Sunday, June 25, 2006

Have a favorite walking, biking route you want to share with friends?

I've had numerous fellow cyclists inquire about some of my bike routes I do in South Florida. Now I can actually chart out my map route using Googles gmap map charting website! You basically find your starting point on the map (Zooming into your particular area) hit the start recording button, double click your starting point and then double click along your route. (As you do, a line appears) You do this from start to finish. I’ve just recently put together a metric+ route that you can view here. Pictured is my short local scenic route around Pompano Beach Air Park. This is close to home, so if I get motivated, I can actually do more laps around the park, usually early in the morning. My weekend ride (Mikes Ride) at A1A & Commercial, with the GO Fast DFer's can be found here. I've even mapped out my pending commute to work map and have a really Great website find for those of you thinking about commuting, which you can see here. The site offers valuable information on what to expect if you choose to commute, using a bicycle.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Solo recumbent RAAM cyclist ride sadly ends... :-(

I'm sure a lot of you all that keep in touch with various recumbent websites and blogs like mine have already heard the SAD news. Jim Kern's Race across America quest has sadly ended, due to medical reasons. Please see Jim Kerns Blog and original website. My fellow recumbent cyclist and Friend Alan has a lot of detail about this as well, so be sure and check out his blog.

My own personal thoughts about this are: Jim you've still done the recumbent industry and it's many supporters very proud! Reguarless as to how or if you finished, you are still WINNER in my book, because you showed up, ready to compete! I sincerely hope you are back up and on your bike real soon and I look forward to reading your future ride reports!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your peddling!

RAAM! Race across America starts tomorrow!!! Across America! Less than 6 days to go! This is an annual bike race event basically across America! It use to be a Diamond frame bike only event, but then recumbents made their way into the race and it's been a really FUN event to tune into. But to get the real details check out the official RAAM website and from a recumbent point of view, check out my fellow recumbent cyclist friends (Alan) site. Also one of the RAAM recumbent participants Jim Kern has setup a BLOG for daily update on how he is doing in the event. (Got this tidbit from Alan's Blog... ;-) GO Recumbent Racers in RAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

EZ Biker's El Cheap O bike cover!

I've had a few email inquiries and seen some posts at BROL about bike covers. I did some research and I just felt I could come up with something CHEAPER than what was on the market. I happen to have a Sears $10.00 blue tarp and decided to see if I could build my own bike cover. A little measuring, some cutting and PRESTO, a bike cover for the Aero! However I soon decided that a Bacchetta Agio would be the better commute bike and I’ll see if my Aero bike cover will fit it. If not, I guess I'll have to blow another whopping $10.00 and setup a cover for the Agio, now on order.