Wednesday, November 26, 2014

M Facebook cover photo… (Repost from my post on the 24th)


THESE are the stores I’ll be shopping at AFTER Thanksgiving Day!Thumbs up

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Got your fold bike yet EZ?


Hello EZ, I see you are doing a lot more posting about fold bikes. You seem to be pretty motivated in getting one and I’m wondering what your status is on that? Signed Becky

Hey Becky, thanks for your email and YES I continue to indulge myself in looking at all types of fold bikes out there. (Remember I did have a Dahon Mu P 8 at one time) Admittedly there are about 3 serious contenders; with one particular one, I’m continuing to look at and visit their website more often.Surprised smileHint; I did do a post on it, a short time ago, voice a certain feature that seriously has me LUSTING for THAT bike!Smile with tongue outFor now I continue to troll around at the various fold bike forums and websites and I’m waiting for black Friday to see if maybe a HOT deal might happen, on that certain fold bike.Red heartSo stay tuned!Be right back

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OT–FREE screen capture utility tools! :-D


Hello EZ Biker, I really like your site and you seem to use a lot of really cool photos and graphics. Would you be able to offer any information on screen capture programs out there; preferably free ones? Thanks, Sam

Hello Sam, thanks for your email and good question. There are tons of screen capture programs out there; as well as FREE ONES too! In ddddddddddddfact if you have Windows 7, you have a FREE  capture utility already to go!Surprised smile Just go to your start button and in the search box, input clipping and it should come up at the top of the box. Right click on it and drag to your desktop. (For quick access) I just made a short cut function to it; as you see in my brief gif file. I also use Fast Stone Capture (Even thought now it’s become shareware instead of freeware) BUT… there is an early version of Fast Stone capture when it was freeware and you can find it at this link. (Scroll down to the bottom)Thumbs up

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day!


OT–Certain people… need to study up on what “Innuendo” means!


Perhaps it’s time for all involved parties… to step up and take a lie detector test; if they have NOTHING… to hide! Ninja And by the way, I’d be “Honored” to wear a t-shirt or bike jersey, like what’s pictured here! Thumbs up

This looked / worked great on paper……….. ;-PPP


Bicycles that work for a living! :-D


OT - WOW! There really are some employee CONSIDERATE Companies left in the world!


I really want to take the time and publically acknowledge some companies out there that are proving themselves to be not only employee friendly / considerate; but showing some real CLASS as well!Thumbs up We clearly live in a money income obsessed driven world and the retail industry has continuously encroached on simple humanitarian traditions, for the sake of SOPPING UP as much $$$ as possible; at the expense of the poor employee.Broken heartBelieve it or not, there was a time when a lot of companies closed on Sundays; but those days are long gone. Lately the trend has been staying open around the clock and on special traditional holidays, like Thanksgiving and even…Sad smile Christmas!Money

BUT, it is with GREAT ADMIRATION and Joy to see and publically acknowledge some major retailers out there; that have chosen to put the employee’s needs for time honored traditions ahead of their own quests, for those income dollars. Please review the companies seen in the photo above and consider showing your appreciation, by generously shopping with them, once Thanksgiving is over.Red heartThumbs up

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

GROOVY… Bicycle quote of the day! :-GGG


Excellent Website and one I’ll be re-visiting a lot! ":-)


I am traffic!Thumbs up Quoted from the site:


If anyone could hop on a bike and go anywhere because bicyclists are an accepted part of traffic on the roads we already have.”


If anyone could hop on a bike and go anywhere because people of all ages were encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skill to operate safely as vehicle drivers on the roads we already have.”

This is a site all cyclists need to visit!Thumbs up