Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's it like to GO BENT?

I've gotten numerous emails inquiring what does it feel like when you move to a recumbent from a Diamond Frame bike. Especially when you finally get out on the road with some of your Diamond bike friends. :-0 I've been BENT for so long, I've just about forgotten my initial bent experience. BUT a good friend of mine from Bike Journal. com, Mr. Foo has just recently posted HIS new bent experiences at Random Synaptic Misfire: Laid back (redux) Check it out!

I didn't ride today... :-(

...Because my bike FAILED one of my 9 pre-ride safety checks! These checks are something I have done through out my cycling days and the reason being, better to be safe than SORRY! Today's failure was a tear in my rear tire as you see pictured here. I probably could have either chanced the ride, remove the tire and place some paper between the tube and the tire or replaced the tire altogether. (BUT I didn't have a replacement tire) Needless to say this tire will be replaced first thing this week. Yes, you could say I'm somewhat of a fanatic about checking my bike before rides, BUT the alternative is to break down on the road and MAYBE have to end up doing the infamous "WALK... :-(" back home. To see more of my bike check items click here.

**Now for an EZ Biker ride tip! Bike lanes are nice, BUT when traffic allows try and NOT stay riding on them! Sadly to say some of our bike lanes here in South Florida are very dirty and debris can get lodged into your tire very easily! Stay away from riding near those gutter areas too! As always keep a watch on your traffic situations all around you! And YES even after all of this, I still manage to have GREAT safe bicycle rides!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

EZ Biker Helmet / Mirror Setup...

In answer to a few emails about why I use a mirror mounted to my helmet, the reason is quite simple. It allows me to do a full sweep behind me and see everything I need to see. Where as a mirror mounted to a bike handlebar allows you to see stuff only to you left. Early on had issues with sticky mounted mirrors coming off, SO as you can see in my photo here, I mounted the mirror to the visor and added a brace to the front to keep the mirror steady. It has worked quite well for me! There are additional pictures of my helmet mirror mount here. The helmet by the way is a Bell X-Ray and the mirror is a Third-Eye product.

Off road cycling on a recumbent?

Up to now, when you think of off road or mountain biking your basic upright (Up wrong) DF (Diamond Frame) bike with big knobby fat tires was the only game in town. WELL, maybe not anymore thanks to a post I happen to see at BROL. Kmxcarts is a site in the uk and it apparently offers recumbents for off road adventures! Please note I have no personal or financial affiliation with this website or its products.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

To All My EZ Biker Friends...
May this Easter message bring all the beauty of the Spring.
May every Easter wish come true and beauty of the old renew.
May wonders of this Easter tide fill hearts with hope and peace abide.
May Easter Seasons grow more dear with faith and trust throughout the year.
And may this Easter find Love in the heart of all mankind.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

BREAKING News! John Schlitter (Bacchetta) WINS RAF! (Race across Florida)

WELL, I just had to break up these 2 posts as the Bacchetta Guys have done the recumbent industry proud again!!! Alans recumbentblog reports that Bacchetta's John Schlitter WINS RAF (Race Across Florida) and 4 of the five top finishers are Bacchetta Cyclists! Pictured are the top RAF (Race across Florida) finishers! (Pictured courtesy of tomblin posted at the Bacchetta forum) Update! Here is a link with pictures from RAF! Thanks to Ben Tomblin for taking GREAT photos!

I also get word that recumbent cyclists, Tim W and Shrike have also scored still another impressive 1, 2 "win" at the Davis 24 hour event! Congratulations to you all!

DOG Fight at the SFRR Corral!

WATCH OUT! We have a REAL DOG Fight on our hands in the SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) club mileage standings! Sergio does a hefty 90 mile ride and is knocking on Jose doorstep as you see in the captured bikejournal stats! Yours truly EZ Turtle is still sucking wind in 5th place... :-( BUT once I move on that Bacchetta Agio... There's gonna be a new mileage sheriff in town! ;-)

EZ Bikers Up Front & Personal Review of the Bacchetta Agio!

