Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Batten down the hatches... AGAIN!!!

Well EZ Fans, it's THAT Time again and here we go with still another batch of scruffy weather! But not to fear, my babies will not get soaked or melt in the rain! (Unless the roof or windows blow off or in...) Thanks for all the concerned emails!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


EEEEEEEEEEK! And the fans turn on your quickly! WOW, have I gotten a TON of responses about my so-called DREAM Bike! AS if my Aero has already become chop liver or something? Clearly some of my valued guests and fans must be long time visitors as they seem to remember when my Bacchetta Aero was my "DREAM Bike!" Now who's this new slut possibly moving into my life? GAWD, so-typical male, one female poster wrote. You think you already have your dream and then like some DOG, you cast a flirting eye on another! You SUCK! YES, I have to say, she is probably right on this! But wait, I can explain! (Yea, RIGHT, how many times have spurned members in a relationship heard THAT Cheesy line!)
OK, My Bacchetta Aero IS STILL my Dream GO FAST (In my mind anyway) bike! BUT times are rough in the commute to work department, fuel cost wise. Yes my Aero is a wonderful bike, BUT NO, it's just not that kind of bike one uses to commute to work on! OK, yea I know the wife just won't do certain things, like my mistress does........... and.... oh well, I'm not going to win in this department! Yes, I'm still enjoying my DREAM bike, the Aero, but now I have need for a commuter bike and thus the Bacchetta Agio meets that need! So now I guess I have a wife and a mistress on the side? Just so you all know, my Aero (Just back from my LBS) developed some sort of rear wheel problem this morning and thus I didn't get to go riding at all! :-( Spurned mate strikes back!) Keep those posts and emails coming! I LOVE EM!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

EZ Biker's Agio Launches!

Admittedly it's been a little wait but I have to tell you, it was worth it! On Sunday August 20th at about 0800 hours (8 AM), the voyages of EZ Biker's Agio officially began! Smooth riding, crisp handling and not shabby in the speed department either! I managed to agitate a set ride pace group of cyclists today... I KNOW, I'm not suppose to confront any kind of cyclist on my pungy, OINKY FAT donut sized tire commuter bike; BUT I just couldn't resist! Weeeeeeeeee! It was just SO MUCH FUN and being able to get this 31+ lb bike up to 24+ mph was just Weeeeeeee, disgustingly FUN! I'm a naughty boy, I know! Now the real fun begins with test rides to work in the coming weeks... Stay tuned for more EZ Bikers Agio voyage reports!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Alan's make over recumbent site SUCKS! ;-)

Man I have to tell you, a so-called good friend of mine, a fellow recumbent cyclist like me just does not know when enough is enough! His original website was 100 times better, more prettier, more informative and MORE everything than mine to begin with and yet now... that scruffy has gone and made it even BETTER! WHAT A GORGEOUS LOOKING Blog site!!! Seriously, if you have not visited Alan's site; you must do so now! Here's the LINK to his awesome site!

Euuuuuuuuuu! CLEAN those bike gloves!!!

Still another interesting post I pulled from bicyclejournal.com forum concerning your bicycle gloves. Have you smelled yours lately? Euuuuuuu! As a rule of thumb I try and wash mine, letting them soak in some water and detergent and then hang to dry after every weekend of riding.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

NO MORE Postings on Tour De (Dopers) France Cycling Event!

Well as they say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The Tour De France use to be a fun and wonderful cycling event to view and do posting here at ezbiker.com; BUT NO MORE! I like many others am fed up with various LOSER Cyclists that feel the only way they can compete is through a syringe and by artificial stimulants. To me, those specific losers have clearly tainted a historical event and I have no intentions of posting anymore about drugged out cyclists acting like it's OK to cheat to compete! From now on, the Tour De Dopers is D.O.A. at ezbiker.com!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

WARNING! For those using disc brakes! Check your wheels before every ride!

I have yet to take delivery of my Agio and now there's something that's clearly cause for concern, with regard to using disc brakes! Apparently there's a lot of STRESS both on the axle area and the skewer, from using the disc brakes which could result in your wheel (Especially the front) to come loose specifically if you are using a quick release hub and skewer! To read more about this, go to the following link, link link. This is SOMETHING I'll add to my daily check before I ride routine for sure!

Heaven on Earth for bicycling!

Believe it or not, I really do and go visit my fellow biker blogs and recently I went to Velomobiling blog site and saw some of the COOLEST bicycling photos ever! WOW! A country that's really into cycling! If you get a chance check out the site and go to the following link to see some really far out; but likewise an ABUNDANCE bicycles!