Saturday, January 21, 2006

YES, my personal site still up...

BREAKING NEWS! EZ Biker personal site will continue, based on the 100+ emails I've received requesting me to do so! WOW! What a rush! I honestly never realized how many really nice fans and friends I have that continuely visit both of my sites and enjoy them both! SO, watch for more personal stuff posts here!!! And Thank You all for the trememdious support!
I've already moved a personal post over to the other site and YES, I'll keep ezbiker one for recumbent bicycling! :-)

I've had numerous e-mails inquiring about my EZ Biker personal blog site. And YES it's still up and will be so for now. I'll still be posting "ALL" stuff HERE at the one but hope to move alot of the content from my personal blog to soon. Here's the link for the
EZ Biker personal site.

1-23-06 * New Post at EZ Biker Personal site! (This is a new feature you will see under my last post or post at the top of EZ Biker page, advising you a new post has been added to my EZ Biker personal site)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

NEW Rans Recumbent Bicycles!!!

OK for some of you FAST or crusier types that want your cake and eat it too you now have some added choices of recumbent bikes to choose from!!! Rans Bicycles has 2 new bikes that look really good! One actually was a concept type of bike setup suggested by my good Friend & fellow recumbent cyclist Alan at his The Bent RIDERS Blog site.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cycling in South Florida This Weekend?

EZ wimp O here! NOPE! Not me, at least for this Saturday 1-07-06 with the temp around 43 degrees??? I think NOT! I Love cycling, BUT REALLY, even thinking of flopping around in that kind of degree of weather is well... for the Penguins!!!
Come Sunday, I'll bravely turn on the weather channel and see what the temps are and then decide if I want to dress up like the Michelin Tire person and go for a ride... Hey I have to take care of these old bones you know!!!
Sunday update! No Penguin peddeling for EZ Wimp O eather! BUT there's always Monday Morning... before work!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ladies & gentleman start your recumbents!

South Florida Annual HPRA / HPV Race Event - 2006!
Yes race fans it's going to be that time again real soon! Check out everything you need to know about this Exciting and FUN annual event at this link! (The event EZ Biker gets whipped at every year... ;-) Lots of REAL FAST Recumbent cyclists and all kinds of bents to see, tryout and find out about! EZ Biker is now an Official sponsor of the HPRA Florida Challenge Race Event!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Bent Blog from Down Under!

OK, starting the New Year off, I received a nice e-mail from Peter from Down Under Land, Melbourne, Australia! He's got a brand new Recumbent Bent Bike Blog and it's looks great! So by all means, Please check it out, especially my fellow EZ Biker friends from Down Under Land! Cheers!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year EZ Biker Fans! I hope everyone is ready for a Great and Fun New Year! Lots of stuff on the to do plate and to blog post agenda! What with a local re-location looming (Cheaper rent) and more hour at work (Saving $ to bail out if Florida and get back to Houston) my time is going to be pretty tight. BUT I do want to keep my blog up for all my Faithful Friends and this is the best way I see I can do it. I also want to complete work on my FAILED Inventions Blog, which I have not forgotten! As of TODAY, I'll be posting all stuff recumbent and personal at my site, HERE. So enjoy and keep visiting and sending those e-mails!!!
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