Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ah Ah... AH CHOO! You mean my Ti Aero comes from THIS STUFF?

After hearing the OFFICIAL word about Bacchetta's Ti Aero being put on the temporary suspended production status, a few choice words stuck in my mind. "Titanium Sponge". Hummm, what does he mean by that? So I did a Google search on the word and came up with a pretty cool website, that apparently shows just that, Titanium Sponge as seen in the photo here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Official NEWS! Bacchetta Ti Aero production merely "suspended" at this time!

UPDATE! 4-27-07 The Ti Aero """LIVES""" and is NOT being discontinued! Here is the Official Word from Mr. Rich Pinto at this link! Appearently there is a world Wide shortage of that wonderful metal and so it's just not available at this time! Hey! I'll take "Suspended" production over "Discontinued" production anytime!!!!!!!
I have just come upon various forum links , links and also at the recumbent blog site, that is reporting (As yet OFFICIALLY unconfirmed) that Bacchetta will be discontinuing their early on (And still very popular) flagship model recumbent the Ti Aero! I'm awaiting more information on this potentially heart breaking development and will post more when it becomes available. :-( :-( :-(
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Patent on the first recumbent??? Check this blog out!

OK, while browsing around the image section in Google for Earth Day photos for an upcoming post / rant on technology that already is here to help make our earth GREEN again (The Bicycle... DUH!); I came upon a really COOL blog site that "Celebrates the history of technology and creative genius over the centuries". (Parts of this taken from the blog site) The one item that caught my eye was the patent on possibly the first recumbent bicycle as you see pictured here. If you go to the site, just scroll down towards the end and you will find the photo. Additionally there are some really COOL patent renderings of devices that were and are still being used. A must see blog site! Here's the link.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

MS 150 was GREAT!

OK, Sorry to make this short, but I'm just POOPED! (Not use to doing 150 miles in one weekend) But, I'll post more in about a day and fill you in on the fun! Here's the link to the photos I took of the event! More to come!
UPDATE! 4/23/07 - OK, I'm a little more awake now... ;-) Well the MS 150 event this weekend (4-21/22) was really enjoyable with the exception of STIFF Headwinds on the return side. Saturday started off with a nice 60ish temperature and the cyclists’ enthusiasm was very noticeable. Close to 2500 cyclists showed for the event and at the start, they let groups of 100 go at interval times. One of the more FUN aspects of this ride was the law enforcement people manning the major intersections and stopping traffic and waving us on through! Very nice scenery and the road markings were very good. I honestly was not looking to be hammering at this event and yet even “cruising” at 16 – 18 mph had me passing cyclists from start to finish. Ok, there was a few times I snuck in a 26+ mph pace; but remember this was on my 32+ lb Agio! The only other rather tense moment was the arrival at the bridge before Key Largo! My legs were already a tad tired from all that… cruising pace and now I’ve got to climb something? To make things even worse, some of my lower gears would now engage and I was nearly at the point I would have to stop and walk my bike up the bridge! EEEEEEEK! How humiliating! Luckily I managed to find a gear set that was stable, but still ended up mashing my way up the bridge. My arrival at the park in Key Largo, was met by “Pre-arranged” cheering crowds who cheered whenever anyone rolled in. I scooped up my camping gear; got my massage number (That took 3 hours before I got my massage…) I setup my tent and then pigged out on really great food and drink. The beach party was next and I stayed about 30 minutes… (Not a party animal anymore… ;-) and headed back to the campsite and conked out.
I was awaken around 5:00 AM Sunday by the warning backup sounds trucks make when they are backing in. I was then advised I better get my rear moving to the breakfast tent, like RIGHT NOW, before the food ran out. With a good breakfast in my tummy I went back and broke my campsite down and went and collected my bike, refilled my water bladders and got ready to roll. Numerous cyclists on those… diamond frame bikes were heard moaning and groaning about their sore rears, arms and whatever else and commented how lucky I was to have a cushion seat kind of bike, for the return 75 miler. Cyclists had already been departing since 7:00 AM and I finally hit the road at about 8:00 AM. BUT this time I was ready for that… bridge and had no issues going up it. The nice thing about an event like this is you have numerous cyclists already ahead of you; so you feel confident that you have not messed up on your road directions. And yet, I saw a few cyclists that were so zoned in that they completely ignored other cyclists and the road markings and headed off in the wrong directions! Between the HEADWINDS and the zig zag street course, the return trip seemed SO MUCH LONGER! Still it was fun hooking up with various cycling groups (Including my fellow Motorolan friends) at various ride paces and that helped make the time go by. There were still some law enforcement people stopping vehicles at various intersections too! WoooHooo! I did make a few stops and refreshed myself and reloaded my water bottles. I was not going to make the mistake of toughing it out and ending up BOINKING at the event. We also got to take a lapp around the Miami speedway and folks, getting my Agio up on one of those high banks and then swooping down is well... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Finally as I and a few other cyclists entered the University compound we were met by those pre-staged cheering and clapping crowds and all cyclists were handed a MS 150 medal. I could have chose to hang a while but I was just dog tired and made a bee line to get my luggage, then to my Van and then home! All in all it was a really wonderful experience and an excellently run event. I’m looking forward to doing it one more time next year, before I move back to Texas!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Prayers and Sincere Thoughts go out to all... :-(

