Tuesday, March 29, 2005


WELL I just got a GREAT e-mail from a new Bacchetta Aero owner by the name of Allen! He's likewise setup a really SNAZZY BLOG Site, with even MORE pictures and interesting info, then mine! Be sure to drop by and pay a visit. His link is: http://www.thebentriders.com/

There's also another really informative recumbent BLOG site to check out and that's the one from my good friend MG. http://magillagorillakk.blogspot.com/
This person has clearly BEEN THERE / DONE IT (FAST WISE) on both DF (Road bikes) and recumbents and offers some very interesting spins on various cycling avenues!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


EZ actually ahead of somebody! Posted by Hello

YES, believe it or not, yours truly was actually ahead of someone at the recent Florida HPV event! I stayed ahead until the LAST (*&^%$#)(** turn, when I drifted over ever so little and got nipped at the finish line by a hair! Still I had a great time and got to mingle with a lot of nice people and fellow recumbent cyclists! Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2004, 2005 ezbiker.com All rights reserved worldwide.

WONDERFUL Florida HPV Event!!!

EZ Biker on trainer, trying to look fast like the BLUE B's! Posted by Hello

Well the annual Florida HPV event has come and gone and it was a WONDERFUL Success! As usual, your's truly (NOT a racer) finished around 9th overall, but I trully enjoyed the event and seeing some of the REAL GO Fast recumbent cyclists out there! Here's some links to GREAT photos taken by Greg and Steve. HPV-1 HPV-2 HPV-3
I managed to take a few... BUT I was too busy GOOFING off most of the day... ;-)
Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2004, 2005 ezbiker.com All rights reserved worldwide.