Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nothing to do with recumbents, but I'm posting it anyway...

Admittedly, I have previously stated I'd keep this particular blog geared toward recumbent bicycling. BUT today I had 2 very close friends be victims of this countries forever downsizing of the American worker at my job. John & Marika have been the best friends you could ever have and especially at work. Unlike others, I didn't get to where I am today on my own; but have had a lot of very fine people behind me and helping along the way. John & Marika are 2 of those people that have done more than anyone to help get me where (Again) I am today at my job. Today was their last day at work and I'm already missing them! I'm very sad, but likewise I remember the old saying that where 1 door closes another opens and I know both of them will do wonderfully in that new door that opens. I wish I was going with them through that new door. I have to stop now, I can't see the keyboard with all the tears in my eyes. ;-( ;-( ;-(

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Photos of REAL 24" wheel Bacchetta Corsa / Aero bikes!

WOW! I've gotten TONS of emails inquiring about the possible 24" SWB bike I'm flirting adding to my stables. People have wondering if there are photos to see and maybe even to DROOL over with... ;-) The answer is YEEEEEEEES! Pictured here is a REAL Bacchetta Aero 24" owned by Lisa who post at BROL under the title of itself. For those wanting to see a real live 24" inch Corsa check out the following link. (Scroll down the page) Owned and rode by Ken Kobayahi.
NOW why would I even bring up an "Aero 24"???

Sunday, March 18, 2007

So. Fla. Recumbent Friendly Bike Shop Closing... :-(

Update! 3/23/07
I talked to Atlantic Bicycles today and found out Mark is out of town this weekend. So those that want to still go and check out the Great GOB sales, they are ready and waiting for you. I on the other hand am going to opt out and do a much needed MS 150 training ride. Which if I get back in time, I may still pop by the shop.
Ken aka EZ Biker :-)

Update! 3/20/07

Atlantic Bicycle Appreciation Day! Saturday March 24, 1o AM - 12 Noon! (We are going to try and get a group photo as well) For those locally, here's a chance to come hang with Mark and also check out any Great specials he has going on! For anyone who would like to send a card or email here's Atlantic Bicycle contact information link. I hope all who visit here will take a few moments and wish Mark well and pass the contact info on! He clearly has been one of the major players in getting recumbents on the streets here in South Florida!

It's with profound sadness that I write of a long time recumbent friendly bike shop that will be closing their doors very soon. :-(
Mark at Atlantic Bicycles in Margate Florida has been a Great promoter of recumbent bicycling and I know there are tons of recumbents out there, because of him. I've purchased 10+ recumbents, parts and had my bikes fixed there by him over the years and he's always given me 100+% Friendly Top Notch service! For any locals around Margate, So. Floirda, Mark will personally be around the store this week with some really great deals! I hope all those that have delt with Mark will try and get by his store to at least wish him well. Mark you are a Class Act and I for one will miss seeing you and coming to your Wonderful store.
Ken aka EZ Biker :-( :-( :-(

Saturday, March 17, 2007

20,000 "Cherished" Guest Visits! THANK YOU!

WOW! I really have not paid that much attention to the hit counter until today. WOW! 20,000 hits! Thank You All so much for your visits! I really appreciate them and PLEASE KEEP em comming!!! :-) :-) :-)
Also! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I WISH this was on MORE Public Transportation vehicles!

While prowling around at the Bacchetta Forum I came upon this post by Neve_r_est aka DG! BUT it's the PHOTO that caught my eye! WOW! I wish we could see this on MORE public Transportation vehicles, everywhere!!!
By the way, check out DG's blog site as well! Very good stuff posted there!
Photo courtesy of DG

Monday, March 12, 2007

EZ Biker's 07 Blue Agio * For Sale *

Well folks, it's called TOO Many bikes with TOO Little space in my cheesy little dwelling. Something has to go and so I'm parting with my Blue 07 Agio as seen pictured below. Upgraded to the wide tweener bars, barcons, IRC tires, 2 extra tubes / front and 2 extra tubes / rear, yellow Bacchetta Bag, Cateye Enduro 8 computer and fenders. This bike will be sold through my LBS which is BicycleSpot. Phone # 954-772-4909 Price: $900.00 + shipping (If the bike is to be shipped) For any other specific questions on the bike please contact Mr. Payton at the shop.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So. Fla. HPRA Event... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Update! 3/18/07
I gotten a lot of responses asking if there are anymore photos to be seen. Please go to the following forum post link and then go to various posters photos links. A lot better than mine! ;-).

