Saturday, October 22, 2005


Some new Recumbent blogsites to tell you about! BentUPBike Is just one of a few I've added to the link side of my blog here. Check them out!!! More to come!

EZ Biker Ready & Waiting for Wilma!

First let me Thank all my EZ Biker Blogger fans for the NUMEROUS e-mails you have sent, showing your concern about our upcoming date... with Hurricane Wilma. I'm really sort of taken back (In a good way) about all the attention. WELL OK, yours truly is ready to go! Full gas tank, extra $$$, extra non-perishable food; even paid some early bills, so as not to be late with payments. Yea, I'm one of THOSE that believes in keeping my bills paid and up to date! So the waiting continues and my neighbors and me go about our business getting prepared. Who would think we might get one of these goofy hurricanes sneaking up behind us! So all is well and I will close advising you, that power may be out for a few days or longer; so don't fret if you don't see some new post entries for a short while! Perhaps when this is over and I'm lucky to still be breathing, I can get some photos posted of Wilma's magic... touch! Take care and keep in touch!!!
EZ Biker :-) :-) :-)
Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved worldwide.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Really NEAT bike computer...

As you know, I'm getting ready to add a Giro 26 recumbent to my fleet soon. I decided to upgrade my present bike computer (Save & move it to my commuter bike) and purchased a Cateye Mity 8 one from my LBS. Admittedly at first I didn't really like it, partly due to me not having the wheel size set properly. This is required so you can get an accurate mph, miles traveled, max speed, etc. readings. BUT once it all got sorted out, I'm very please with this computer.

REAL HIGH Racers...

I know people think bikes like my Aero or other recumbent bikes with duel 26 wheels are the REAL deal in High racer bikes. NOT! Think again and check out the photo here, of REAL HIGH RACER Bikes! To see more of these Wonderful bikes you can go to the following High Bikes 1 link. Here's more links to High Bikes 2 to check out. Check out the photos and click on them to see and read more. And NO, I'd never have the nerve to try and ride one! ;-) Photo courtesy of

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Re: Post a picture of the euro mesh seat

The Bacchetta forum had the following request to see a picture of the Euro Mesh seat. So here's a picture. Photo courtesy of Bacchetta Bikes. Copyright © 2004, 2005 Bacchetta Bicycles All rights reserved

Sunday, October 02, 2005

And the WINNER is........

The Bacchetta 26 Aero!!! THIS will be the bike I do my commutes with and hope to move on the little beastie in about a month. I just don't want to go back to a large rear small front bike and a Strada (similar to the Giro 26) fits me perfectly, with my feet being capable of being planted solidly on the ground via the M5 seat instead of the lounge chair to accomplish this. Time to Fatten my $ Piggy bank up again!!! I'll be posting some insights to my upcoming commute endeavor too.