Saturday, January 29, 2005

Official Website Of Florida's HPV Race Event

Florida HPV Race Website Posted by Hello

Pictured above is the official HPV website / Link that you can go to for more information about the annual FUN Recumbent Bicycle RACE Event, which will be happening on Saturday March 12th, starting in the morning!
If you desire more information about recumbent bicycling check out the following links: Bent Rider On Line and my really good friend (Jose) who's really putting together the upcomming HPV event, Get Bent Org. If you are looking for some great recumbent bicycle shops in South Florida, check out: Bicycle Spot and Atlantic Bicycle and of course my favorite website (Because I own / ride / LOVE their bicycle) Bacchetta Bicycles. We likewise have a really FUN bunch of local recumbent cylists club, in that of "South Florida Recumbent Riders. Check out their Yahoo group (Sign up required) at SFRR. There is also a REALLY Great local bicycle club, (For all kinds of cyclists, Upright, Recumbent, tri-cycle, etc.) that has a lot of weekly rides for all cyclists. South Broward Wheelers is a website you should check out. If you're looking for a magazine dedicated to recumbent cycling go to this link: RCN More great recumbent links to follow!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

EZ Biker at speed at Fla. HPV event - 04 Posted by Hello
Yep, that's Your's Truly (EZ Biker) at last years event! Sorry for my BIG B... that's showing there... ;-) If you are really interested in recumbent cycling, you should really make plans to come out to this event, Saturday March 12. Photo by EZ Biker Copyright © 2004, 2005 All rights reserved worldwide.