Update! 3/16/07

For those that might be interested in the results, here's the link, Thanks to Alan from the recumbentblog. Oh to find me, look for the dork named Evans... ;-)

Well Florida's annual HPRA event took place this weekend and there were a lot of good things, some bad things and of course an UGLY thing... I'll be posting more about this in a short while, stay tuned! In the meantime here's a
link to photos I took for the Saturday's part of the event. I didn't get to attend the Sunday side.
Update! 3/14/07
The Florida HPRA race event 3/10/2007 (Part 1) was held at the criterium track. (Part 2) would be on Sunday on the velodrome track. (The Good) It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of interesting looking bikes at the event; along with some new faces, not seen there before. Entry technical inspection and the various events went off without a hitch. Garrie H. & Shari B. always seem to run a smooth organized event. I also got to play around with Bacchetta’s new long wheel base bike and also the Wonderful Corsa 24 which is actually a regular Corsa frame with 24in tires put on it. What an absolute BLAST that bike was to zip around on! (The Bad) Our beloved Shari B. announced this would be her last race to co-host and suggested the event be moved further up in Florida. I have to believe some of this is due partly to our very POOR Local turnout that once again reared its ugly self. Geese! It’s pretty pathetic when you have MORE visitors than locals showing up for an event. C’mon local bent people, it’s supposed to be a FUN gathering. You all could have at least showed up to watch! Even the SFRR outcast and rebel (Me…) showed up to participate. Now you will probably end up having to travel a far place if you want to be part of the fun! And finally… (The Ugly) which you see in the photo with BLUE bike pants and likewise pulling a local stunt by not showing up for the 2ND half of the event on Sunday. :-( Also with the revelation that another bike might be on the way, something had to go… :-( and it ended up being my first Agio which was setup primarily for commuting purposes. As you read this, the blue little beastie may already have a new home to go to.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

South Florida's Annual HPRA Race Event!

OK, EZ Biker Fans, I SUCK! This Wonderful event should have been posted a long time ago! MyBAD!!! For more information about this really FUN event please visit the following link. And YES, I'll be out there getting in someone's way and hope to get some really great photos to share with you all!!! So stay tuned and watch for photo and news coming soon!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ohhh NO! NOT "Another" Bike EZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh, YEEEEEEEES! My medication is kicking in and I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy... OK, I don't really take any medication... yet. BUT after this little tidbit, a lot of you out there will surely starting thinking I need to be on something! WELL here's my new possible addition to my stable in the near future... A 24 wheel size Corsa! WHY? OK it seems the more time I spend on my Agios the more I start wanting to maybe go back to a lower front crank bike. That means maybe Kicking my Beloved Aero to the curb........... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! NO WAY! SO to hopefully offset these BAD urges, I'm thinking about a somewhat high front bottom bracket, but with smaller size wheels that will allow my 44 inseam to EASILY be able to plant my feet on the ground. With that, I might even be able to use the 24 Corsa for commuting?
So what about my Agios? Well, Jose of SFRR fame is planning on scooping up my original Blue Agio and at least for now, I'm planning on keeping the Yellow (BIG Bird) Agio to putz around on. Ahhhhhhh recumbent bicycling is truly a Wonderful Illness!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

BREAKING NEWS! Secret Bacchetta NEW Bike photo!

WOW! I just stopped by my Good Friend Alan's Recumbentblog and got an eyeful of a possible new Bacchetta long wheel base bike to be released! Read more about it at Alan's Beautiful Blog site!!!