Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don't forget to "FALL BACK" and...

...Have a HAPPY & Safe Halloween! Yes EZ Biker Fans it's that FUN time of the year again when you need to set your clocks "BACK" one hour Saturday 10-28-06. Oooooooh! ;-0

South Broward Wheelers Century Event! - Nov. 5th, 2006

WELL let's hope my 2006 all talk and no show JINX will Finally be off my back come this next weekend! I'm signing up for the South Broward Wheelers Century Event! For more info about the event check out this link. YEP, I'm going to try and actually do 100 miles next Sunday! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Hopefully some of my Frends from work will be there to assist me. SO what bike am I using, the Aero or the Agio??? Why the Agio of course!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

EZ Biker doing Sebring!!!

Admittedly it's been an event I have been wanting to do for the longest time! I've be talking it up with a lot of my fellow Mot... friends and workers (The people do 1000's of miles of cycling) and YES, I'll be sending my $$$ in and register for the "24" hour event. NOW WAIT A MINUTE! :-) I said "Register for the 24 hour event" MAYBE NOT doing the 24 but the 12 instead! We will see! So stay in touch as the event draws nearer! For those wanting to find out more about this event, please visit this link. By the way, just what bike you might be wondering will EZ be using? Well as you are reading this I'm getting ready to head over to my LBS (Local bike shop) and plunk down $$$ for my "2nd" Bacchetta Agio; which will be setup as a tactical long distance performance edition recumbent. A picture of that bike will be posted soon.

Monday, October 16, 2006


WOW! Talk about a truly GORGEOUS Looking bike, Alan's new Tour Easy is a pure work of art and PURE pleasure to ride and be seen on! How do I know this, because I previously owned a DULL (Compared to this beauty Tour Easy. Check out all the intricate photos of this gem at Alan's blog!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nice Recumbent Bike write up at Mother Earth News Site!

Recumbent bikes have gotten a very nice write up at Mother Earth News website! They even offer plans on how to build your own! So get out there and help make Mother Earth Green Again with your own Home built recumbent bike! Check it out here!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Update on new Panasonic FX01 Camera... :-(

WELL I hate to say it, but the honeymoon is over for my new Panasonic FX01 camera. Nice camera except when you are shooting outdoors! The wide screen in the back is just not suitable (For me) when shooting outdoor scenes. It's really hard to compose your subject matter with all the light and glare on the screen! And outdoor shots is what I really purchased this camera for anyway! Yep, I guess I'm just old school when it comes to camera, in that of using a camera with an eyecup as you see here with my dust collecting Sony Cam. It's still a fun camera and I'll still put it to good use and yes, you can expect some photos soon. :-)

UPDATE! 10-14-06 GEEZ! Have I gotten a lot of emails about my Pana post! Numerous ones ask, so what camera do I feel will now fit my needs and still offer a wide angle lens? The Can SD800 Powershot comes to mind with one IMPORTANT included feature as I've noted in the following photo.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

6 Faired 'Bents Emerge from Batcave...

Got this from the BROL forum posted by garysolo and it's Great! Check it out at this link. Another FUN time had on bents!!! :-)

UPDATE! 10/13/06 Thanks to my good friend Alan at Recumbentblog, I've borrowed a link from him, because of all the emails I've gotten wanting more recumbent videos! You slut voyeur recumbent perves you! ;-) So DROOL away at this link for more Hot & Steamy recumbent videos!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Making my bike stand work better!

I've been using the Parktool PCS-4 bike stand for sometime! A few issues I've had is that the Extreme Range Bike clamp 100 - 5x can't be lowered on the stand and thus I have to remove my bike to be able to air the tires and place my water bladder easily into the rear bag. BUT have no fear I'm in that MacGyver mood and I'll just modify my stand to make it do what I want it to do! The solution was to measure the stand and calculate how much I wanted to shorten the stand and then pull out my trusty hack saw and get to work as you see here. I basically cut the tube (Both the outer and inner tube) about 6 inches. And the result can be seen here. NOW I can do all my bike needs with the bike on the stand.