Saturday, February 25, 2006

Breaking News - New VK Highracer!!!

Well EZ Biker fans, I may be under the weather BUT I can still post interesting tidbits when I learn of them. Actually I have a fellow recumbo cyclist Gregory to Thank, for steering me onto this bit of interesting news. Pictured left is the STUNNING new VK Highracer that will be hitting our shores very soon! To
read more of the stuff about it go to the following link.

3/24/06 Update: Pictured above is a completed ready to roll VK Highracer! Beautiful Bike!

No fla. HPV event for EZ (Flu) Biker... :-(

Well EZ Biker fans THE most FUN and desired event has arrived in South Florida and yours truly is MIA (Missing in Action) from it! Thanks to the lovely... Flu that has me laid back, on my bed and not on my bike! I'm feeling a tad better, but still to weak to even go watch the Great event! I hope all HPV participants are having fun!!!! Oooooooooh, back to bed! ;-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

BREAKING News! A recumbent finishes 1st at Sebring!!!

This is the early news I'm getting sports recumbent fans! Not only first place finish; but I believe a track course record too! Other recumbents finished in high places too! More details, links and photos to follow!!!
2-21-06 - Update: Here's the link to Bacchetta Forum that will provide information about Sebring and Recumbent cyclists Great Finish! Still MORE info can be found at the BROL link.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

EZ Biker SPEED Secret #342...

WELL OK, I don't really have THAT many speed secrets as surly I'm NO speed demon. BUT I did learn a little secret that might help in the performance department, mentally wise... ;-) I good cycling friend of mine, John at work was checking out my wheel and then stated, "Hey did you know your wheel is out of balance?" He lightly turned the wheel and sure enough it stopped the bottom where my extra long wheel stem was. (I use the longer stem to accommodate the side aero dish) I tried regular weight strips, but they wouldn't stay on the wheel. SO I came up with adding some bicycle computer magnets counter clockwise and NOW my wheel is fairly more balanced as it now does not stop at the bottom via my heavy tire stem. I can't say it's really improved my overall speed, but every little thing helps, perhaps in the mental department! ;-) To see additional photos of my balanced wheels please visit the: following link.