This is just so tragic and I just have to add my Sincere Thoughts and Prayers for all who are involved in this tragic ordeal! :-(
An additional thought here is: Why not offer or make mandatory "Self Defence" or "Karate" classes either with or instead of PE (Physical Education) class, in grade schools on up to college! This kind of learning is as good if not MORE beneficial than just PE class. It's SAD we have to consider teaching kids how to defend themselves, but it surely beats just standing and waiting to be killed or injured!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Breaking News! EZ Biker achieves MS 150 donation goal! * THANKS EVERYONE!

WOW! I can't Thank ALL of you that have sent me donations and donated on line as well. I just went to my site and I've reached my $300.00 goal! You all are really GREAT and I so much appreciate all of your kindness and donations! There's still time to donate on line if you wish! Here's the link. Watch for some photo and news updates as this event kicks off this Saturday & Sunday!!!
And to answer (Already) a few email inquiries, I'll be doing this event on my... Agio! Why the Agio and not my Aero? Well this is NOT a race (As if I'm even in a racer's league... ;-) but a fun bicycling event to help a most worthy cause! I really wanted to do this event for a long time and I'll finally achieve that goal, with my fellow Motorolan bicycle friends!!! I'm packing my camera, so stay tuned for some photos! Once again, THANK YOU ALL for your Wonderful donations!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Breaking News! Atlantic Bicycle Shop might have a buyer!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Late breaking news! Atlantic Bicycles may have a buyer in the wings! They have stopped liquidation proceedings for the moment. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I really hope this very FINE shop can remain open, as it offers the largest selection of bents here in South Florida and the Broward County area! The best thing about this shop is (Again) that they do offer a lot of different kinds of bents for you to try. I have sent many folks there to try bents and I hope I can continue to do so! Oh yes the photo... is your truly with 2 of my earlier titanium bikes (GRR Ti & Rotator Ti) worth a total of $12,000.00+ dollar there folks!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wishing all my EZ Biker Fans, A Wonderful Happy Easter!!!

Well, I'm going to take some time here and wish all my Wonderful, very much appreciated EZ Biker Fans and Visitors, a Happy Wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend!

By the way, if you are into crazy fonts, here's a few links, where I got the bunny one's from and another link here. These are FREE to use by the way!
EZ Biker :-)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Breaking News! I've had it with recumbent bicycles!!!

April 1st. BREAKING NEWS! One time staunch supporter of recumbent bicycling (EZ Biker) is now officially disassociating himself with recumbent bicycles! Yes, I've decided to move onto a REAL Bicycle that will have me being accepted back into the diamond frame community! I'm truly excited about my new bicycle, seen in the photo here! EZ (April Fool) Biker ;-)