Saturday, November 22, 2014

If bents go away; what will you do EZ? :-(


Hello EZ, I really enjoy your blog and visit it often. While I’m hoping this will never happen; I’m wondering if you have ever thought of what you might do, if recumbents ever basically go away? Signed Zimba

Hello Zimba, thanks for your email and a very GOOD question indeed! Sadly the way things continue to go in this crazy world, HPV (Human Power Vehicle) style of riding is in danger of going away and bicycle shops continue to shutter their doors at an alarming rate.Sad smile I just hard of another long time shop up North that’s closing it’s doors. The worst part of this is that recumbent friendly shops will probably be the first to go to the wayside as they are clearly a rare existing species. The one thing I have always believed in (Through out my life) is always to have a plan B and even added ones after that. Should bents ever go the route of the dinosaur,Wilted rose I will (Though regretfully) embrace upright bicycling again. I truly enjoy all aspects of bicycling and not being able to get on a bicycle period; would NOT be something I would go through life without!Thumbs up

OMG URO’s are back!!!!! :-OOO


Friday, November 21, 2014

I hope they can keep the store rolling!


This is just SO HEARTBREAKING!Sad smile I really hope this wonderful shop can recover and continue on, in Honor of the owner, Marilyn Hayward (Tweety)!Thumbs up

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


OT–Stop those pesky auto run videos on webpages! :-/


This may be a goofy “ME” Shiftyissue here, but I really get a tad annoyed when I encounter (Flash?) videos already playing at various websites; (Like news sites) especially when I’m on my data only WI-fi plan. I might be wrong here,Nerd smile but to have those videos automatically playing might add to my data consumption;Sarcastic smile that I’m trying to keep at a minimum use level. So upon doing a search, I discovered a nifty add-on for Firefox (Available for Chrome too) called “Flashblock”. Now when I visit various sites the video is stopped unless I click on the button on top of the video, to allow it to play! An Excellent add-on that can be found here, for you Firefox users.Thumbs up

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Bike quote of the day! :-D


Was everything I learned about my US Government a bunch of CRAP??? :-OOO


Back in my elementary school days I remember being taught how our government is made up of 3 branches. These 3 branches had checks and balances within them so that no one branch could take over and dictate policies, against Americans will. And yet, that’s what exactly has happened with this present (Self proclaimed) king in office. I have to wonder if the 2 other branches of out government are going to just layback and allow this “dictator” to have his way with this country? If they do; then all that due process of government education I was taught was a bunch of crap! To the Judicial and Legislative branches of the United States Of America; the American people are watching and hoping something can be done to checkmate the tyrant that’s presently occupying the Executive branch.Steaming mad

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day!


Another one of my Favorite singers passes… :-(((


Bicycle Tattoo of the day! :-D


Bicycle Rumble Strips… REALLY… I mean REALLY? :-///

I continue to be a loyal visitor and fan of because of it’s always fascinating stories, concerning bicycling. After all, what other state do you know of, that has 100+ area bike shops?Surprised smile You clearly won’t see some of the unique bike situation stories anywhere else, guaranteed!
So todays subject matter deals with rumble strips on bicycle lanes…Surprised smile This supposedly motivates cyclists to slow down when approaching a loading bus lane area. REALLY?  C’mon now, who in city local government thought up THAT GREAT idea? I find it hard to believe the good bicycling folks of Portland Oregon are not safety conscious enough to slow down on their own, when encountering a large mass of people. (Standing in the bike lane no less?) I’m sure those little strips of pleasure…Shifty provide lots of amusement, when it’s rainingStorm cloud and people get to glide over their slippery surface.Disappointed smile But honestly folks, (Again) where else would you read something like this? Gawd, I have to add making a pilgrimage there on my bucket list for sure!Winking smile Here is the link to read more about this.Thumbs up By the way, this is a little dated; I meant to post sooner… Winking smile

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


OT–The Self Proclaimed KING… will speak tomorrow night! :-(((


Hello EZ Biker Friends and visitors; well the KING is scheduled to speak tomorrow night and DICTATE new American policy, that Americans had NO SAY IN! I have a response, but this will be what I call a “FLASH” post in that it won’t stay posted indefinitely. I refuse to clutter my “Bike orientated” blog with OT topics; but still feel the need to VOICE MY OPINION!  Steaming mad Watch for my response, coming this Friday!!! Be right back