Sunday, December 31, 2006

EZ Turtle... ;-) POWERS past 5000+ miles for the 2006 year!!!

AS IF there was really any doubt that I would have a problem reaching and surpassing that 5000 mile mark! ;-0 WELL I was not sure until I realized the weather was going to great and my Aero (Yea the OTHER bike) was NOW PERFECTLY dialed in after a handle bar tweak and some padding added to the seat.
Todays last A1A / Commercial ride 2006 was really COOL as I proceeded to ambush the bunch, build up a large lead, get caught close to the end, BUT still end up 1st. at the end! WOOOHOOO!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

5000 miles?! EZ Biker crawling, scratching to achieve that milestone!

Earlier in the year I would never have dreamed of even reaching my THEN goal of 3000 miles. BUT when I withdrew from the SFRR club miles I soon realized... WOW! I'm close to cycling up to 5000 miles in a years time! WoooooooooHOOOOOOOO! BUT I'm not quite THERE just yet and not so good of weather is predicting to move in by the weekend... :-( For the past 2 early morning with lovely 51 degree weather, yours truly has been peddling, clawing and scratching to reach that 5000 mark! I'm ONLY 67 miles away!!!!!!!! Stay tuned and see if EZ achieves the 5000 or turtles out! ;-) New Years day will surely tell the tale!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays... Part 2 - EZ is out of his medication!

WELL OK, bicycling has slowed down a little as has my mind thanks to my lack of medication... ;-) Got directed to a really funny site that let's you put your face into an elfs body and then BOOGIE. is the site and of course you know I had to get myself in it! So sit back and get ready for some Holiday Table Dancing!!! However keep in mind the site is getting a lot of TRAFFIC you if you don't connect the first time try later or early in the morning like I did.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

UPDATE! 12-23-06 - WOW! Have I gotten TONS of email asking why I look SO OLD, Tired and basically scruffy in my initial holiday Post! Eeeeeeeek! OK, here's a different Holiday Photo that's makes me look a tad more alive and fits my blog theme. LOVE the emails, keep them coming!
Here's wishing all my visitors, friends, family a very Happy & Safe Holiday Season!
Thank You all for your continuous visits and I look forward to more fun this coming next year!!!
Sincerely, EZ Biker :-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

MEGA Strobe Project II

Today's post focuses on SAFETY (Again) and the utilizing of the BEST rear reflector light ever; the MEGA Strobe. I had previously posted my mega strobe being used in the Bacchetta Brain Box. The nice folks at Bacchetta finally came out with a bag that would accommodate my LARGE Strobe. But on the Agio I'm using a different bag which fits on my nifty lounge chair! (Admittedly the chair like seat looks GOOFY, but you can SIT AND RIDE ON IT FOREVER!) So I decided to make my own modification to allow me use of my MEGA Strobe. I went to Office Depot and scooped up a school pen / pencil pouch for a few $$$, red of course and attached it to my Bacchetta Big bag. So check out the photo seen here. It's pretty self-explanatory. Ride safe all! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

EZ Biker withdraws from SFRR group... :-(

Well this evening I sadly decided to withdraw from the SFRR association. I've received SO Many inquiries as to why there are SO MANY participants not bothering to log their miles in that group; I'm just too embarrassed to continue my affiliation with that group at present. There's clearly other clubs where the participation is more active and that's what I'll be looking for. I hold no ill feeling towards any of the SFRR people. I'll still cordially greet them as I do all cyclists when I'm on the road.

12-14-06 * UPDATE! SFRR milage input SOARS...
After the departure of EZ Biker, members of the SFRR group have rushed to input their miles! ALRIGHT! Gee had I known I was causing such a lack of interest in SFRR people logging in their miles; I'd left sooner! ;-) Keep up the good mile login's and continue to do recumbents proud, you all!

Monday, December 04, 2006

"Breaking News" EZ Biker places 1st in Inlet Challenge Event!

