I posted about it, but hardly anyone else seems to have an issue with the forum coming up. I apologise and should you not be able to access the Bacchetta forum; there are other Great links that pretty much stay on line all the time, posted here. :-) Once I get the continuous RAAM input thread sighted, I'll post it immediately! :-) Thanks for all the Great emails Keep em coming!

Update - 6-12-07- WELL I was confronted today by a fellow recumbo cycling friend........... ;-) ;-) ;-) Greg who stated I was telling lies at my blog about the RAAM event! Recumbents are competing against only recumbents and not actually against Diamond Frame cyclists. BUT I sure won't mind seeing or hearing of either recumbent teams BLOWING past and waltzing away from those diamond frame types in this event. They ALL still have to ride the same route, regardless as to WHO might be competing directly or indirectly with each other.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Alot of bicycling action this weekend... ;-)

Yea buddy! As you can see, I have some of my bike gear on and I'm going to town... Well with my paper shredder anyway. Thanks to a lovely tropical depression moving through, Saturdays riding is well... on my desk seat instead of my recumbent seat. Oh, well, we do NEED the rain though!

Update: Sunday was PERFECT! The weather blew out all the rain and I got to go frolick with the local FAST DFers! (Diamond Framers) Added a few extra miles to the ride and then headed for the house, once again Happy to be recumbent bicycling!