Saturday, January 27, 2007

EZ Biker adds MS150 to event schedule! :-)

It is with Great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce I have signed up for the Maroone MS 150 Bike Tour, April 21 & 22, 2007! I'll being doing both days and will be riding with the Motorola Bicycle League Team!

Update: 1/28/07 I've already gotten emails asking for more information on possible donations. (Thank You!) Here's my
personal MS Page you can visit, with donation information.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


OK, I know the majority of you don't really know me; BUT I'm usually a very laid back kind of person. I try and get along with everyone and very seldom do I get upset over anything. BUT at the moment I'm counting the minutes to get rid of something that is absolute JUNK and something I should have NEVER allowed (And won't again) to be used on any of my bikes! I even did a previous post about the alleged success in FINALLY being able to put the fix on a nagging issue. The disc brakes on my Agio have been nothing but a REAL PAIN, not to mention REAL SQUEALING LOUD, enough to wake the dead! Yea, I sanded them and wiped them down, but then a week later I have to do the same thing over and over! *&^%$#@!(*&_)^^%$$$ Enough! So hopefully this week I have a date with my LBS to get that JUNK off my bike! To anyone thinking of purchasing or using disc brakes on their bikes; make sure you get a good pair, get them adjusted right the first time or to be honest; AVOID them like the plague!

1/22/07 - 8:PM I guess the photo went away in the Google photo area; so I down loaded again from my online photo site. Thanks to all of you that sent me emails alerting me to the malfunction! See I told you disc brakes are jinxed..... :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

That "SINKING" feeling......... :-(

GEEZE! A few days off the bike and you can't help but get that SINKING Feeling especially when you are keeping track of your miles at! I'm trying to get over a lovely sinus infection and get back out there before I'm SUNK for the new year! Plus I still need the time to continue my 12/24 hours of Sebring endeavor coming up in about a month! Eeeeeeeeeek!
Oh and by the way, Happy Martin Luther King Day to all my friends that celebrate that Great Mans achievements! :-)

Friday, January 12, 2007

EZ Biker's Bumble Bee YELLOW Agio / Agitator Frame

I happen by to bicyclespot and was advised that my Agio (#2) frame had come back from the painters. SO whipping out my trusty little camera I managed to snap a shot of the frame as you see here.
By the way, this photo + fancy lettering was composed, using Microsoft's 2003 Publisher Software. What really COOL software as opposed to MS Word I've previously used for my photos in my blog. Clearly better quality and a write up coming soon about some really cool tips and tricks I've discovered using this software.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Century "PLUS"!!!

Holy where did those miles come from Batman! Today was the start of my training for the 12/24 hours of Sebring with a lovely 124 mile endevor! I was going to establish a specific training route which included Ft. Lauderdale Airport. BUT the airport perimeter road there NOW sucks and is partially closed, not to mention large trucks and traffic all over the place with little or no lighting! Yuk! Won't be doing that part of the ride again! Now I understand how an unfortunate cyclist was killed using that road. So I just headed North up A1A and kept going going and going and managed to even chase down some road bike cyclists on the 32 lb+ Agio! WooooHoooooooo!
The other COOL thing about logging your miles at early in the year is you zoom up to really high standings with any miles done, as you see in the photo next to my 124 mile achievement.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

...And Editors Choice for... the Bike Of The Year is... ""BACCHETTA AGIO""!!!

It is with Great Pleasure & Pride that I now ride what has been picked as THE BIKE OF THE YEAR * 2006 * Editors Choice, by Bryan Ball at BROL! (Bent Rider On Line) Please read more here. Congratulations to the Wonderful Bacchetta "Family" for job well done on an Extraordinary bike they have put together! * EZ Biker :-) "Proud Agio Owner!"

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!! + EZ gets LUCKY... OK... Well... kind of... ;-)

In my earlier days I was into working at discos and clubs as a... DJ. Yea I got into the drinking thing (But never drugs... Thank God) and there was this vintage club saying: """After 2 AM, NOTHING is ugly!""" WELL I honestly have nothing to say about the photo seen here, except the DEVIL made me do it! Just a sample of things... to come at!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime, here's wishing all a very Happy and safe New Year!!! I've also added some New Years Day memorable images to my on line photo site here.

EZ (All I could get lucky with...) Biker ;-) ;-) ;-)

PS: Once learning that a fellow grade school classmate of mine was badly injured in a car accident, caused by a DRUNK Driver; I immediately QUIT drinking any kind of alcohol, since the early 90's! :-)

614th Place out of 6596 cyclists at!!!

Greeting EZ Biker Fans! Well at ther stroke of midnight I recored my final 2006 bicycle milage stats at and ended up in 614th place (5078 miles) out of 6596 cyclists! 2006 was a really Great and Special year in cycling for me, along with all the great and continious e-mail sent by you all! Thank You SO MUCH for your continued visit and response to my blog site! It really means a lot to me and I look forward to 2007 being another fun year in cycling and at!!!
Ken aka EZ Biker :-) :-) :-)