Saturday, July 23, 2005

BUMP! Ouch! Hula Hoop rim boogie now...

WELL todays FUN A1A / Commercial ride was kinda... FAST! And at least 8 cyclists spanked ole EZ DeCrepo and yet my overall speed average was 20 mph! This for an extra added miles to the ride as well; a total of 52 miles. As I was riding, I kept getting this ODD sensation and a sort of poc poc poc type of sound. Not flatting, but then closer examination (Back home) and my Wonderful Alps rims are slightly out of true; the rear more so than the front. ARG&*&^%$#@@! and yet I KNOW exactly WHERE I probably BANGED my rims, coming off a sidewalk at the infamous Boca Raton Bridge. I state infamous, because that's the bridge I've had some lovely crash encounters on...

In fact I'll be posting a formal WARNING about that bridge and other South Florida bridges in general, shortly! Something for any local and especially visitors should be made a where of.

PS: My nifty site counter took a dump, so I'll be setting up another shortly, with totals I've saved from the original one. Thanks to all that continue to come visit! :-) Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved worldwide.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

EZ Biker's Personal Journal + Favorite Links Page Has Arrived!

First Thanks to ALL that have sent me e-mails!!! Numerous e-mails have been inquiring about my personal journal (Wanting to learn about the DIRT on EZ Biker eh? ;-) and my favorite links page. I've just NOW combined the two and I'm happy to report that they are now on line and available for public viewing. Lots of fun websites, software opinions (my very unprofessional personal view... ;-) personal rants, opinions (I'm SURE you'll enjoy reading THOSE... ;-) and just stuff I use and may be of usefulness to some of you. I have lots more to add to this particular blogsite, so keep an eye on it! Check it out soon and let me know your thoughts!!!

Picture captured using Irfanview

Saturday, July 09, 2005

EZ Biker's Hurricane Prep Drill

WELL as I'm sure everyone knows, it's Hurricane Season once again here in Florida! Having lived here for close to 15 years I've developed some very UNIQUE specialized hurricane preparation procedures and pictured is just one of many EZ Biker Hurricane Survival applications... ;-)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The "BEST" Recumbent Bicycle Publication

Interested parties have ask for information on Recumbent Bicycle Publications. RCN (Recumbent Cyclist News) is IMHO the BEST publicaion out there! I've been a satisfied subscriber to this magazine since around 1997 and it offers very informative reading and information about Recumbent Cycling!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mike's Ride * A1A / Commercial Blvd.

Still MORE e-mails popping up in my mail box and many want to know just WHERE this A1A / Commercial ride is located. (See map to your left) Cyclists meet in front of Mulligan's Neighborhood Grill & Bar * 101 Commercial Blvd. Lauderdale By The Sea. (A1A / Commercial Blvd) Now some history about this ride. It's been going on for 25+ years; starting out as a local bike club, then the club disbanded, but cyclists have continued to show up to ride, every Saturday & Sunday, by 7 AM. (Also on Holidays like the upcoming 4th Of July) We depart at 7:06 AM SHARP, to be able to make 2 bridges along the route. We ride North to Boca Raton and some turn around at Spanish River Road. Others sometimes proceed on to Delray, to the Delray Inlet to catch another area ride there on the way back. It's basically TAKE NO PRISONERS, 25+ mph SPRINT ALL OUT ride (A final HARD sprint to Spanish River) but others do come and break off and ride in their own groups at their own desired pace. There's usually 15+ road cyclists that meet up; along with one OLD Geezer on a funny looking recumbent bike... ;-) aka Yours Truly EZ Biker :-) And YES I'm fairly able to hang with a few of the BIG er FAST Dogs for a while. :-) COME OUT AND JOIN THE RIDE!!!!!! (More info & pictures to follow soon)
Map courtesy of Mapquest.

SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) - Everywhere!

MORE responses to LOTS of e-mails about recumbent cycling here in South Florida. And YES, besides the local SFRR chapter, there are actually "2" sister clubs in Florida! One in CENTRAL Florida and one in NORTH Florida! Very Friendly folks and ready and willing to help any locals in their area with recumbent cycling questions! Check them out today and be sure to tell them EZ Biker (South Florida Chapter) sent you! :-)

EZ Biker lagging behind fellow club members :-(

A few more e-mails inquiring about how much miles I've done vs. my fellow SFRR (South Florida Recumbent Riders) bunch. In basically 2 words... I SUCK ;-) Compared to about 5 of my fellow club cyclists. Keeping in mind though, I didn't come on board and begin logging my miles at the new year start! Still, there are 2 guys that better watch out, as ole EZ Turtle continues to creep up on them ever so slowly!!!

Blank Bike Shirts

OK another few e-mails have requested information on where to get blank bicycle shirts similar to mine and maybe in different colors. I use a Pace Bike Jersey Shirt pictured in the photo to your right. The direct link to that page can be found here: PACE Bike Shirts, with the homepage link being HERE. You can have your local bike shop contact them or maybe even purchase directly! If you are in need of some custom printing locally here in South Florida, I can put you in contact with the person / company I use. More information to follow on this.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Bacchetta Vs. Velocraft Recumbents At Start!

Based on numerous e-mail my ezbiker blog fans have requested a possible photo taken of the 2 recumbent teams competeing in the RAAM event. So here's one that shows just that.