Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Team ALS-Bacchetta finish 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team ALS-Bacchetta finishes 3rd over all and 1st. in their division at RAAM!
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some GREAT picture links to check out!
Finish Line RAAM 2005
2005 RAAM Photos by Sara Kay

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Recumbents at RAAM are ROLLING!!! :-)

Recumbents at RAAM are coming on STRONG! And finally here are some GREAT Photos of our recumbent teams, compliments of Dana of Bent Up Cycles!!! What a REALLY WONDERFUL show BOTH teams are putting on! Remember, for up to date information on the event just click on the following link:

NOW talk about OBSESSING over something! Here's yours truly, staying at the computer for hours on end!!! Not eating, sleeping, answering emails, phone calls or the door; only departing from the computer for Mother nature calls!!! YES! EZ Biker IS A RAAM addict!!!!!!!! :-)

BREAKING NEWS! Blogger now allows you to post photos with writing beside the photo like you see here! Check it out at: Blogger Images

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Problems with my blog OVER! :-)

SUCCESS! I've been able to restore my site to it's origional appearence! :-)

THANKS to all that responded! What a GREAT bunch you are! I've had numerous e-mails inquiring as to how or why my blog site got messed up. I really want to try and stay on topic here (About recumbents) and have no intention of DOGGING a certain website that was the cause for it. BUT I do feel my cherished guests can learn something from my experience, so it won't happen to them. SO when time permits, I'll post a brief story of the issue. Immediate (BE Careful) thought that comes to mind? BE CAREFUL what script you (Or a website that asks you to) add to your blog html template!!! :-0

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Recumbent Bicycling FAQ'S & Misconceptions

Once again in response to NUMEROUS e-mails asking about Recumbent Cycling; I've gotten permission from my GOOD Friend Jose getbent.org to post a really good FAQ'S page about recumbents! So just click on the following Recumbent FAQ'S and find out EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about Recumbent Cycling!!! Also there are alot of Misconceptions about recumbent cycling and you can read all about them and the REAL Truth correcting those misconceptions at: Misconceptions About Recumbents.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

FAVORITE Local Recumbent Bike Shops!

I've received a TON of e-mails inquiring about local (South Florida Area) Recumbent Bicycle shops. I have done business with both shops I'm posting here and have always been VERY Satisfied with the service and personel!

Pictured above is yours trully in front of Bicycle Spot owned and operated by Mr. Payton. He's a REALLY Great Guy and knows his bicycle and recumbent bicycles very well! He's also the local area Bacchetta Dealer and has numerous Bacchetta recumbents in stock and will let you test ride any and all of them!

Pictured above is your trully pictured with Mark from Atlantic Bicycles; another local recumbent bicycle shop in South Florida. I've done over $20,000+ recumbent business with Mark and have ALWAYS been completely satisfied with the sales and service, this really dedicated person offers through his store. He carries a wide selection of recumbents and wil allow you to test ride any and all you want! And coming soon, I'll have personal photos from each store for you to check out! In the meantime if you do visit either store, tell them EZ Biker sent you!!!

Another one of my FAVORITE Recumbents!

Pictured is another one of my FAVORITE Recumbents; perhaps the BEST LOVED of tem all! Out of all the bikes I've owned; I've had "4" of these GREAT Recumbents and enjoyed everyone of them! You can go check one out at Atlantic Bicycles in Margate Florida and tell them EZ Biker sent you! :-) Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2005 ezbiker.com All rights reserved worldwide.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Recumbent Bikes in RAAM event!!!

June 19th is the start of this event and Team Bacchetta http://bacchettabikes.com/raam-news.htm will be participating! GO Bacchetta!!! For more info you can go to their website, which is: http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/ This is going to be a VERY INTERESTING and FUN event with a fellow recumbent company Velocraft (Low Racers) competeing as well!

EZ Biker :-)

EZ Biker's "SECRET" workout at work revealed!

WHOA! Showing some LEG here! GAWD, what a slut... I am! WELL actually, pictured is EZ Biker's secret workout (For stronger leg strength when cyling) photo. Being a security admin, I'm on my feet continiously and a while back I decided to add some additional strength training, besides my daily 40 minute workout. So I wear 3 lb ankle weights while at work and for 8+ hours I'm getting a very nice casual but consistent workout. The weights are under my pants leg, so no one can see what I have on. The result has been a lot stronger and sustained "Endurance" cycling, based on my simple daily leg training regime. I wear them Monday thur Thursday and allow for my legs to rest on Fridays, so they are FRESH and rested for the weekend rides. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but it does for me.
EZ Biker :-) Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2005 ezbiker.com All rights reserved worldwide.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

EZ Biker back on line! Kinda... ;-)

Hey Everyone! Thanks for continued visiting to my blogsite! :-) :-) :-) I am BACK ON LINE AT THE MOMENT, thanks to some band aid an duct tape... repair of my present trusty old computer! Thanks for "ALL" the GREAT e-mail you all have sent, waiting for me to be back on line! (GEEZ! Where did this fan club bunch come from?!) For now, things are working... ;-) BUT you never know, so the new computer is still on the need to get now list.
EZ Biker :-)
Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2005 ezbiker.com All rights reserved worldwide.