Saturday, November 25, 2006

Memorial Ride For Ute Burkhardt... :-(

Once again still another cyclist has fallen due to some nut case on the road. On Sunday November 25th EZ Biker will be attending and riding in the Memorial Ride For Ute Burkhardt. It is being hosted by Big Wheel Cycles, 7029 Taft Street, Hollywood Florida. The event will be from 8 AM till 12 Noon. Donations will be accepted to be put towards the Share the road charity in Ute Burkhardt's name.
Update! The event was very successful and a real pleasure to be part of! All the group of cyclists I rode with were "bent friendly" and it was a Great day to be on a bicycle... any kind of bicycle! One rather PLEASANT Surprise, For close to a 40 mile ride (I should just round the miles out... ;-) my overall speed average (On the 32+ lb Agio) was 19.6 mph!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Not bad for an aircraft carrier piloted by an OLD Geezer!
EZ Biker :-(
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My Good Friend Jose's NEW BLOG!

FINALLY! My fellow SFRR recumbent riding buddy and basically Great Friend Jose has FINALLY put together his own blog! Very nicely done! Please go and visit it sometime here!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One of EZ Bikers "other" personalities... Wishing You A Happy thanksgiving! ;-)

WELL once again my friends it's getting to be the Holiday Season again and that's when one of my many personalities starts surfacing again....... However I really would like to take a moment and cordially Thank all of you that stop by (Especially more than once... ;-) and Wish you, family and friends a Very Happy Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!!! And YES, there's actually a movie associated with the photo and you can see it here!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Paying attention to the... signs... NO Riding today!

WELL I'm not a superstitious type of person; BUT when I experience as many negative signs as I did today; I had to call the ball and not go riding! First off I messed up my weekly routine by not having my usual Friday pasta dinner. Come Saturday, I have a set routine in prepping for my ride and it was all messed up and out of order. Then I missed a step walking down the stairs with my bike and proceeded to start off almost losing my balance; as if I had never ridden a bike before. My rear wheel starting making some sort of strange clacking sound and my handlebars were off center (Head tube had been replaced by my LBS) Then as I rolled to the main street, with little traffic the one vehicle there was, came close to brushing me! At this point I was just little into a mile of the ride and decided to call the ball, return home and not ride any bike for the day! The signs were just too many and too negative! So went EZ Bikers Saturday of cycling......... :-(
8:30 PM update! My LBS (Local bike shop) mechanic advised me that there is some sort of metal noise coming from the back wheel which might indicate potential wheel bearing failure and possible loss of control of my bike! I think I owe one to my Guardian Angel here!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Disc brakes SQUEAL! Waking the dead up!

Admittedly I'm still tweaking my Agio and have a few things that still need tending to. One of them thought has FINALLY been taken care of and that's the disc brake issue. During the day the LOUD Squeal was embarrassing but not that big of deal. BUT my early morning rides were a different story! It's pretty bad when you come to a SQUEALING halt and lights go on all over the street area! IT'S ENOUGH TO WAKE THE DEAD!!! Hummm, something got to be done! So I did a google on stop disc brake noise and found the perfect solution. Applying a little sand paper to the disc and then wiping it off with rubbing alcohol and PRESTO! NO MORE disc Break SQUEAL! I know those in the neighborhoods can now sleep better when EZ (Quiet) Biker rides by now! :-)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ummm, I've got some explaining to do here...

WOW ! What VERY OBSERVANT fans you all are! I got at least 10 emails inquiring about WHERE were those ads I had put on my bag as seen in an earlier post? Seems quite a few went and visited my few photos I took at the SWB event and noticed that certain little thing! Eeeeek! Is EZ BUSTED? WELL OK here is what seems to have happened. The so-called VERY Sticky velcro tape I used does not work that well on cloth (Which my bag is made of) and some where during the ride, both ad cards fell off. I'm hoping an interested party found them and will visit the LBS and my site listed on them. I know, pretty CHEESY way to advertise right? ;-) ;-) ;-)
EZ Biker :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

EZ Biker ACTUALLY SHOWS UP for event!!!

YES, EZ Biker fans I've FINALLY gotten that EZ Lite (All talk / No SHOW) biker off my shoulders with the South Broward Wheelers Event today! Got to ride with a few of my fellow co-workers and the day and ride was Great! OK, the 20 mph+ head winds kind of SUCKED... My Panasonic FX01 camera probably Won't be going with me on another "Outdoor" event again. That view finder no eye finder setup is TERRIBLE for outdoor shooting! So anyway I managed to get a few after the ride photos (I added a few comments to a few...) and you can see them at the following link.
By the way, the Agio performed PERFECTLY and to end up with about a 17+ mile average is pretty good for EZ Geezer pushing a 24+ lb bike! (What if I had rode the Aero????????????)
One final thought... While stopped at a light this little girl leaned out of her car and said: "Hey Mommy, there's a FAT guy on a funny looking blue bike!" (I've got to lose some lbs!!!) ;-)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Giving credit where it's due!

As I'm bicycling at the South Broward Wheelers event tomorrrow, I'll be proudly displaying the sign you see here on both sides of my rear bike bag. I really have no problem in displaying this type of sign on my bike, because Payton at really is a CLASS Act and takes care of my bikes Wonderfully! He's surely someone I'd recommend anyone to for their bicycle needs! Thank You Mr. Payton!

New Recumbent Blog to see!

Probably one of the MOST Progressive recumbent bicycle shops of late has put together a really nice looking blog! Dana of Bent up bicycles has set up Frankenbent blog! Really nicely laid out and GREAT photos of his Beautiful shop! Check it out!