Thursday, October 23, 2014

Like Wow Man, some groovy peddle machines will be around soon!


Dahon 30yr Anniversary Limited Edition Folding Bike… ;-OOO

For that FOLD enthusiast that wants the ultimate BLING!PrincessAnd NO, I’m NOT going to reveal the PRICE here; as I don’t want any of my Z Biker friends / visitors fainting out there! BUT if you must know the price; check it out at NYCE Wheels! (Green by the way, is the 30th anniversary color representation color…) Want to see this HOTTIE in action; check out the review YouTube video, done by NYCE Wheels.Thumbs up

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


OT–Giant Mutant Spider loose in the country!!! :-OOO


See chilling details here!Surprised smile

YAWNNNNN… Been there done that…


I’m finally beginning to grasp the philosophyNerd smile that if you live long enough, what was new and sensational 30+ years ago; will be new and sensational AGAIN NOW. Such is the case with the “Handle Crank” assisted bicycle. Pictured on top is a version of that bike probably back in the 50’s. I can remember seeing another version of it, around the 70’s and now (Bottom photo) here is that MARVELOUS innovation…Sleepy smileagain. At one time, I even entertained the thought of acquiring one of them, thinking it surly would be the ultimate workout. But then those tangibles starting coming to light; like how would this be in road traffic situations or climbing a steep bridge. And THEN there's that  DORKJust kiddingfactor to contend with. Over the years I have been made very aware of showing up to an event, with a DIFFERENT or funny looking kind of bike; only to be singled out like a leper. BUT now, I’m not going totally negative on this “REPEAT” innovation; as it might just be the ideal in house (Out of public view) exercise device.Nyah-NyahOf course I doubt you would need to get a full blown bicycle version f this; as there are similar devices for rehabilitation centers, that cost much less and are more compact. BUT it still makes for interesting reading and here is the link to thisSleepy smile story.Sleepy smile

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Sports drink suggestions?

imageedit__7216259215Hello EZ Biker, glad to see you are active with your blog again. I’m curious as to what kind of sports drinks you use. My wife and I have been trying a lot of them; but none seem to be working that well for us. Any suggestions? Allen & Judy

Allen & Judy, thanks for your email. Believe it or not, a certain event forever changed my liquid consumption attitudes. Gator aid, diet cokes, sweetened carbonated water, ice teas; grape juice; you name it I was into it; during bicycling and otherwise. Plain pure WATER was never high on my consumption list until one morning back around 2005. I work up with this painSurprised smile in my side; that I had never experienced before. It was as if something was clogged up and the pain was getting worse. I’m not one to really panic at the drop of the hat; but this (Again) was something I hadn’t had before. After calling 911 and an ambulance came and took me to the hospital; I soon found out what the issue was, kidney stone.AnnoyedThe doctor asked me about the volume o water I consume and I responded not a lot. That he suggested, is something I should drink MORE of often. Hence, from that day forward, I became and still am a water-holic.Storm cloud I got into drinking water so much; that it subsequently replaced the diet cokes, teas gator aid and other JUNK fluids I had consumed so often. Even when bicycling, gator aid was replaced with just water. (To which I don’t miss that YUK Gator aid taste after mass consumption of that substance) The only other liquid I really consume is “Silk” almond milk for my morning cereal; that’s it. From this I come away with some surprising results. I don’t have any serious weight gain, like I use to with other beverages. Believe it or not, you gain MORE fat calories consuming liquid calories, then eating calorie loaded foods.Surprised smile I very rarely ever get sick with colds (Except sinus head colds, every once in a while) but when I do; my body’s immune systems is able to quickly fight off the symptoms and I recover FASTER than I ever did. Just the thought of not putting all those acidsConfused smile and chemicals from soda waters and Gator aid, is a nice felling as well. While my consumption program might be a little Spartan for most; it has greatly improved my keeping healthy. Not sure if any of this helps in you all's answers; but I would strongly conclude, that adding more % of water to your daily life style is a healthy win win proposition!Thumbs up

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


MMMMM… COLD shower time! ;-OOO


OT–A little (Pre)Halloween Humor… ;-PPP


OK Class, let’s go over our “Bicycle Lesson1” for today! :-DDD


Monday, October 20, 2014