Monday, November 24, 2014

This looked / worked great on paper……….. ;-PPP


Bicycles that work for a living! :-D


OT - WOW! There really are some employee CONSIDERATE Companies left in the world!


I really want to take the time and publically acknowledge some companies out there that are proving themselves to be not only employee friendly / considerate; but showing some real CLASS as well!Thumbs up We clearly live in a money income obsessed driven world and the retail industry has continuously encroached on simple humanitarian traditions, for the sake of SOPPING UP as much $$$ as possible; at the expense of the poor employee.Broken heartBelieve it or not, there was a time when a lot of companies closed on Sundays; but those days are long gone. Lately the trend has been staying open around the clock and on special traditional holidays, like Thanksgiving and even…Sad smile Christmas!Money

BUT, it is with GREAT ADMIRATION and Joy to see and publically acknowledge some major retailers out there; that have chosen to put the employee’s needs for time honored traditions ahead of their own quests, for those income dollars. Please review the companies seen in the photo above and consider showing your appreciation, by generously shopping with them, once Thanksgiving is over.Red heartThumbs up

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Sunday, November 23, 2014

GROOVY… Bicycle quote of the day! :-GGG


Excellent Website and one I’ll be re-visiting a lot! ":-)


I am traffic!Thumbs up Quoted from the site:


If anyone could hop on a bike and go anywhere because bicyclists are an accepted part of traffic on the roads we already have.”


If anyone could hop on a bike and go anywhere because people of all ages were encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skill to operate safely as vehicle drivers on the roads we already have.”

This is a site all cyclists need to visit!Thumbs up

Rain Cover for outside storage…


Hello EZ Biker, I’m wondering if you know of any good outdoor storage devices for bicycles? Signed Stan.

Hey Stan, thanks for your email and actually, I don’t know of any such devices.Embarrassed smile But… there was a recent post at the BROL forum on this and here’s the BROL forum link to find out more about it. Thumbs up

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day! :-)


OT–LOL! I’m sorry, I just had to pass this on!


From my good Friend Sharon further up and over in the South! Open-mouthed smile

If bents go away; what will you do EZ? :-(


Hello EZ, I really enjoy your blog and visit it often. While I’m hoping this will never happen; I’m wondering if you have ever thought of what you might do, if recumbents ever basically go away? Signed Zimba

Hello Zimba, thanks for your email and a very GOOD question indeed! Sadly the way things continue to go in this crazy world, HPV (Human Power Vehicle) style of riding is in danger of going away and bicycle shops continue to shutter their doors at an alarming rate.Sad smile I just hard of another long time shop up North that’s closing it’s doors. The worst part of this is that recumbent friendly shops will probably be the first to go to the wayside as they are clearly a rare existing species. The one thing I have always believed in (Through out my life) is always to have a plan B and even added ones after that. Should bents ever go the route of the dinosaur,Wilted rose I will (Though regretfully) embrace upright bicycling again. I truly enjoy all aspects of bicycling and not being able to get on a bicycle period; would NOT be something I would go through life without!Thumbs up

OMG URO’s are back!!!!! :-OOO


Friday, November 21, 2014

I hope they can keep the store rolling!


This is just SO HEARTBREAKING!Sad smile I really hope this wonderful shop can recover and continue on, in Honor of the owner, Marilyn Hayward (Tweety)!Thumbs up

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D