Sunday, May 28, 2006

Finally got the RIGHT rear bag!!!

I had for the longest time been whining about a rear bag that would allow use of my LARGE RED blinking strobe light, for early morning rides. The fine folks at Bacchetta have answered my prayers with the Brain Box with rear mesh netting. As you see here in the photo, my strobe slides perfectly into the mesh netting.
Now also my bike seems to have a nicer color coordination too with as seen here.

NEW! Check out my online video how I utilize the rear pouch on the Bacchetta Bag at this link!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New commute Sunglasses - Smith Sliders

My quest for my commute bike continues to come together. I've been research various components and have just scooped up some Smith Threshold Slider sunglasses. The nice thing about these glasses are the interchangeable lenses. Dark for daytime cycling and Yellow colored lenses for night time. You can easily pop out the lenses and are good to go in a few seconds! There are numerous styles to choose from. Here's another photo of the different lens colors.
UPDATE: Thanks for the TON of emails letting me know I had setup the wrong link on the Smith sunglass site! You all really do keep an eye on my site! Thanks again!!! :-)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ride Of Silence Event was very Inspirational

I did in fact take off from work and went and did the Ride Of Silence at Markham Park, in Sunrise Florida. It was a very nice and thought provoking event, with still a few inconsiderate cycists, that could not honor being silent for a 12 mile ride. :-( There were about 100 cyclists and hopefully next years event will be even better and hopefully MORE QUIET!!! Photo courtesy of Gridskipper Website. The photo above is the project of and both mentioned websites here are very much worth while reading!

May 17 * Ride Of Silence... 7:PM

On May 17th at 7:PM I ask for all my EZ Biker Friends to pause in whatever they are doing and offer a few moments of thoughts and / or prayers for all those cyclists that have been tragically killed or injured riding on public roadways. If you are a cyclist and have spare time on that day, please check the website below and find out where they are having a Ride Of Silence ride. It's basically a slow ride event, where you ride in total silence to reflect on fellow cyclists that have been (Again) injured or their life taken away, while riding on public roadways. Cyclists don't ask much; just share the road with us! For more information please see Ride Of Silence

Sunday, May 14, 2006

VK-High Pro Bike! Another photo - ready to go!

I've had numerous requests for more info on the VK Highracer. So I visited Bent Up Bicycles and found that they now have put together a complete bike ready to roll! This carbon fiber beauty weighs under 20 lbs.!!! And is priced LESS tha the Bacchetta Carbon Fiber racer! Check it out! Yummmmmmmm!