Friday, September 19, 2014

Ummmmm, I’m in LOVE!!! ;-PPPPPPPPPPPP


The Xootr Swift folding bicycle

EZ Biker being lured BACK to the DARK SIDE? :-OOO

imageOMG EZ, taking a stab at another “Up wrong” bike? Say it ain’t so EZ! I thought you were a RABID Bent devotee! Has the DARK SIDE finally trapped you?  Signed Bent (Forever) Bob

Rolling on the floor laughingLOL! Bent Bob, how are you doing? And NO, I’m not being lured back to the DARK SIDE; just having a cheesy affair with it… LOL!Open-mouthed smile For the last 8+ months, I have only been riding my trusty snail wind a couple of days a week and now that my work schedule is changing, I’ll have at least my Saturday morning  back, to get back on my Beloved Ti Aero. I likened this to a sailor that’s been at sea for months and has had no opposite sex encounters Broken heartand now shore leave has finally arrived! WOOHOOO, time for some serious bicycling debauchery(Making up for lost time) Red lipsDon’t care what it looks like; (Upright / bent) as long as it has two wheels and rolls; I’ll gladly mount it!Punk OK… let me do a warm reboot here. Nerd smile I have always Loved all forms of bicycling and was an obsessed upright devotee, up until my lovely kissing of a vehicles hood about 25 years ago. Like many, I just couldn't hunch over the handlebars anymore; so I had to embrace another form of cycling to keep my ADDICTION… fed.Vampire bat The main reason I’m flirting with another fold (Upright) is to be able to hop on and ride in some of the more limiting but scenic areas, here in Fort Lauderdale. My Ti Aero is clearly, on the road Stallion and just won’t work for a smell the roses,Red rose flop around ride and stop cycling adventure. Likewise with the snail… er Tailwind. It’s better suited for shorter roadway (Or Cemetery path) jaunts, but does not work that well on some of the people infested walkways / trails around. (Fort Lauderdale’s River walk as an example) With my fold bike (Which helps in my single room / bathroom efficiency) I can hop on, do a little on sidewalk riding (Which I rarely do) and make my way to some of the really nice areas in Fort Lauderdale to relax at. And I’ll be including photos of some of those places as well. My folder will be exclusively for these kinds of events and my bents for the longer ride adventures. So NO, Bent Bob, you won’t see me back on a full blown upright (Although my one time inability to hunch down on those kinds of bikes, has been rectified) I’m still a devoted……    bent devotee… I just need a little dark side mistress… Princessnow and then.Nyah-Nyah


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BREAKING News…….. What slut puppy designed these uniforms?

girl uniform

Confused smileOK EZ Biker Friends, I whole heartedly admit, I’m no alter boy, Nyah-Nyahwhen it comes to posting sometimes a little…  naughty photo dealing with females and bicycling. Obviously my post from earlier today will attest to that. BUT… I REALLY draw the line on subject matter that REALLY DEGRADES or down right insults Womanhood Wilted roseas a whole! I actually was raised to revere and RESPECT Womanhood on this planet; especially in a world that in my opinion, really SUCKS for the females. (I may do a later post on my views about this) So when I got presented this news clip about: Six female Brazilians athletes mount podium to reveal their startling new kit design story; it took less than a Nano second to put a Thumbs downon their bicycle team uniforms. I have to wonder what slut puppy designed the uniforms and had I been one of the female Brazilian bicycle members; would I have even put that thing on, gone out in public wearing it, much less even touched it?Thumbs down

UntitledUPDATE! OK, here’s EZ’s shot at a team jersey with the Country’s Proud Flag and it’s National Flower and their team designation in a bicycle link chain font. Smile

MMMM, I may end up visiting my own blog 100+ times a day! :-P


Snazzy Cargo Bike!


