Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't waste your time at this recumbent newsgroup! :-( :-( :-(

Admittedly, it's very RARE you will hear any negative comments from me about almost anything! I honestly try and keep a positive spin on all things if possible. BUT in answer to several emails with concern to a certain recumbent newsgroup arbr alt.rec.bicycle.recumbent this is clearly a newsgroup you REALLY should not waste your time going to or even participating in. Originally it was a very informative with concern to recumbent bicycling, BUT then certain TROLLS and idiot persons who don't even own a recumbent, much less know even what a recumbent is; took over the posting and basically trashed the newsgroup subject wise. Now in the recumbent world it's basically deemed the cesspool (Information or positive PR wise) of recumbency and clearly is not worth wasting your time at.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ummm, my Baby will be home soon!

OK, I've calmed down a little from my previous post and have even gotten some rest and of course I continue to DREAM about my BABY that will be home soon!!! And YES there will be photos and maybe even an EZ Biker (Self made video) Save GAS, commute on a bike commercial!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


You know I'm a pretty easy going person. I don't let a lot of things really get to me or upset me. BUT when I found and read this tread from the BROL Forum, WELL, I"M VERY DISPLEASED! It's not enough that we have a world presently out of control and bicycling takes a daily beating from it likewise; BUT now we have a radio station that advocates VIOLENCE TOWARDS CYCLISTS! And this was actually broadcasted on the air, meant to be a REAL HA HA Joke! Read more about this SAD STORY AT

Monday, July 17, 2006

WOW! Even bicycling Pros SCREW UP sometimes!

NOW I don't feel so bad seeing REAL Bicycle Professionals screw up sometimes on a basic fundamental rule when riding on the road; WATCH FOR ANY KIND OF SAND OR DEBRIS!!!! Let this be a lesson to my fellow cycling friends out there! ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO ROAD CONDITIONS AROUND YOU!!! :-)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Do & Don't in a paceline...

OK admittedly I'm not a paceline fan and actually try and avoid them as much as possible. But I have gotten some inquiring emails about them and have found a really nice link / PDF file explaining what to do / don't do in pacelines at Bike Barn / Space City Cycling Club website. Keep in mind the Paceline Do's & Don'ts comes up as a PDF file.

Wanna be a professional cyclist?

I visited Foos random synaptic misfire blog and found an interesting story / link about the REAL Life of a professional cyclist, pertaining to the Tour De France. This was from an article in Fortune and it's really interesting reading! (Glad I'm not a professional cyclist... ;-)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Commuters Unite! Earn $$ with new law

As I continue to TROLL around various forums and posts, I found another rather interesting story asking Commuters Unite! Earn $$ with new law which is an article about Supporting the Bicycle Commuter Act at the Bacchetta Forum, posted by ATLCORSA. Very interesting reading and something I'm going to look into seriously!
Even if you are not a cyclist, this would be something you should still support! Why? If more people get back on bicycles, YOU will have MORE fuel at maybe a "" CHEAPER"" price!!! :-)

BREAKING news! NEW small home could obsolete trailer homes, condos and apartments! See the story at my personal site!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OHH My Gawd, Recumbents BANNED at the Tour De France? DUH!!!

I scooped up this little interesting tidbit from the BROL forum of poster Steve T. It's about certain new technology that's BANNED from competing at the TDF. (Tour De France) Shockingly there happens to be even some road bikes (Upwrongs?) ;-) banned as well! Checkout the story and the bikes here. Be patent, the page is a tad SLOW to load.

What's the best chain lube to use on your bicycle chain?

My good Friend Alan at recumbentblog has a very in depth informative look at all the available chain lubes on the market at his blog site! Check it out! I did and I think I'll be using a different lube from now on! Thanks for the informative look into chain lubes Alan!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Have a SAFE Cycling 4th Of July!!!

To all my EZ BIKER Fans and fellow cyclists, here's wishing you a Wonderful SAFE Cycling 4th Of July!!! Photo courtesy of

EZ Bikers Yahoo Groups!

Time to answer some more from the email bag! Keep those emails coming, I Love them! Some inquiries have been made as to if I subscribe to any forums besides BROL, Bacchetta and Bike Journal. The answer is YES! I'm a member of a few Yahoo Groups as you see in the photo here. I've just joined a new group back in my Home town (And where I'll be headed back to...) Team Bent! As I stated in my yellow callout, WOOHOO! And YES, I'm very excited about the latest group I've joined as I get to hear about Great Stuff back at my soon to be Home again!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fed up with senseless doping abuse in the sport of cycling?

I pulled the following link from Bike Journal . Com and I've already added my name to the list. I'm hoping fellow cyclists and EZ Biker fans will do the same! :-) Here's the website to go to.