Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!!!

Just a brief post for all my EZ Biker fans! I Sincerely hope you and family have a Wonderful Holiday Season! And Thank You for your continued visits and support of my Blog Sites!!!
Sincerely, EZ Biker :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bacchetta Cyclists, Where are they located?

I've gotten numerous e-mails inquiring as to just where Bacchetta cyclists are located through out this country. Well now there a website that can show you just that! Frappr Bacchetta Bike Owners is a really COOL site and shows Bacchetta cyclists all over the country and maybe even the world! Check it out!!!

"NEW" online Recumbent bike store!!!

My local recumbent cyclist Friend Jose at has a new on line bike store! Lots of really neat stuff for and about recumbent cycling! Check out his cycling solutions site today!!!

Up date: Oooops! The title was suppose to read "New online Recumbent bike store."

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Want a LIGHT Weight Recumbent?

Admittedly I'm a loyal Bacchetta fan but that does not mean I can't speak out about other interesting bents. And the one pictured (Carbent) was manned by one of our local JETS Greg, at the Inlet Challenge event last week that was SOOOOOOOO FAAAAAAAAAST! Weighing in at about "19 lbs." (That's LIGHTWEIGHT folks!) Greg proceeded to drop the main pack & me like a TON of Bricks! This is clearly an interesting bent to check out.

Time to GET OUT of Florida!

WELL EZ Biker Fans the time has come for yours truly to plan on getting out of Florida ASAP! Clearly I will never be able to afford an actual home here and continued renting... well is a CRAZY endeavor! Since the lovely Hurricanes a few interesting things have begun to take shape. Hurricane insurance coverage, property taxes and the sale price of existing homes have gone through the roof! If you don't believe me try doing a home search in Fort Lauderdale for $100,000 prices. Don't bother going any lower, you won't get any hits except for trailer homes! For me, my present rent of $600.00 will now be $650.00 monthly and that's still CHEAPER than any other apartments in 99% of Florida! For $650.00 I could be paying that on a $200.000.00 home mortgage wise!
Admittedly my escape from
the Land For the Rich ONLY will take a few years, maybe 2, for me to accumulate enough $$$ to move into a nice small 2 bedroom house back in Houston Texas, my birthplace. So keep in touch with this post from time to time and see what interesting things I'm looking into before and after my departure from the Land For the Rich ONLY. :-)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

EZ Biker NOT dead... Just working...

...MANY hours trying to put some $$$ away for an IMPORTAINT life change / event that will be happening in the near future! YES, I'll share that with you all shortly! In the meantime, more photos and stuff to be posted soon! Thanks for all the GREAT e-mails!!! Keep em comin!!!!!!!!!
EZ Biker :-)