WELL this is something I wanted to do last year, but poor preparation cost me the finish I was seeking. BUT not this year! Once again the Kids In Distress event (Inlet Challenge Bicycle Ride) was held, starting / ending on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. This is NOT a race but a nice bike ride event. The 100 milers took off first and the metric 62 miler group (That I was in) took off soon afterwards. I had waited a year for this and I was ready! Once underway, I wasted no time in moving up to the front and by Commercial Blvd, the main pack was already out of my rear view mirror. Every bump, crack, incline, recline was executed perfectly. This after all WAS MY HOUSE! I zoomed over Atlantic Bridge and kicked in the after burners. I knew by my calculations I had to be in position for the Boca Bridge inlet, before the bridge went up. I continued to glance in my rear view mirror and NOTHING was behind me! I had achieve the element of surprise and gotten out of everyones view, hoping they would not get motivated to chase me down. BUT THEN, my WORSE NIGHTMARE came into view! The Boca Inlet bridge traffic signal WENT RED and there was that halting DING DING DING bell sound! The Boca bridge was going up! Sh(*&^%$#)(* was all I could think, as all my work, my planning, my textbook executions were now for naught! And here came the bicycle pack... ARRGG! The bridge reopened and we were off again with me in the BACK of the pack, mumbling da... bridges, the great equalizer. But the group seemed rather in a relaxed mod and soon I found myself slowly moving up to the front and then... ZOOOOOOOOOM, off like a rabbit, I took off again! The chase was on; only this time I was still in their site and (As previously stated) the motivation to catch me was STRONG! Still I held a 24+ mile pace and at times I could see the pack inching ever so close and YET, just when I thought I’d be caught I glance back and (WOW) they seemed to have fallen back quite a bit! (This would not be the case with my usual A1A / Commercial ride bunch - once you see them in your mirror, you ARE CAUGHT!) There must have been 3 or 4 times when I thought it was over; only to some how pull ahead. 3 of the 4 traffic signals (Before the end) were NOT helping my cause, as they stayed green. Ahhhhhhh, but the 4th light was my FRIEND and it turned red and caught the bunch. This allowed me a little more breathing room to arrive at the turn a round point. I rolled in and about 5 minutes later, in came some of the pack. I made myself STOP this year (Instead of trying to be Mr. Stud and turn immediately around; only to BONK towards the end) Discipline was the rule of the day, with only one slight mistake in that I didn’t refill my water bladder. A few of my fellow A1A / Commercial cyclists wanted to do the ride back together and I started back telling them I’ll keep the pace slow until they catch up. BUT I never did see them and went back into warp about 5 miles later. (I found out later, one guy had a flat at the stop to fix) I continued my textbook ride and never saw anyone come up in my mirror. Then just past the Boca Bridge (The scruffy thing that had earlier almost DOOMED me) some very HARD RAIN move in! (I HATE riding in rain!) I almost was going to stop as I couldn’t hardly see where I was going; but plodded on. (Gee was I going to have to walk over Atlantic Bridge?) But it was only a small rain cell and the pavement was soon dry again and on I continued. Approaching Atlantic Blvd. I started encountering the 38 mile (Short ride) cyclists. Still I planned my traffic signals and all was well heading into the final 5 miles, until... all of a sudden my legs started to SUPER CRAMP UP! It got to the point I almost couldn’t pedal because my right leg was throbbing! I massaged it a little and the cramp subsided, but still bothered me. FINALLY one more short turn left back into Fort Lauderdale Park and... Cheering crowds awaited me. OK, there were not that many people actually cheering or even clapping as I think they wondered what kind of goofy bike was this dork on? (I rode my Bacchetta Aero) STILL the moment was SO SWEETand it was about 20 minutes later before any of the 62 miler bunch came in. (I bet they caught a bridge and the rain... He He He) Sadly there were no massages this year; which was something I was REALLY looking forward to! I continued to hang around and pig out on pasta and pizza and wait for friends to arrive. Finally it was time to go home... (YUK, why didn’t I drive my car to this thing!) And off I went, basically gliding home and hitting almost every meter hole in the process! NO, I was not concentrating where I was going! All and all it was a GREAT day and a great event to roll into 1st to! BUT my TIRED OLD SAGGING body is still FEELING the ride!!!