Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hummm, Don't they look almost the same?

OK now you tell me! Do both of these different brands of bikes look ALMOST the same design with the exception of the rear wheel and handlebars? The bike on top is a Rans Tailwind and the bottom bike is the Bacchetta Agio. (Summer 06 release) The Tailwind is the early choice, BUT Hummmmm, that Agio looks pretty good! WELL one of them will be finding a happy home with your's trully sometime soon!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A VERY SAD LOSS :-( :-( :-(

I'm VERY SAD to have to report the demise of one of our fellow Recumbent bicycle builders in that of Mr. George Reynolds. (Reynolds Weld Labs) apparently the costs and lack of volume sales has caused a most Wonderful and Talented person to have to cease production of his very Unique and FAST recumbent bikes. You can read the many glowing comments about Mr. Reynolds at the following BROL link. I had the REAL Honor and Pure Pleasure to meet and chat with Mr. Reynolds at the Florida HPV event earlier this year. What a true Class act and clearly one of recumbency's Great Icons! I sincerely hope Mr. Reynolds and his talents don't fade away; as he has done Great things for the recumbent industry!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Really NEAT bike computer...

Another WHOA! Wait a minute post here! Admittedly the cateye computer is rally nice BUT I've found something ACTUALLY BETTER, thanks to my good frind Alan at The Bentriders blog site. Seems the IN thing now is a GPS unit as you see at one of Alan's particular post. What a COOL and MORE precise recording device! Yep! That's another New Toy coming to my life!!!! Here's more detailed info on the Garmin GPS unit.

And the WINNER is........

WHOA! Hold on! Not SO Fast here! Since I posted my winning bike choice for my pending bike commutes; I’m seeing myself backpedaling at the moment. Admittedly the Giro 26 can be setup with disc brakes and maybe even ordered in my favorite commute color, yellow. BUT, I continue to look at that front HIGH crank position and wondering if it’s maybe too high for stop and go cycling on sidewalks. (At times) This past weekend I actually took the Aero out for some short commuter style cycling and found the constant clip in / out with the high front crank a small nuisance. Some starts from a dead stop at a blind intersection were a tad tricky and awkward. Admittedly on my Aero I’m very laid back seat and body position wise and for commuting you really need to sit in a more upright position. As much as I like the m5 seat I’d really like to utilize the lawn chair setup on my commute bike. On the Giro the lawn chair really has you sitting up high and causes somewhat of a problem with being able to plant your feet squarely on the ground. (Something you will do a lot of in city commutes) I’d already given up the lawn chair setup for the Giro, which also presents a dilemma. This bike will be out in the open, hot sun and possible afternoon showers. There’s no way the sponge or foam mat that’s on the m5 seat will last long in the elements. I’d really have to consider packing the sponge with me when arriving to work; where as with the lounge chair setup; just throw a trash bag over it and go.

There seems to be this little voice saying, the Rans Tailwind might be a better choice for your commute endeavor. (I’ve already previously owned “4” of them) Cheaper priced, closer to the ground (Duel 20in wheels) lower front crank and the very comfortable Rans seat. The blue color is something I’ll need to seriously think about; as a brighter color bike is really a must have item. Here's a look at one of my earlier Tailwinds. Admittedly my proposed new one will not have the fancy fairing or skinny performance style of Conti tires. For the sidewalk / street kind of riding I'll be doing, I'll be using a much heavier duty kind of tire. SO stay tune for pictures of my commute bike!!!

PS: To hear about my Hurricane Wilma experiences check out my other personal blog.

Friday, November 04, 2005

EZ Biker alive!

11-7-05 Update: My ISP is not expected to have it's Pompano customers re-connected until sometime between the 10th and the 22nd of this month. :-( Hang in there, I'll be back posting SOON, I promise!!!
EZ Biker :-)

Just got power back and am waiting for ISP to come back on line. Lots of news, photos and stuff to post, real soon! Thanks for your concerned e-mails!!!
EZ Biker :-)