Well I decided to go and add more fuel to the Fire in my LUST for the Agio at my LBS, Bicycle Spot. I also brought along my camera and decided to do some up front and personal shots of the bike. As usual, there was NO $ FEE $ required ;-) to test ride the bike; BUT if I continue to put more miles on it, I may have to seriously consider offering some sort of wear and tear fee... ;-) As I previously stated, this bike rides smooth and stable like a nice Cadillac; along with being very nimble and a front crank thats PERFECTLY positioned for in city sidewalk (Yuck!) riding, allowing you to easily unclip and quickly plant your feet onto the ground. Starting and stopping is very easy to do and this puppy can turn on a dine! Overall this bike is very stable, along with a very comfortable seat. If you needed a bike that you could do a century comfortable on, the Agio would be a Great choice! Hence the reason the Agio WILL BE my commuter and general fun workout bike; that will have me SNAPPING at the heels of my fellow SFRR milage kings very soon! :-)
A personal note: Other recumbent manufacturers better hope Bacchetta never comes out with a titanium or carbon fiber version of this bike... It could be a REAL speed demon (With no fairing or sock required) for those that prefer a more upright style of riding posistion.
Update! Photo gallery of the Agio has been posted!

Friday, April 07, 2006

A teen girl & her recumbent bike * The comic strip :-)

While browsing at the forums at my favorite internet recumbent site BROL, I happened onto a pretty good post that has a forum poster (recumbaholic) doing up a comic strip about a teen girl, who happens to ride a recumbent bicycle. Hummmmmm, I wonder if her father introduced her to the dark side... ;-) Anyway it's very novel, great artwork and worth a look see!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Photos of People and their recumbent bikes!

Numerous emails have been popping up about seeing people and their recumbents up close and personal. There's actually a thread at BROL that delivers just what you all are looking for! All kinds of neat and unique bikes and of course their owners! This particular thread has been going for a LONG time! Who knows you might find a bike you like and want!!! ;-)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Don't PAY any $$$ to test ride a recumbent!

Admittedly, I'm a pretty easy going kind of person. BUT there are certain times when I read about certain GOOFY doings or practices that just P... me off! Here's a prime example. Someone is FINALLY willing to go and give a recumbent bike a try out; only to be ambushed by an absolute GOOFY fee required to test ride a recumbent bicycle. See my post about this at the following link. I'm not sure if this certain bike store charges the same fee to test ride a DF (Diamond Frame) bike, BUT this practice as a whole basically SUCKS and is just plain STUPID! I guess before too long you will be expected to pay a fee to try on clothes, shoes, maybe use a shopping cart for groceries too! I'm not going to name that certain bike shop, as I hope they will come to their senses. BUT let me state here now, DON'T PAY ANY KIND OF FEE, TO TEST RIDE A RECUMBENT BICYCLE! There are plenty "Recumbent Friendly" bike shops around that will let you test ride any bike, for FREE!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

RCN The Magazine, NOW RCN The Blog!!!

I got a really nice email from Bob Bryant who is the owner / publisher of THE BEST Recumbent Bicycle Magazine ever! It was actually RCN that introduced me to the different kinds of recumbents and I've been a loyal subscriber ever since! WELL now, he has just setup a blog site of RCN and it looks GREAT!!! Stop by and check it out ASAP!!! Way to go Mr. Bryant!!!

The bike I wish I had back!

A lot of recent emails have been inquiries about me kneeling by a most peculiar recumbent seen in the picture here. It's a Rotator Titanium Pursuit that I briefly owned. At the time there was some kind of bind in the rear wheel area and I just couldn't seem to sort it out, nor could my LBS. (Local Bike Shop) I ended up parting with it a short time later; only to get to test ride a friends regular Cro-molly one and have honestly regretted letting that Great recumbent go! Now if I had another $4000.+ laying around......... ;-)