Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is Randonneuring all about?

WOW! Lots of really Great emails pouring in! (Love it, keep em coming!) Apparently there’s a lot of interest in a bicycle event called a Brevets and becoming a randonneur. Admittedly I have never done any of them; but I’ve heard a lot about them and am looking to participate in some in the near future. The main organization that Brevets are built around on is called RUSA. It has the real definition of Randonneuring.
Also I found the following link at the at the Motorola Bicycle League Yahoo group of a local group that does all kinds of Brevets: South Florida Randonneurs Some very interesting reading and these events (Including the participants) seem to be more laid back than some of your typical yearly events. Here are some additional links, links and links.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Let us all NEVER forget...

To always honor all our military personnel; those that have fallen and those that are still living. Thank You all Men & Women that continue to sacrifice so that we can continue to enjoy that of which is so precious and yet is so easily taken for granted, FREEDOM.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

EZ Biker RANT! Bicycle Industry / Advocacy groups M.I.A. in Global Warming & Alternative Gas saving transportation!

OK, it's not often that I go into a RANT about anything, BUT today is the day! Recently I've been watching all the news and shows that talk about global warming, the high price of gas and so-called solutions about these issues. I honestly have yet to hear any peep about the use of a bicycle to help diminish global warming and the to counter the high gas prices. Even worse, at this very time could be the bicycle's finest hour, but all I continue to hear is...................... from both the Bicycle industry and those so-called bicycle advocacy groups. What a golden opportunity this is and yet SNORE seems to be the only response here! Here's a post I've done on the subject at the BROL forum.

And also the photo is being borrowed from a really cool blog site titled: Carfree USA Blog. Worth checking out. There's also another link at the site that's very interesting reading: World Carfree Network. Also here's a pretty cool website with the theme being: When Bikes Rule the Road at Spritmag by Joe Breeze.
Photo courtesy of www.worldchanging.com

Saturday, May 19, 2007

ARRRRG! 2 flats...

WELL today's weekend ride started out OK, until we went over lighthouse point bridge and then my Aero started weaving all over the place. Hummm, that's not normal... I glanced at my front tire and it seemed to be ok... but after a few more all over the road wanderings; I did see the front tire sagging. The rest of the cyclists went to warp and were gone in an instant. I got to get more practice in changing my tube out. WOOOHOOO! That done, I continued on, when... PSSSSSSSS, AGAIN? I could have sworn I checked my tire! OK, with one last tube I stuck it in and then decided to call it a day of cycling! Got home, checked the tire and it seemed OK. Looks like maybe a little rim tape needs to be changed... Oh well, so much for a fun day of Saturday cycling... ;-/

Sunday, May 13, 2007

To all Mom's out there...

Here's wishing you all a Wonderful Happy Moms Day! I know my Mom is looking down upon me and watching me every step of the way! Hope I have not been too bad of boy Mon... ;-)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

NO Riding maybe the whole... weekend! :-(

5/13/07 Update: COUGH, COUGH WIZZZZZZZ. OK, I decided to take a ride in still the wonderful... smoke on A1A today. Not too bad... Cough Cough... watering eyes... ;-/

WELL, thanks to a lot of lovely... SMOKE from surrounding areas, including Georga, in the air and I mean a lot, I'm probably not going to be out riding this weekend on the recumbo... :-( The smoke down here in Broward county is terrible! I refuse to engulf that stuff into my lungs and have it in my eyes. :-( And to think Firemen put up with this on a daily basis! God Bless them all! :-)

Showdown at the Wasco Corral!

Update: 5/15/07 Ooops, Thanks to a nice email from Slo Joe, I've corrected the "FAT" word. It's suppose to be FAST Freddy! Sorry about that mispelling! :-)

BREAKING News! Bacchetta's John Schlitter WINS Wasco, with Easy Racers Fast Freddy second! Here are some links and photo links links. CONGRATULATION Bacchetta and to everyone wh participated in the event!

Ahhhhhh, what a Great event this is going to be! As you have Ohio State verses Michigan, Miami verses Florida State, this race is going to to pit Easy Racers Fast Freddy Markham on his Javelin up against SWB Power House John Schlitter on his Carbon Aero! Here is the link to the Wasco website. Also you might want to check Alan's Blog site, as he seems to have the connections for finding out the outcome of the event, sooner than anybody else. Also BentRider has a nice write up about the event too.

GOOOO Bacchetta! OK, so I'm a little biased... ;-)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

THE TOUGHEST 30 miles I've ever ridden!

I've ridden 124 miles in a day (Prep event for Sebring) close to 221 miles in 26 hours, (Sebring) and 150 miles (MS-150) over a weekend period and none of those rides were as TOUGH as a mere 30 miles ride I did today! This was a test commute to work ride and between the on / off the sidewalk, street, the vanishing / reappearing bike lanes, typical traffic on the return side, just enough rain, lightning, thunder, to make it a messy ride and a Lauderhill Police cruiser purposely VEERING towards me, brushing me and then keying his police radio very loudly (BURP BURP BURP); today's ride has to be the MOTHER OF ALL CHALLENGING RIDES! I'm really having to ask myself, if doing this cross town ride to save on gas is really worth it or not. A few decisions I have arrived at are, better bullet proof rims (Present one's are just to lightweight), fenders are a must and YES... :-( maybe even going back to those (WAKE THE DEAD) disc brakes, may be the hot setup if I'm serious about this commute stuff... ;-/