Bicycles obviously have more uses than just recreation! There are those that actually make a serious living with them! Check out this link, to find out more about these wondrous cargo bikes! Thumbs up

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My apologies for broken / non working links.. :-(((


Hello EZ Biker Friends; I want to humbly apologizeEmbarrassed smile for a lot of non working links on my site. Wilted roseThis all will be taken care very soon. If you really want to see the subject matter from the link; copy the link info and do a Google or Bing on it. Again, I’ll be updating and repairing links very soon! Thumbs up



Monday, September 15, 2014

Less Facebook, more bicycling and attention to my blog!

facebook-fadeAs my EZ Biker friends may have noticed; there are more fresh posts being seen here at my blog site.Smile The FB thing was fun… for awhile; but I continue to get unfriended a lot Surprised smile due (I guess) to my rather (Acquired taste) humor. Nyah-Nyah And it’s, well beginning to be boring, with the same FB routine by other posters that it’s the only thing in their life, family and existence on a day to day basis, my relationship didn’t work out, let me post so called self appeasement slogans (To make me feel better) here’s what my pet(s) are doing or what I’m eating at the moment, Blah blah blah.Sleepy smile ENOUGH! LightningTime to get out and go bicycling; no matter where, when or on what bike! Hence the reason I have been looking for a small fold type bike; (As previously posted in earlier posts) so I can go plop around at the area park / water ways, trails or longer distance rides (Again! – WooHOO!) Yep getting the ole trusty Aero freshened up as well! Life is getting GOOD again! Thumbs upOpen-mouthed smile

Sunday, September 14, 2014

To any Broward County Florida Citizens….


Please take a few moments and respond to this survey! It’s a chance to make Broward County a better place to get around in!!! Thumbs up

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My short list for off-road / fold, putz around bike…


Admittedly, since my recent revelation about embracing another upright... fold bike, I have gotten some rather jab / poking fun at emails. Smile with tongue out Too funny! However in retrospect, I really didn't give my original fold bike a fair chance. I really expected it (And tried to use it) to be a long distance bike, much like my recumbents and I was disappointed. Sitting on the bike for any length of time became a real pain in the butt. Hopefully my new upright endeavor will have me dialing in the seat side more carefully. (I'll be doing an in depth look into bicycle seats and why a certain designed one works well for me) Thumbs up

As much as I'd love to just plunk down about 4 or 5 hundred dollars for a decent mountain bike; storage space is a real issue for one, that lives in a 1½ room residence. So pictured are 3 bikes on my short list. The Rans mini (Discontinued), the Dahon fold P-38 (Discontinued) and the Dahon P-8. The Rans mini is a semi recumbent, so I am trying to keep within the bent arena for my new (Added) ride. Fingers crossedOne was recently available in Bent Rider for sale forum; but it got snapped up pretty quickly. The Dahon Dash P18 is a small frame folder, that's likewise discontinued (Why do I fall in Love with discontinued bikes?) Confused smilebut the compact frame is appealing to me. The Dahon Speed P-8 is a metal frame based bike; but offers the best off road, go anywhere kind of capability and at a price, that won't break the bank. Winking smileThumbs up

Friday, September 12, 2014

KUEL Low rider bike !


A Typical American girl in 1945


OHHH YES, I bikes surely help in making legs pretty! Here’s the link to read more about this early female cyclist. :-)

OT – Microsoft Word / Publisher getting benched… :-OOO


Back when I acquired my first computer; an AT & T PC 6300, my first word processor was Microsoft Word. I have used this word processor forever and when MS Publisher came out; I embraced it as well. The one issue I have always had with these (And a lot of others) is the need to upgrade and certain functions you have finally mastered, have been either modified or removed and you have to start from the beginning. Shifty If it ain’t broke, don't fix it! The other thing that's really driving me away from Microsoft products is the requirement to now “Subscribe” for a years service using their office suite. What the &^%$#(*&^??? Are you crazy? I'm going to have to pay a fee every year for using your program? OH HELL NO! Baring teeth smile

Needless to say, this is all about to change very shortly; as I have found a new word processor and publishing source AND... it's FREE! The program is Libre and it offers programs that work closely like MS office suite and they are all... FREE. Thumbs upThe last lengthy posts you all have been reading have been composed using LibreOffice Writer. The other program I'm finding more use for is Libre Draw / Drawing; which is similar to MS Publisher. However there is one MAJOR thing that you can do with these FREE programs that you can't with the paid one's and that's embed “Active” gif files! Open-mouthed smileOne thing I have always enjoyed doing, was producing my OWN CREATED greeting cards, presentations business cards etc. By being able to embed such a file, you can then add some personalized greeting, record as a gif file and embed into your email to send. Expect an EZ (Geek) Biker video on this process soon! The Libre Office Suite gets an EZ Biker Thumbs Up as a GREAT Product and remember... it's FREE!!! Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up