Saturday, September 30, 2006

New EZ Biker Agio! Half commute / Half Performance!

WELL I've gotten a TON of emails requesting MORE photos of my new Agio and I have at least a teaser one posted here for you! half commute with fenders and half performance with a M5 carbon fiber seat, tweener bars and barcons and of course the FAT WEASEL sitting on the bike... ;-) MORE photos to come! Speaking of which, here's one with the Brain box on the back.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The REAL story about Bike Biz!

I found this really interesting link / story about the bicycle business by a poster (avatar78) at the BROL forum. (Bent Rider On Line) Very interesting reading, which you can find at the following link.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

South Florida's DANGEROUS DIRTY SECRET! - Killer Bridges!

I've just heard about a good friend that was seriously injured on a slip and fall on a Florida grated bridge, last week. :-( Florida prides it's self on being a bicycle friendly State and yet it continues to harbor one of the MOST DANGEROUS DIRTY SECRETS that anyone on a 2 wheel vehicle, best be aware of and LOOK OUT for! Florida has numerous bridges and MOST of those bridges utilize cross cut style of bridge grating as you see here. The PROBLEM with this grating is once you roll onto it from WET Pavement surface there is "0" traction on this grating especially on a bicycle with narrow tires. Yours truly has managed to KISS the grating of some of these bridges many times and it's no fun with the DEEP gashes and injuries you can get from it. Cyclists are left with 3 options when encountering this obstacle. Chance riding very slowly over the grating and hope for the best, get off their bike and walk over the grating or use the pedestrian sidewalk. (Which usually has people walking on it as well) I personal feeling is. NEVER NEVER NEVER attempt to ride onto the grating with wet tires! Even when dry, I ALWAYS un-clip out of my left pedal and place my left shoe close to, just barely off the grating surface and proceed very carefully across the grating. This even when I'm in HAMMER mode with my fellow cyclists! (Honestly, as a cyclist using clip-in shoes, you should NEVER ride over any bridge grating wet or dry """clipped in!!!""") It should also be noted that when there are FOG conditions, that WET Grating issue is also VERY Possible and extreme care should be taken when riding in Fog conditions.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

BREAKING NEWS! EZ Biker FINALLY purchases a NEW camera!

Tune in tomorrow (Sunday - 9-17-06) and see what camera EZ Biker will be packing with him on some future bicycle rides and events!

Update! WELL EZ Biker FINALLY went out and purchased a new digital camera, a Panasonic DMC-FX01 from The camera arrived in 3 days and it's an absolute beauty and the 28mm lens is AWESOME! I've posted an additional photo at my online photo site and will be posting MORE photos there on my travels on my Agio!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Now THIS is bicycle RIDING!!!!!!!!!

OK, admittedly this is not recumbent related, BUT it's sure COOL to see! Upon checking my Yahoo SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) group I found this movie link that Shari B. had posted. Do you want to see WHAT IS POSSIBLE ON A BICYCLE? I doubt you would be able to do any of this stuff on a recumbent!!! ;-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BREAKING News! New BROL Website!

I'm quite sure a lot of you have visitied BROL (Bent Rider On Line) numerous times. However they have redoe their website and added a lot of new features and stuff! By all means go and check it out ASAP!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Borrowed a link from Alan's GREAT site!

Once again I found a pretty cool recumbent site Thanks to my good Friend Alan at Recumbentblog! Recumbent news is a very interesting site and good information to gather from it. Check it out soon!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mounting the Agio onto a bike stand...

I've gotten a lot of inquiring emails about my new toy, the Bacchetta Agio and some questions concern being able to mount the bike onto a bike stand for better cleaning and check out purposes. YES you can in fact mount the Agio onto the Bike Park stand, BUT the bike will be angled somewhat as you see in the photo to the left. To see another angle of the bike, go to this LINK.

Breaking news... My Aero is still having wheel issues and my LBS has advised me it won't be until Tuesday before I can collect it. SO, looks like this Labor Day weekend will be spent riding the Agio! WOOHOOO!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Storm was a DUD and EZ's New Agio Bike goes THUD!

Earnesto or what ever that WUSS of a storm proved to be a BIG DUD! So out I went early in the morning for a 4 AM ride only to end up grinding to a halting THUD! Not a flat, but my rear chain and gear cluster just quit working! Lucky for me, I was only a few blocks from home and got to do the infamous WALK THE BIKE home! :-( However once I got the bike over to the bike shop, you won't believe what the cause was!!! Tune into tomorrow when I have my Agio back and I'll reveal the GOOOOOFY thing I forgot to notice or check before my ride!!!


Here's the REASON! The bike is admittedly NEW, so some parts might still have a tendency to come loose; which is what the bottom sprocket did. The chain slipped behind the sprocket, next to the frame guide and this caused the chain not to keep in contact with the rear cluster. SOMETHING I should have checked / noticed before my Agio ride!

EZ Duuuuuuuuh Biker ;-)